Top 5 Public Universities in the United States

There are also highly recognized public universities in the United States and not only the world-renowned private universities such as Harvard University or Princeton University e.t.c.

It is important to mention that the fact that they are public universities does not make them inferior to private universities, the difference between them lies in the sources of their economic funds.

Many of these study houses are in the main rankings of the best national and international universities. Let’s see the following list with the 5 best public universities in the United States.

#1. North Carolina State University

This is arguably the largest university among the 17 academic institutions in North Carolina. It is located in the city of Raleigh. And it has a student population of more than 30,000 students. The cost of tuition is $6,500 per year.

North Carolina State University specializes in different academic areas such as agriculture, design, engineering and the textile sector, however, it offers 102 different fields of undergraduate study.

#2. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of the oldest public institutions of higher education in the United States, alongside the University of Georgia and William and Mary. It was founded in 1789 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States.

The prestigious University of North Carolina, also known as UNC or Carolina, is one of the eight public universities in the United States registered in Public Ivy. Through its faculties and schools, it offers 71 degrees, more than 100 master’s degrees, and 74 doctoratesIts student enrollment exceeds 28,000 students.

Many people of national and world-renown have passed through this house of study, such as James K. Polk, former president of the United States. Like many senators, federal judges and great figures from the world of sports, literature and journalism.

#3. College of William and Mary

College of William and Mary in Virginia, also known as William & Mary, or simply W&M, was founded in 1693 thanks to a Royal Decree by King William III and Queen Mary II of England.

They assigned this unique name to the university in order to remember the Kings of England William and Mary.

This public university is located in the State of Virginia, United States. It ranks second among the oldest universities in the country, with Harvard University ranking first.

Great personalities studied at William & Mary, people of the stature of Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyles, three former presidents of the United States. Also, the Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall and more than 15 signers of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

#4. Michigan University

This exceptional University is located in the state of Michigan, United States. It is made up of three fields, the main one in Ann Arbor and the other two in Flint and Dearborn. Founded in 1817 as a public institution.

With more than 55,000 students enrolled among its 28 schools and faculties, among them the old faculty of Literature, Sciences and Arts, the most current among all the School of Public Policy.

This prestigious study house has a high budget for research, which is the largest compared to other universities. In addition, it is characterized by having the most predominant academic medical center in the country, the University of Michigan Health System.

The University of Michigan is also known for its sports teams, the most prominent being the American football, college basketball, and ice hockey teams.

#5. University of Georgia

On January 27, 1785, the renowned Georgia Public University was founded. This is the largest university in the state, located in the city of Athens, 60 miles from Atlanta. It is also on the Public Ivy list.

The University of Georgia has more than 26,000 students and its annual tuition cost is approximately $19,000.

It has 14 faculties and schools, including the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the College of Environment and Design, and the School of Public and International Affairs.

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Now that you know the best public universities in the United States, tell us which one you would like to study at.

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