10 Best Courier Companies in South Africa [2024]

There are many courier companies in South Africa that offers different delivery services to corporate organizations and small businesses. These companies are responsible for picking up goods from different destinations and delivering them to the final destination.

Therefore, we have taken our time to gather the top 10 best courier companies in South Africa and the different services offered.

Choosing the Best Courier Companies in South Africa

To choose the best courier company in South Africa, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Are you a business owner who requires the best courier company to send goods or parcels to customers?

You should ensure your preferred courier company can carry out the services before using them. Also, you need to consider the weight and sizes of your goods, their prices, time and speed of delivery, policy, specializations, and past reviews of customers.

10 Best Courier Companies in South Africa

Taking your time to review these factors before picking a courier company for your delivery will help to avoid a lot of delivery problems faced by many business owners. Alternatively, you can make use of our list of the top best courier companies in South Africa.

Based on the recommendation of many customers and reviews, they are reliable, safe, secure, and fast for delivery services.

Top Best Courier Companies in South Africa

In no order of priority, below is the best courier companies listed in South Africa.

1. Pargo

Pargo is one of the best courier companies in South Africa with excellent services and reviews from previous customers.  The South African courier company has numerous retail stores and pick-up points across the nation which aid their delivery services. Some of these stores include FNB, Caltex gas stations, Wellness Warehouse, and so on.

With over 2500 pick-up points and stores, Pargo sends and delivers parcels and other packages within 3 to 5 business days depending on the locations. Normally, most major cities take 3 business days or less while inaccessible areas take close to 5 days.

2. Fastway Couriers

When it comes to adequate communication and shipment tracking during delivery, Fastway Couriers is one of the best Courier companies in South Africa. The courier company shares updates about the movement of the packages through its apps. Surprisingly, they do not charge any hidden fees and the prices are affordable.

Are you looking for a cheap courier service in South Africa, Fastway Courier may be your best bet. Fastway Courier which was established in 1983 in New Zealand has branches in different countries including Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.

In addition, the courier company has over 3000 franchises which makes it easy for them to deliver over 16.4 million parcels and packages every year.

3. MDS Collivery

Ever heard of MDS Collivery? It is one of the largest reputable Courier companies in South Africa. The Courier company which was established in 1991 by Hugh Randall offers different courier services. This includes same-day delivery, next-day delivery, road freight express, door-to-door delivery, and so on.

Like Fastway Courier, there is a provision of a tracking portal to monitor the movement of your goods and sometimes SMS updates.

MDS Collivery also makes use of an online quote calculator to give a rough estimate of the price before delivery. With over 200 vehicles and 300 staff, MDS Collivery renders Courier services across the nation.

4. Courier Guy

Here is another best courier company in South Africa that specializes in E-commerce delivery. It is one of the fastest courier companies in South Africa hence, many e-commerce merchants use their services.

In addition, Courier Guy offers shipment tracking, cash on deliveries, co-packaging, and bulk orders among other services. The Difference Between E-Commerce Vs DropShipping

Being an international brand, the company provides one of the best International services in South Africa. With over 140 branches in South Africa, Courier Guy offer other related courier services including custom project, overnight, and express delivery.

5. PostNet

Another company on our best Courier companies list is PostNet, a printing and shipping company established in 1994. The South African courier company which has over 2.5 decades years of experience provides excellent delivery services.

Some of which involve store pickup to store delivery (PostNet to PostNet), store pickup to customer doorstep (PostNet to Door, and international delivery from one country to another.

Being one of the best international courier companies in South Africa, PostNet has close to 400 stores nationwide. This aid in fast deliveries of goods and packages. Also, the company partner with DHL, one of the best Courier companies in the world.

6. Door 2 Door

As the name implies, Door 2 Door courier company offers fast and secure door-to-door delivery to customers among other related Courier services. The South African courier company is known for its excellent and efficient delivery services.

They are widely patronized by both corporate organizations and individuals. Like many courier companies on our list, Door 2 Door courier company offers overnight delivery, Budget Cargo, and International shipment.

7. Globeflight

Globeflight is another top-best Courier company in Johannesburg, South Africa. The international Courier company has over 250 branches across the country including major regions like Capetown, Port Elizabeth, and East London. Thus, making it easier to handle local deliveries excellently.

The company which was established in 1998 delivers packages and parcels 24/7 in a day. They offer same-day, next-day, and overnight delivery depending on the locations and nature of the goods. Similar to Fastway Courier, they offer Cash on Delivery, water-resistant packaging, and other related services for e-commerce merchants and many business owners.

8. Time Freight

Here is one of the cheapest door-to-door courier companies in South Africa. Time freight which was established by Ivor Keppler in 1984 offers different courier and delivery services across the country.

The company which is based in Pietermaritzburg is capable of handling various goods and packages whether fragile, expensive, volatile, or hazardous. Want to send your parcel to a customer using a reliable Courier company, try out Time Freight Courier company.

9. Paxi

Paxi which is owned by Pep Stores is a popular store-to-store delivery company that makes the delivery of goods easier for business owners. With over 2800 pickup points, Paxi delivers goods and packages within 3 to 9 business days depending on your location and choice.

It is one of the cheapest courier services in South Africa that you can make use. Also, Paxi eliminates inaccessible areas delivery by making use of the nearest stores.

10. Ram Hand to Hand

When it comes to the transfer of fragile and sensitive goods and packages, Ram Hand to Hand is the best Courier company in South Africa. They are professional at obtaining authority in transferring products like bank cards, guns, telephones, medical equipment, and so on.

With over 1500 vehicles and 280 personnel in 40 branches, Ram Hand to Hand offers courier services to both corporate organizations and individuals.

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Final Thoughts on Best Courier Companies in South Africa

For those asking which company is the best for courier services, if you go through the article, you will notice each delivery companies have its specializations. Most of these companies have both their weaknesses and strength, depending on what you are looking for, you can choose the best for your need.

For instance, you may want to choose the Courier Guy if you are an E-commerce merchant and cash on delivery is important as well as fast delivery. We advise you to go through the article and pick the best out of the top best 10 courier companies in South Africa for your needs.

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