The 10 Cities With The Most Millionaires In The World

The most important cities in the world are home to the wealthiest people, some of them are, New York, Beijing and Moscow. This article is centered on the top 10 cities with the most millionaires in the world.

According to the Forbes report, of the 10 cities that are home to most billionaires, it can be observed that a quarter of the 2,755 members of the list of billionaires of the world Forbes 2021 live in just 10 cities, including more than 10% residing in just four Chinese metropolises.

According to the report, for the first time in seven years, the Big Apple lost its number one ranking when Beijing posted a net gain of 33 new billionaires. The Chinese capital is now home to 100 billionaires, narrowly topping New York City’s 99.

Cities With The Most Millionaires In The World

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and the newcomer Hangzhou added 96 billionaires among them for such reason are the four Chinese cities that appear on this year’s list. The remaining six cities to complete the top 10, posted a net profit of 53.

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10 Cities With The Most Millionaires In The World

10. Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou has 47 billionaires and is ranked No. 10 thanks to adding 21 billionaires this year. This is how it remained in the classification:

  • Since the last year: + 21
  • Total net worth:  $269.2 billion
  • Richest resident:  Shanshan Zhong, with a net worth of nearly $69 billion.

9. San Francisco, United States

The city is home to  48 billionaires, it welcomed 11 billionaires to its ranks, including food delivery pioneers Apoorva Mehta (Instacart founder) and Tony Xu (DoorDash CEO), complicating the narrative of the Tech moguls fleeing Silicon Valley to places like Miami and Austin.

  • Since the last year: + 11
  • Total net worth:  $190 billion
  • Richest Resident:  Dustin Moskovitz, $17.8 billion.

8. Bombay, India

The megacity has 48 billionaires and posted a profit of 10 billionaires. Mukesh Ambani, the world’s 10th richest person and president of conglomerate Reliance Industries, doubled his net worth to nearly $85 billion.

  • Since the last year: + 10
  • Total net worth:  $265 billion
  • Richest resident:  Mukesh Ambani, $84.5 billion

7. London, UK

The capital city has 63 billionaires and in the last year added seven billionaires. According to the recent report, on average London’s billionaire residents are 37% richer than last year.

  • Since the last year: + 7
  • Total net worth:  $316.1 billion
  • Richest resident:  Len Blavatnik, $32 billion

6. Shanghai, China

The nation’s largest city and a global financial hub, it is home to 64 billionaires and managed to stay at No. 6 despite adding 18 new billionaires.

  • Since last year:  +18
  • Total net worth:  $259.6 billion
  • Richest resident:  Colin Zheng Huang, $55.3 billion.

5. Shenzhen, China

The moderate metropolis that connects Hong Kong to the mainland has 68 billionaires and added 24 this past year. All but one of Shenzhen’s 68 billionaires are self-made, a testament to the city’s nickname, “China’s Silicon Valley.”

  • Since last year:  +24
  • Total net worth:  $415.3 billion
  • Richest resident:  Ma Huateng, $65.8 billion

4. Moscow, Russia

Russia became home to 9 billionaires to register a total of 79 and achieve a total net worth of $420.6 billion. The 10 richest people got richer, adding $72 billion to their collective fortunes.

  • Since last year:  +9
  • Total net worth:  $420.6 billion
  • Richest resident:  Alexey Mordashov and family, $29.1 billion.

3. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong added nine billionaires and despite the housing crisis and China’s growing interference in its political affairs, the city is home to 80 billionaires.

  • Since last year:  +9
  • Total net worth:  $448.4 billion
  • Richest person:  li ka-shing, $33.7 billion

2. New York City, United States

The city was dethroned from first place, billionaires have a large accumulated net worth, being $ 80 billion more than Beijing billionaires. NYC has 99 billionaires and in the last year attracted 7 more.

  • Since the last year:  +7
  • Total Net Worth:  $560.5 billion
  • Richest person:  Michael Bloomberg, $59 billion

1. Beijing, China

Beijing won by just 1, the city added 33 new billionaires as China quickly recovered from its pandemic woes, currently home to 100 billionaires.

  • Since the last year:  +33
  • Total net worth:  $484.3 billion
  • Richest resident:  Zhang Yiming, $35.6 billion.

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