Top 10 Largest Submarines in the World 2024

A submarine is a type of ship or vessel capable of moving under the surface of the water, being especially useful from a military point of view because it is difficult to detect and destroy when it sails at great depths. 

Since the first fully functional electrically powered military submarine was developed by the Spanish engineer, scientist, and sailor Isaac Peral y Caballero, these have evolved spectacularly technologically, reaching dimensions, speeds and operational characteristics never imagined. 

Top 10 Largest Submarines in the World

Here on NaijaXtreme, we will analyze the 10 largest submarines in the world, classified by type in displacement parameters in immersion.

The 10 Largest Submarines in the World

Belo is the top ten biggest submarines in the world:

1. Typhoon Class Submarines

The Typhoon class, with a submerged displacement of 48,000 tons, is currently the largest submarine in the world. Dmitry Donskoy was the first of six submarines of this class to be built in 1981 and is currently in active service with the Russian Navy. 

The Typhoon-class submarines have a length of 175m, a beam of 23m, and a draft of 12m, powered by two ОК-650В pressurized water nuclear reactors, two 50,714 hp steam turbines and four 3,200KW turbogenerators which allows it to reach speeds of 22.2 knots on the surface and 27 knots underwater.

The multiple pressurized hulls makes the Typhoon more spacious than any other submarine, allowing crew members to live comfortably on board for 120 days. 

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The submarine can accommodate RSM-52 three-stage intercontinental solid-fuel ballistic missiles with 100-kiloton warheads, as well as 533mm torpedo tubes and a variety of complementary weapons.

2. Borei Class Submarines

The Borei class, with a submerged displacement of 24,000 tons, ranks as the second largest submarines in the world. The first built of this class, the Yury Dolgoruky, was developed by the Central Rubi Marine Engineering Design Bureau with a budget of 560 million euros, joining the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet in January 2013.

The Borei class, with a length of 170 meters, a beam of 13.5m and a draft of 10m, integrate an ОК-650В pressurized water nuclear reactor, and an AEU steam turbine with a propeller that reaches speeds of 15 knots. on the surface and 29 knots underwater, operating up to 100 days at a time with a fully stocked food pantry. This type of submarine can handle 45t Bulava ballistic missiles, 533mm torpedo tubes, RPK-2 Viyuga cruise missiles, nuclear warheads, etc.

3. Ohio Class Submarines

The Ohio-class submarines, in active service by the United States Navy, are the third largest in the world in our ranking with a submerged displacement of 18,750 tons, making them the largest submarines ever built to date. for the country.

The first submarine of the class, the USS Ohio, was built by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corporation in Groton and commissioned in November 1981. The rest of the submarines were named after US states, except for the USS Henry M. Jackson, which was named after a senator. Each Ohio-class submarine has a length of 171m, a beam of 13m and a draft of 10.8m, with a surface displacement speed of 12 knots and an underwater speed of 20 knots. 

The submarine integrates an S8G pressurized water reactor, two geared turbines, an auxiliary diesel engine with 242 KW, and a seven-bladed shaft, being able to handle 24 Trident missiles, as well as Mark 48 torpedo launchers and various kinds of weapons.

4. Delta Class Submarines

The Delta class, built by Severodvinsk engineers, are currently the fourth largest submarines in the world, including the Delta I, II, III and IV subclasses with a submerged displacement of 18,200 tons. The first Delta-class submarine was commissioned in 1976, although currently only series III and IV are in operation in the Russian Navy.

The submarine with a length of 166 m, a beam of 12.3 m and a draft of 8.8 m, includes two pressurized water reactors and two steam turbines that drive two five-blade propellers, reaching a speed underwater 24 knots. Its range of arsenal includes torpedo launchers and R-29D ballistic missiles.

5. Vanguard Class Submarines

The Vanguard class has a submerged displacement of 15,900 tons which makes them the fifth largest submarines in the world, which are currently in service with the UK Royal Navy. The class consists of four submarines, Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant and Vengeance, built by Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering engineers and commissioned progressively since 1993, based at HM Naval Base Clyde, 40 kilometers west of Glasgow, in Scotland.

The Vanguard-class submarines have a length of 149.9m, a beam of 12.8m and a draft of 12m, including a pressurized water reactor supplied by Rolls-Royce, two 20.5 MW turbines manufactured by GEC, two auxiliary retractable propeller engines, two turbo generators and two diesel alternators that enable it to reach an underwater speed of 25 knots. The submarine is armed with 16 Trident II missiles and four 533mm torpedo tubes, among other arsenals.

6. Triomphant Class Submarines

The Triomphant class with its 14,335 tons in immersion displacement, is in sixth place in our ranking. Currently in service for the French Navy, the class includes four submarines, Le Triomphant, Téméraire, Vigilant and Terrible, entered into service progressively since 1997.

Each submarine has a length of 138m, a beam of 12.5m and a draft of 10.6m, including a K15 pressurized water nuclear reactor, two SEMT Pielstick diesel alternators, a turbo-reducer system and 8PA4V200 SM auxiliary engines, reaching a surface speed of 25 knots. The submarine is armed with 16 M45 intermediate-range missiles, TN 75 missiles, four 533mm torpedo tubes and F17 torpedoes.

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7. Akula Class Submarines

The Akula-class is a nuclear-powered attack submarine with a submerged displacement of 13,800 tons. The class is made up of ten submarines, of which nine are in active service in the Russian Navy and one in service for the Indian Navy, the first of which was incorporated into the Soviet Navy in 1984. The submarine The double hull has a length of 110m, a beam of 13.6m and a draft of 9.7m, reaching a surface speed of 10 knots and an underwater speed of 35 knots. It has a submerged operation of 100 days with the pantry fully stocked with food for the crew.

Its main machinery includes a pressurized water nuclear reactor, a steam turbine, two 2,000 KW turbogenerators, a seven-blade propeller and a retractable electric propeller to reduce cruising speed. The submarine can be armed with a maximum of 12 cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a range of up to 3,000 km. Its armament also includes four 533mm and 650mm torpedo tubes.

8. Sierra Class Submarines

The Sierra class, with a submerged displacement of 10,400 tons, ranks as the eighth largest submarines in the world, of which only four are currently in service with the Russian Navy, whose improved version, Sierra II, was incorporated into the army in 1990. The submarines were designed with a light and robust titanium hull, which allows the submarine to reach greater depths, reduce the level of noise emitted and increase resistance to torpedo attacks.

The submarine has a length of 111 m and a beam of 14.2 m, including a pressurized water nuclear reactor, two emergency engines, a shaft and two propellers, reaching an underwater speed of 32 knots. The weapons equipment includes four 650mm and 530mm torpedo tubes, SS-N-21 Sampson SLCM, SS-N-15 Starfish anti-submarine arsenal, SS-N-16 Stallion and 42 mines.

9. Seawolf Class Submarines

The Seawolf-class nuclear-powered fast-attack submarines in service with the United States Navy are the ninth largest submarines in the world with a submerged displacement of 9,138 tons. This class was specifically designed to combat the threat of advanced Soviet ballistic missile submarines, only three of which are currently in service. With a hull built using HY-100 steel, the submarine has a length and beam of 107m and 12m respectively.

The submarine is equipped with a pressurized water nuclear reactor, a secondary propulsion submerged engine, a shaft and a propeller, reaching speeds of 18 knots on the surface and 35 knots underwater. The armament installed on the submarine includes eight 660mm torpedo tubes, 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles and Mk-48 torpedoes. Its resistance in immersion depends on the number of food supplies it can store according to the needs of military operations.

10. Astute Class Submarines

Finally, the Astute class, in service with the British Royal Navy, reaches tenth place in our ranking with a submerged displacement of 7,400 tons. Built by BAE Systems Submarine Solutions engineers, the class currently has two submarines in active service and a further four under construction. The first of them, Astute, was incorporated into the naval force in August 2010 and the second submarine, Ambush, was delivered in March 2013.

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The submarine has a length of 97m, a beam of 11.3m and a draft of 10m, equipped with two pressurized water reactors manufactured by Rolls-Royce and Rolls-Royce 600KW MTU diesel generators, and can operate under the water at speeds of 30 knots. Its armament includes six 533mm torpedo tubes, Tomahawk Block IV land-attack cruise missiles and Spearfish wire-guided heavy torpedoes.

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