The Best Japanese Car Brands 2024 (Top 10)

What are the best Japanese car brands? The Japanese are the leaders among all car manufacturing industries though there are other good car brands in the market, among them, we find German and Korean manufacturers, among many others.

The manufacturers of Japanese car brands, for many years, have stood out especially because in the face of such changing times, they have known how to be innovators mainly in technology and in the safety that they incorporate into their cars.

It is worth asking, among all the Japanese car brands, which are the leaders in the industry? Next, we are going to present to you with the 10 best Japanese car brands.

It is important to note that the main reason why they stand out even more than the rest, is because they convey great positivity and reliability, which are key factors for success.

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The Best Japanese Car Brands (Top 10)

1. Toyota

We started with this famous Japanese car brand that has remained stable in the first place, this is mainly due to the design, efficiency, sustainability and affordability of their vehicles. It is one of the most iconic Japanese car brand logos and this logo signifies the unification of the hearts of users with the heart of Toyota products. However, the background is tied to technological innovation and the limitless opportunities of this brand.

2. Honda

Honda is another major Japanese car brand that effectively delivers on car building with a lot of style and innovation. Its founder was Soichiro Honda, who had to sell his business to Toyota due to its destruction due to bombs that exploded during World War II.

3. Lexus

Lexus is part of Toyota’s Japanese luxury car brands. Among the types of best-selling cars of this great brand, we find:

  • Coupe 
  • Convertible
  • LX570
  • SUV

4. Mazda

The word Mazda comes from the Zoroastrian word “Ahura Mazda” which means “God of life”, also the name of this brand its meaning is also related to “wisdom”. A very interesting fact about this brand is that its popular model “Mazda RX-7” was included among the Fast and Furious cars. Definitely worthy of being among the top Japanese car brands.

5. Suzuki

What makes Suzuki one of the best Japanese car brands is that it first generates numerous sales per year and the brand is characterized by the lightness of medium size, affordable costs and familiarity. It has maintained its fame and its logo was made red and blue as a reflection of the balance and professionalism of the company in combination with its philosophy of going towards progress and the future.

6. Nissan

Nissan is one of the Japanese car brands that has brought some of the most iconic cars to the market. They are Japanese car manufacturers that focus on innovation and also on user experience. The key to their success lies in the comfort, style and luxury that they manage to add to their cars.

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7. Mitsubishi

It is another of the large Japanese car manufacturer, it is ranked 6th among all Japanese car construction companies. Initially, it was called Mitsubishi Shokai which means “three diamonds”, today you can see the 3 diamonds in its logo. Although it may not generate sales like other top Japanese vehicle brands, it still ranks 8th in most sales.

8. Subaru

Subaru previously known as Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd is another of the most important and outstanding best Japanese car brands in the world, their motto is confidence in motion and they also achieve a large number of sales in their cars. Today they are associated with Toyota Motor Company.

9. Daihatsu

Daihatsu is another of the best known and sold on the market. Among its main brands are:

  • Copen
  • Vision
  • Atrai Wagon
  • Cast

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10. Isuzu

It is a company based in Tokyo and its name “Isuzu” means “50 bells tolling in harmony and celebrations“, derived from the river that is near the Japanese shrine. Its specialty is diesel engines and commercial vehicle construction.

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