10 Best Furniture and Decoration Stores in the United States

If you are looking to decorate or renew the style of your home, below we will tell you about the best furniture and decoration stores in the United States with options for all budgets and tastes.

When looking for furniture for your home there is a lot to take into account. Whether it is the style you want to give to your home, the space or the budget you have. This is why when you want to buy this type of products you should compare items in several places.

There are many furniture and decoration stores in the United States and here we will tell you about some of the best today. We will give you options for all budgets and tastes, whether economical or luxury furniture, as well as some with modern or more traditional design.

10 Best Furniture and Decoration Stores in the United States


There is no doubt that IKEA is one of the best cheap furniture and decoration stores in the United States and the world. This chain has a presence in dozens of cities in the country and is famous for its good prices and designs.

IKEA is originally from Sweden so you will be able to see a lot of Scandinavian style in their furniture. That is, sofas, tables, chairs and more with a modern and practical style.

Their stores are gigantic, the size of a department store, and they have all kinds of products on display. Among these we find dozens of models of sofas (from $250), TV furniture (with prices as low as $50) or dining room tables for $200.

They also sell bedrooms, decorative items, furniture for the baby or children’s room as well as products for storing things and everything for the kitchen. One of the few negative points that this furniture and decoration store has is that to compensate for the low prices, you have to install and assemble what you buy yourself. Of course, you have all the instructions to do it and it is not that complicated.

Also, if you go to the full-size IKEA stores, there is a restaurant and a section where they sell Swedish foods, which is one of their buyers’ favorites.

Restoration Hardware

There are thousands of furniture stores in the United States, but one of the ones that has attracted the most attention in recent times is Restoration Hardware. Also known only as RH, this chain specializes in high-end furniture made in the United States, Asia and Europe.

It is one of the best luxury furniture stores and its prices are in line with what it offers. It is one of the most expensive, but also one of the best.

Their style is contemporary, with classic overtones, although they have a special section if you like something more modern. A modular living room costs from $2,000, a dining table costs more than $6,000, and an office desk costs $2,300 and up.

But you have to take into account that they use top-level woods as well as leather and other materials that are not cheap at all. They are also made by hand and not en masse and are designed by international artists.

Something that characterizes Restoration Hardware from other similar companies is that although they do not have as many stores, the ones they do have are spectacular. This is both because of the location (there is one where a museum was located in Boston), because of its grandiose facades and interiors, in addition to the fact that several have other amenities such as a restaurant, roof gardens or even a swimming pool.

That is why if you come across an RH store, do not hesitate to visit it even if you do not plan to buy anything since they have redefined what a furniture buying experience should be like.

Crate & Barrel

With more than a hundred stores in the United States, Europe and Latin America, Crate & Barrel went from a small store in Chicago to a giant in the world of decoration. It is extremely popular in principle for its contemporary design and in accordance with trends.

And while it’s also considered a premium brand, it’s a little more affordable than RH or Pottery Barn. Although they sell everything you can imagine about furniture, it stands out especially in some areas. For example, in dining tables and chairs since there are an infinite number of styles that you can even combine.

Nor are their coffee and living room tables, chandeliers, lamps and their many decorative items left behind. On the other hand, Crate & Barrel seeks to reach the youth market with a sub-brand known as CB2. The design of its furniture and decoration items is modern in style as well as being cheaper, so it is very worth knowing about this new concept.

Pottery Barn

One of the furniture and decoration stores in the United States that cannot be missing from our list is Pottery Barn. It is one of the brands with the greatest tradition and fame in North America, having its origin in the city of San Francisco, California in 1949.

Their furniture is expensive but is of the highest quality. For example, a desk costs $2000, a living room costs $3000 to $7000 dollars or a garden table costs $1000. In addition, due to their classic and elegant design, they do not go out of style and will last you for a long time. There are also collections designed for beach or country houses.

Their decoration items are not far behind and if you go to one of their stores you can find great watches, mirrors, photo frames or lamps. In its furniture stores there are independent spaces known as PB Kids and PB Teen where they sell furniture and items to decorate the rooms of babies, children, and teenagers.

There are things with beautiful and fun designs to give a special touch to your children’s rooms. Also at Christmas time they always have wonderful decorations for the tree as well as cushions, plates and decorations with a winter theme.

West Elm

West Elm is one of the stores that you should have on your radar if you are looking to buy furniture in the United States. Its owners are the same as Pottery Barn, although they have their differences. For example, at West Elm the design of their furniture is more modern and a little cheaper.

They also have collaborations with different artists to create exclusive pieces for the brand. There are options ranging from neutral colors if you prefer traditional designs or other colorful furniture that will be the focal point in any room.

Their prices are still somewhat high with sofas that cost from $1200, a modular piece of furniture for the living room for $400, or small tables from $300. In terms of accessories and decoration items, West Elm also stands out a lot. You will find rugs, paintings or even chandeliers in addition to having a good collection of products for the kitchen.

At Home

With more than 200 furniture and decoration stores throughout the United States, the Texas chain At Home is recognized for its large selection of products. Their stores are very large and it is estimated that in each one you will find more than 50 thousand different items.

And there is literally everything for the house at At Home from towels, glasses and plates, to mattresses, living rooms and dining rooms. Something very good is that they do not marry the same style of products and have something for all tastes including classic, contemporary, with a European touch or farmhouse.

In addition to their selection of products, their prices are quite good so you don’t have to wait for the sales season to buy that piece of furniture you need for your home. Although furniture such as armchairs, tables and bedrooms are the best sellers in the decoration aisles, there are great and cheap things for any corner of your home.


If you want to buy decoration items or small furniture without spending more, you should go to HomeGoods, one of the cheap decoration stores in the United States. There are both independent stores and others that share space with Marshalls, one of the most famous cheap clothing stores in the United States.

This is because they are part of the same company, just like the TJMaxx store. Like its sister stores, HomeGoods is a discount store where there are hundreds of things, some very good as well as others with somewhat questionable design or quality.

But there’s a lot worth it with prices that only rival IKEA. At HomeGoods they sell everything you need to decorate your home including sofas, cushions, ottomans, small furniture, tables, chairs, paintings and much more. Their prices are affordable and in most cases the quality of the product you receive for what you paid is good.


Standing out for its good taste and quality, Arhaus has earned a good reputation in the luxury furniture and decoration sector in the USA. These stores compete directly with Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn in terms of the market segment they target.

In other words, they are a luxury furniture brand. A dresser for the bedroom costs from $2000, a desk lamp $500 and a living room can cost up to $20,000 dollars although they continually have promotions in which you can save a good amount of money.

One of the things that distinguishes this furniture store is that they are committed to sustainability. This is done through the use of renewable or recycled materials, in addition to selling old pieces that have been renovated. The brand seeks to use durable materials in everything they sell so that they can last a long time and that investment pays off for generations.

Likewise, if you have questions about how to decorate your house or what furniture fits best, Arhaus has a wonderful team of expert designers who will tell you what looks best in the spaces of your home.

Room & Board

We finish this list with Room & Board, a furniture store with a good reputation for its good value for money. It’s not as cheap as IKEA or At Home, but not as expensive as Arhaus either. For example, sofas are $1500, cabinets from $1200 and up, and nightstands from $600.

Furthermore, their designs have nothing to envy of the greats in the sector. As a great added value, the vast majority of this brand’s furniture is made in the United States and they seek to be designs that will not go out of style.

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Another thing that makes Room & Board a good option to buy your furniture is their excellent customer service since they solve all the problems and doubts about your purchase quickly and efficiently. The company, which is originally from Minneapolis, has stores in 22 cities such as San Diego, LA, New York, Chicago and Dallas. You can also order online where they have a furniture outlet section with discounts of up to 50%.

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