The Best Military Schools in the United States [Most Prestigious]

Care to know the best military schools in the United States? The demand for any study house in the United States is very high and the military isn’t an exception. Academic excellence is always sought and, thanks to this, great personalities who can be considered authentic jewels have been discovered and polished.

All of the aforementioned is also applicable to military schools and, in addition, we must add the physical aspect that is taught and demanded at the highest level in them.

The Best Military Schools in the United States

Only those who are capable of overcoming each of the levels in all fields enjoy their acceptance within the military, in any of its branches.

What are the most prestigious military schools in the United States? What are the most outstanding characteristics in them? You are invited to learn more about these interesting houses of study.

The Best Military School in America for Women

Just under 50 years ago, women were not accepted into military academies. The reasons that motivated its non-admission were many, but they were all based on 2 very generalized prejudices.

  • First, they were considered weak compared to the strength of men
  • Second, they were considered unfit to be leaders

But all that changed and by 1976 a good number of women were admitted to these study houses. Although some are already designed for students of both sexes, there are also some that are exclusively for women.

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Among them, we must highlight the United States Military Academy Preparatory School’s, known as the USMAPS. Here you can access some of its features.

USMAPS Information

It is also known as West Point Prep for its main task, helping cadets to have the best possible preparation. Said preparation, as well as their performance, will allow them to have access to a life of service in the military and even be able to be leaders of a team of cadets in the future.


To enter it is necessary to take certain steps. Some depend on the applicant and others on someone else, as you will see below. To enter, it is necessary to visit USMAPS and fill out the pre-registration. Said request is evaluated and is only taken into account if a congressman or senator approves and presents it.

The requirements that you must meet.

  • Age: Between 17 and 23 years old
  • Identification: This applies only if you are a US citizen. You must present your identity document
  • Others: You must be single and cannot be pregnant

Over the years there have been many women who have managed to graduate from this academy, be admitted to the next level at West Point and finally officially graduate, among them one of the first stands out: Sue Fulton. She served 8 years as a second lieutenant.

Best military schools in the United States for men

Military schools have always admitted men to their ranks. Even so, it is not enough just to be a man to enter because the admission process is really difficult. Much of this has to do with the demands and prestige of the academy. Today I will only talk about one, among the many there are: USAFA.


The United States Air Force Academy is one of the most famous in the entire country. It is located in Colorado. Its motto is related to the importance of integrity and the decision to always serve.

It began operations in 1955 and it was in 1959 that the first graduates were received. Being the first class, they had the opportunity to choose some customs that are maintained to this day. For example, the falcon was chosen as the institution’s mascot. By the way, women can also be admitted, although the vast majority are men.


Given its high quality and the fame it has achieved over the years, the academy has some requirements that each of those interested in entering must meet. Which are?

  • Age: You must be of legal age
  • Citizenship: You must be American, although the entry of foreigners is allowed if the candidacy is presented by an official from their country
  • Others: You must be single and meet other requirements related to good physical, mental, and emotional health

There are many graduates of this academy, all of them being proof that, when you want to give everything for the country and its defense, you can. Robin Olds stands out among them for being one of the first graduates, as well as an undisputed leader in battle.

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Best Military School in America for Juniors

In the case of the youngest, they also have an opportunity to enter a renowned military school in the country. To do this, they have several options, but the most outstanding must be highlighted: Oak Ridge Military Academy.


The main objective of this academy is to find those students who meet the highest levels of demand of this house of study. Its intention is to prepare and train the youngest so that they can develop their skills and, once they reach the age of majority, they can continue their career in the military field.


As it is a school for minors, it is logical that the requirements for admission to it are many, especially those related to the mental and physical health of the candidate. Everyone must meet the following requirements.

  • Form: Submit the duly completed admission application form
  • Non-refundable payment: A payment of approximately $50 is required, which must be submitted along with the form.
  • Refundable payment: In addition, it is necessary to pay an approximate of $1500. In the case of this payment, it will be retained by the military school if the candidate is admitted. Otherwise the money would be returned
  • School record: School history is required as well as approval by one of your teachers.
  • Age: There is no specific one, but it must be between the 7th and 12th grade of school
  • Medical evaluations: In some cases, a medical and psychological examination is required to assess the applicant’s health.

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As an outstanding alumnus George Parrott may be mentioned. He was part of the US Navy during World War I. His highest rank was lieutenant commander, which he obtained in 1918.

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