The Most Famous Clothing Brands in the United States 2024

The United States is one of the countries with the largest number of clothing stores in the world, we will tell you some of its most famous clothing brands, what their designs are like, their history and more

Although it is not one of the cradles of the fashion industry like France or Italy, there is no doubt about the importance of the United States for clothing companies. All the big international brands are present in the dozens and dozens of the many malls in the country, but there are many fashion brands from that country that shine with their own light. 

Several of these brands have even beaten European brands with more history in terms of sales and number of stores, earning a place among buyers around the world. 

The Most Famous Clothing Brands in the United States

In this list you will learn more about some of the most famous clothing brands in the United States, including sports brands, casual and formal fashion brands, and fast fashion brands.

Polo Ralph Lauren

We start the list of the most famous clothing brands in the United States with the iconic signature of designer Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren has several “sub-brands” with different types of clothing. Polo Ralph Lauren is the most famous of all, but there are more like Double RL, with retro overtones or Ralph Lauren Purple Label, its luxury brand. 

Their designs are based on the clothing used to play polo, that is, jackets, jeans and of course polo shirts. But there is more since you can also buy shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and dresses for women. 

Their designs are usually classic and elegant, betting on their timelessness. The brand’s mascot is a teddy bear that, in addition to being available for purchase, can also be found in many of its t-shirt designs.

At the end of the 2000s, Polo Ralph Lauren experienced a real hit with its polo shirts with the horse, the brand’s logo, embroidered in large, accompanied by other designs. Today they continue to be an emblem of the brand, accompanied by other more minimalist designs. They also have sportswear collections called Polo Sport and RLX. 

They currently sponsor the US Olympic team, wearing their clothing at opening ceremonies as well as at some events. It is the official brand of several of the most important tennis tournaments in the world such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open and the US Open.

They continually release special collections including a collaboration with the MLB, the American baseball league. A highlight of the brand is the uniformity of its points of sale. No matter where you are in the world, or whether it is a store or a department store: all Polo Ralph Lauren spaces are the same. They use wood a lot accompanied by paintings related to polo and decorative trophies.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is another of the largest representatives of American clothing brands. It was founded in the 60s by the designer of the same name and over the years it remains one of the most famous American fashion brands. 

Their clothing is sober in style and the colors black, gray and white predominate. Although there are also clothes in other tones, they maintain the same simple design but that looks good whether going out with friends or a more formal occasion.

They once had a line focused on luxury fashion, but its owners preferred to disappear it to focus solely on their mass-produced collections. One of its star products is its line of underwear for both women and men. It is one of the best-selling brands in this type of clothing and they even have stores that sell only Calvin Klein Underwear. 

Many celebrities have been the image of the brand such as Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg or Margot Robbie. Their jeans also stand out and they even have a secondary brand focused entirely on this type of garment.

Tommy Hilfiger

Many people first think of when famous clothing brands from the United States are mentioned is Tommy Hilfiger. This fashion brand is an institution within North American fashion. Tommy Hilfiger founded it in the year. Its preppy and sporty design make Tommy a brand that has crossed borders. 

This style is based on the garments worn in elite American universities and where checkered prints, many color combinations and large embroideries predominate.

In their collections for women, men and also children, there is no shortage of polo-type t-shirts, although their sweaters/jerseys and shirts are also among the best sellers. The brand’s colors, navy blue, red and white, appear in many of its designs, even with a small detail.

It belongs to the same company as Calvin Klein. However, the styles are very different as Tommy is much more colorful than CK. Like Calvin Klein, Tommy also has a sister brand called Tommy Jeans. The difference between Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans is that the second has a more casual and sporty style, in addition to offering more denim products (jeans, denim or jeans).

GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic

GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy are three of the most famous clothing brands in the United States and they all belong to the same owners. The three are different from each other and although for many years GAP was the most popular and the best-selling, it has been displaced by other firms. 

GAP, originally known as The Gap, specializes in casual clothing with basic designs. Its sweatshirts of different colors with the giant logo of the brand were, and continue to be, one of its best-selling products and is the first garment that many people associate with when they think of GAP. 

After reaching the peak of fashion in the 80s and 90s, the brand has been declining but remains standing. There are collections for the whole family including children and babies, this one (known as Baby GAP) being one of the best sellers.

Banana Republic offers clothes that are a little more formal and with sober designs. The quality of this brand over the other two in the group is much higher, but its price also increases. They even offer well-designed men’s suits, although their casual line also stands out. 

Meanwhile, Old Navy, which for a long time was relegated to third position, is now the group’s best-selling brand. It is a fast fashion brand, with designs for everyday use and low prices. Although it was seen as a boring and low-quality brand, this has changed and although it is still cheap, there are better designs and its clothing is more durable.

Michael Kors

American designer Michael Kors launched his clothing brand to which he gave his own name in 1981. The first years were difficult, they even declared bankruptcy, but after their success in the fashion world, the brand resurfaced. Today they have a line of clothing for women and men, bags and fashion accessories as well as perfumes. 

The design of their clothing is considered trendy casual. While for men there are printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and even sports jackets. In many of their designs, you will be able to see the brand name, or the initials MK, all over the garment, although this practice is becoming less common.

In addition to clothing, one of its strong points is fashion accessories, mainly bags. There are all types and different materials and colors. Their prices fluctuate between $300 and $500 and some designs you can personalize with your initials. Michael Kors is generally considered a premium brand, but they also have a luxury line called the Michael Kors Collection. 

They specialize in haute couture dresses, skirts, shoes and bags made with the best materials. The costs rise quite a bit since a dress can reach $9,000 dollars and a bag costs $1,000. They also own two major luxury brands: Jimmy Choo and Versace, which they have acquired in recent years.

Abercrombie & Fitch

In the 2000s, several American brands rose in popularity enormously in the teen market, Abercrombie & Fitch was one of them. They revolutionized the market thanks to their employees who worked in stores without shirts in the case of men, and women in mini skirts. 

They also opened stores in the most important shopping avenues in the world. They tried to position themselves with this strategy as a premium or even affordable luxury brand. After various controversies as well as a drop in sales, Abercrombie ended up changing.

However, they put the idea aside to end up being more of a fast fashion brand, although with better quality than brands like Forever 21, H&M or Aeropostale. Its design also changed since the brand name no longer appears on almost any garment and only some of its logo, an elk, appears. Now you see more generic designs and prints of musical groups or various artists while maintaining the preppy touches that made them famous. 

The brand has sought to diversify and they have others such as Hollister (also focused on the youth market, with cheaper prices), Abercrombie Kids (clothing for girls and boys from 6 to 16 years old) as well as Gilly Hicks, underwear. They also have their own colony, called Fierce.

El Secreto de Victoria

Without a doubt, the most famous among underwear brands in the United States is Victoria’s Secret. They also have a secondary brand known as PINK. This is focused on a more youthful market and in addition to selling underwear you can buy pajamas or casual and sports clothing. It was founded by a man, Roy Raymond, when he realized how boring and ugly the underwear his wife bought were and that the stores that sold them were not very customer-friendly. 

It was a total hit, since they were one of the pioneers in making lingerie much more feminine and sexy. It also has an extremely popular line of perfumes and body care products. You will find their stores in practically any shopping center in the United States.

The brand became popular for its spectacular annual fashion shows. In these, the most important models in the world gathered to model pieces from the brand and even models made with jewelry. After criticism from groups that saw it as bad that only women with “perfect” bodies paraded in addition to being considered a sexist event, Victoria’s Secret decided to cancel this event.


Many of the big clothing brands in the world have their line of denim pants or jeans, but there is no more famous brand specialized in these products than Levi’s. Not for nothing has he dressed all types of people regardless of their social status, including Nobel Prize winners, great actors, athletes and more. The full name of the brand is Levi Strauss & Co and it was founded by a German migrant more than 150 years ago. 

Levi’s iconic jeans model is undoubtedly the 501. Although they have introduced all types of pants, including different shades and cuts, the 501 continues to be the best seller. It looks good on anyone and is a classic that should be an essential item in any wardrobe.

They have some special lines such as a vintage one with models from yesteryear or another premium one. Even in some stores (such as those in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles or Orlando), you can customize your jeans or denim jacket. 

They not only sell jeans, but all types of clothing including t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts and even underwear. The group has an also famous brand: Dockers. They specialize in other types of pants such as khaki or chinos.


1983 was the year in which Nautica set sail and since then it has known how to navigate the seas of fashion, establishing itself as one of the most famous American clothing brands. As its name indicates, the style of this clothing brand is inspired by boats and the art of navigation. 

Its men’s clothing line is more extensive than its women’s, but the same style prevails in both. You will see a lot of use of sailor stripes on their clothing, as well as designs with the different types of flags used for sailing.

But there are also more generic designs with only the brand logo. Among its most famous garments are shirts, polo shirts and also swimsuits/swimsuits for men. Its price is not very high (below Tommy or Polo Ralph Lauren) and the company it belongs to also owns Brooks Brothers and Izod.

Original penguin

Original Penguin emerged in the 1950s and its creators are said to have been the precursors of the polo shirts used in golf. The brand was forgotten but was resurrected in the late 90s with great success. They mostly produce men’s clothing, although they also have a limited collection for women and children. 

This brand is for men who like to wear colorful or patterned clothes. One of its main products is polo shirts. There are a large number of colors and fabrics achieving good combinations in each collection.

You can also buy shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts or T-shirts with pretty fun prints as well as clothing for the beach. Their swimsuits are of good quality and will surely attract attention for their designs. Original Penguin clothing prices are moderate and you can buy a polo shirt for $60, but if you go to one of their outlet stores around the country it will be much cheaper.


If you are looking for where to buy clothes for babies and children in the United States, the answer is very simple: at Carter’s. This brand is the most popular in the American children’s fashion market. They even have sizes for premature babies and even pre-teens. 

Their designs are colorful and fun, so children will love them. Baby clothes are their specialty and they have everything from basics like pajamas and t-shirts to dresses, jackets and even costumes. 

Carter’s prices are quite good and if you buy one of their sets or packages with several basics you can save some money. They always have promotions both in their physical stores (which you find throughout the country, mainly in outlets or small malls) or online to get even lower prices.


Anthropologie is known for being one of the favorite American clothing brands for women who like the boho chic style. Their dresses, skirts and blouses have a very defined style with a design with feminine and romantic lines, with retro touches, based on clothing from the 60s. It is one of the favorites to use at music festivals by influencers. 

Their specialty is dresses and they even sell for special occasions. Kimonos, also widely used in this type of fashion, are another product to take into account at Anthropologie. Full of color and with floral and animal prints, they complement any boho look.

It is not a cheap store since their dresses range from $150 to $400, but they undoubtedly offer the best design. They also sell different types of accessories and complements including shoes and bags. In addition to clothing, they have a very varied collection of home products. They offer their consumers decorative items, bedding, curtains and even wallpaper. 

They also have products for makeup as well as body care. A brand that also belongs to the same owners and you should follow if you like the boho style is Free People. The design is quite similar although a little more youthful. They have also opted for athleisure (sports clothing that you can also wear every day).


One of the most famous women’s clothing brands in the United States is Chico’s. Their stores are throughout the United States and they also have an outlet version. Chico’s had a very curious beginning since they were originally a Mexican crafts store in the State of Florida. 

But over time they introduced sweaters and other clothing items and decided to only sell clothing. The change of direction was an excellent decision since they currently have more than 500 stores and a presence in several countries.

The brand’s target is women aged 35 and older who like to dress well, fashionably, but also in comfortable and durable clothing. They also have a wide variety of accessories and fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, bags or scarves. 

They own other brands, White House Black Market being one of the best known. It also exclusively sells women’s clothing, with a more chic and trendy design. It is a little more expensive and as its name indicates, the colors that you will find most in their designs are black and white with flashes of other tones.


The American sportswear brand par excellence is Nike. Its classic logo of a dove or the wing of the Greek goddess that gives its name to the brand is the best known in the world. It is one of the most famous sports brands in the world and also one of the highest quality. Several of the best athletes in history have worn and worn it, including LeBron James, Rafael Nadal, Megan Rapinoe and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

They sell everything you need for sports, be it clothing or footwear, as well as accessories. Its price is not the lowest, but we must take into account the quality and technology behind it.

Over time, Nike has stopped being just a sports clothing store and is now a fashion brand. Their collections are no longer just for sports and can be used in daily life. The brand, and mainly its sub-brand Jordan based on the basketball legend Michael Jordan, is a favorite of those who like street style. 

Colorful sweatshirts with large logos, t-shirts and shorts of the brand are worn by celebrities from all over the world. And not to mention their famous sneakers that cause a worldwide stir. Certain models sell out within seconds of their release and their resale prices reach thousands of dollars.

American Eagle

Starting out as a mountain clothing brand, American Eagle evolved to become one of the most celebrated clothing stores in the United States. Like Hollister, Aeropostale or Abercrombie are brands that mainly seek to win over the teenage market. 

Although what differentiates them from the previous ones is that due to their more serious or retro style, adults can also use them without problem. The type of garment that attracts the most attention in this brand is jeans. They sell more than 7 different types of cuts and styles. Whether you want classic, holey or skinny, there is something to choose from at American Eagle.

They are recognized by their consumers as one of the best producers of this type of pants due to their comfort and fit. They also have a brand only of women’s underwear called Aerie. You can buy it in all their stores, many have a special section or even a separate space. In this same company you can buy swimsuits and sportswear for women.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is one of the oldest American clothing brands, having been in business for more than two centuries. They started as a ready-to-wear suit store that they still sell today. Its design is characterized by being preppy, similar to that of brands such as Tommy or Polo Ralph Lauren. Brooks Brothers differs a little from other brands by preferring cuts or styles that are a little more classic and elegant. 

The shirts are their star product par excellence. They are extremely elegant and of wonderful quality. They have 5 types of cuts for all tastes, whether you prefer a tighter fit, a classic one or a more comfortable one.

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They also sell women’s clothing, in the same style as their men’s line, including blazers, dresses and blouses. The brand is proud to have dressed the vast majority of United States presidents, from Abraham Lincoln (who even wore a suit from the brand when he was assassinated), John F. Kennedy to Donald Trump or Barack Obama. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the brand went bankrupt but was rescued by the company Authentic Brands and the Simon group, the main owner of shopping centers in the United States.

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