Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Egypt (Updated)

Want to know what the most beautiful cities in Egypt are? Today’s post is centered on the most attractive places in Egypt, if you are a tourist planning to go have fun in Egypt then this list will be of great help to you in selecting the top best places to visit in Egypt.

The most populous city in Africa, The first waterfall of the Nile, The Mecca of diving or the treasures of Ancient Egypt are just some of the wonders that you will find in the best cities of Egypt.

Egypt is home to some of the most famous, enigmatic and amazing ancient monuments in the world, with a history of culture and civilization dating back thousands of years.

Egypt today has suffered much political and social upheaval in recent years, but it is through its ever-changing and yet time-worn cities that the true heart of Egypt, its extraordinary strength and incredible civilizations are on display.

We want to share with you a review of the essential cities of Egypt to get to know this ancient territory.

The country, located in northeast Africa, has a vast history to know. To give you a slight idea, the unification of upper and lower Egypt dates back to 3150 BC, almost five thousand years ago.

From that date, and until 332 BC, there was what we know as Ancient Egypt: the splendor of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Egyptian civilization, their hieroglyphic writing system, the construction of monumental pyramids, temples, obelisks, sphinxes …

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Today in Egypt Arabic and Egyptian Arabic are spoken. The capital of the country is Cairo and its form of government is a semi-presidential republic. The currency used is the Egyptian pound. Although we already said that Egypt is a country in northeast Africa, you cannot miss that it also has territory in Asia, specifically in the Sinai Peninsula.

The country borders Sudan, Libya, Palestine, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It is never necessary to remember that the Nile crosses the country’s desert from south to north, creating a very fertile valley.

List of Most Beautiful Cities In Egypt

Here is the list of the most attractive places in Egypt:

  • Cairo
  • Luxor
  • Giza
  • Alexandria
  • Aswan
  • Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Hurghada
  • Memphis
  • Edfu
  • Thebes

What you may not know is that the largest national population in all of Africa is concentrated in these fertile lands. And without further ado, we are going to treat the most beautiful cities in Egypt.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Egypt

10 Most Beautiful Cities In Egypt 

#1. Cairo

To think of Egypt is to immediately think of its capital Cairo, which brings together the greatest archaeological secrets and the largest concentration of inhabitants: no more and no less than 20 million. A figure that places it at the head of the most populated cities in Africa.

Cairo is one of the most attractive cities in Egypt which is why we have it leading on the top ten most beautiful cities in Egypt.

There are few cities like Cairo, in the whole world. What is today a metropolis was founded in 116 AD. It is almost two thousand years old! And ancient Egyptians, Romans, Christians, Muslims and the Arab world have passed through it. Its name comes from the Fatimid Al-Qahira which means the victorious city.

Of the cities of Egypt, Cairo is located on the banks and islands of the great Nile. The capital of Egypt is the largest city in the Arab world, at least in Africa and the Middle East; and, with 20 million inhabitants, it is the most populated on the African continent.

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#2. Luxor

Luxor is an Egyptian town built on the ruins of the city of Thebes, the capital of various periods of Ancient Egypt. Compared to Cairo, the population here is small: barely half a million people inhabit it. Like many major cities in Egypt, Luxor is also located on the bank of the old Nile, its climate is hot and dry.

The city of Luxor is known for hosting the great temples of ancient Egypt, and the best-known necropolises where many Pharaohs and nobles were buried. While in Luxor you do not want to miss the impressive Egyptian Temple of Karnak. This was built in the 15th century BC and the building has so much majesty that it makes you travel 3,500 years in time, to the time of its splendor. Also, you never want to miss the Valley of the Queens and the Kings where the most important Pharaohs of Egypt are located. Nor can you lose sight of the Colossi of Memnon, gigantic statues representing Amenhotep III.

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#3. Giza

Just 20 kilometers from Cairo is the city of Giza. Known for its three pyramids (Cheops, Khafre and Mikerinos), the Sphinx and the rest of the necropolis. These constructions are more than 4,600 years old, and you notice it when you arrive because the hairs stand on end with these monuments. The great pyramid of this place is the only one of the seven wonders of antiquity that has survived to our time. Giza is no doubt one of the most beautiful places in Egypt you do not wish to miss. Its dimensions are colossal: 146 meters high and a surface area of ​​230 square meters.

#4. Alexandria

Alexandria is as beautiful as it is known; it seems more magical the more history you find in its streets. The city was founded in 331 BC. Like other cities in Egypt, today it is a metropolis with almost five million inhabitants, being the second most populous after Cairo. Alexandria is one of the most significant ports in the history of the West, today, it is still the main port of Egypt.

The city is remembered for having been a cultural center of the ancient world. You have probably heard of the Library of Alexandria: the most important icon of knowledge and science of antiquity.

Here you cannot miss the Pompey Column, located in the archaeological park of Alexandria. This was part of the Temple of Serapeum and is the largest column of this type built was from Rome or Constantinople. Although, it is also said to be the only remnant of the Alexandrian library.

#5. Aswan

Aswan is another of Egypt’s cities on the banks of the Nile River. With 220,000 inhabitants, it is the third most inhabited in Egypt, and it is about 250 kilometers from Luxor (so you can keep going south to see the city). At the gateway to Africa, as Aswan is also known, you can visit ancient monuments, to enjoy its small islands and palm trees; Here you can also take cruises in the traditional felucca and delight yourself with the silhouette of the Nile.

The city can be reached by landing at Daraw Airport, and then taking a taxi or bus to Aswan. A magical way to visit the city is to sail from Luxor down the Nile, heading south.

#6. Sharm el-Sheikh

While in Egypt we marvel again and again at its antiquity, this country also surprises with its modernity and its western part. The city of Sharm el-Sheikh is the most modern in the country, and perhaps the most western. At the southern tip of the Sinai and on the coast of the Red Sea, is Sharm el-Sheikh, which was born as a small and humble fishing village.

Do not find it strange that most of the city’s employees are of European origin, this city was born to be enjoyed by tourists, although it was also created to be an Egyptian naval base. Here you can dive, snorkel, eat, party. The truth is that you cannot miss the scenery, food, activities and nightlife of Sharm el-Sheikh.

#7. Hurghada

Like other cities in Egypt, Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast. This city also started as a small fishing village, today Hurghada is a tourist destination to enjoy quiet beaches with crystal clear waters and beautiful sea beds. One of the most important attractions in Hurghada is diving. Before we forget: we recommend visiting the lonely dunes of the city, this introduces you to a typical Egyptian adventure.

Getting to Hurghada is not difficult, the city has an international airport, so you can not only make a stopover from Cairo but it can also be reached directly from the airports of the main capitals of Europe.

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#8. Memphis

Another on the list of top 10 most beautiful places in Egypt is Memphis. Memphis was the capital of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. This ancient city was founded around 3050 BC by the first pharaoh of Egypt: Menes. The ruins of the city are located 19 kilometers south of Cairo. Currently, in this area, there is the town of Mit Rahina, where there is a great sphinx and giant statues of Ramses II.

Among the most important temples and mausoleums in this area are the Saqqara necropolis and the stepped pyramid of Djoser.

#9. Edfu

The ancient city of Edfu today has 50,000 inhabitants. This city is located 90 kilometers from Luxor, approximately. You can also get there by navigating the Nile. In this city, according to mythology, the gods Horus and Seth faced each other. The former capital city, from where caravans departed, the temple of Edfu dedicated to Horus was built there. This construction survived until today. Of course, it is essential to visit it on the trip to Edfu.

#10. Thebes

Lastly, on the list of the most beautiful cities in Ehypt we have Thebes. As we have mentioned, the ruins of this ancient city are in Luxor. From here you cannot miss the funerary temple of Hatshepsut. When arriving, what draws the most attention are its monumental columns, its harmonious terraces and its location between two -even more monumental- Egyptian cliffs. Take a good look at the reliefs of this temple, these engravings narrate the birth of Queen Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Also don’t miss the Anubis Chapel and its polygonal columns.

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So far our count of cities in Egypt. Which one have you visited before now? Would you recommend that we add one more on our list? We would like to read your opinion.

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