Full Biography Of Daniel Olukoya & Net Worth: [MFM G.O.]

Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya (DKO) was born on the 15th, July 1957 to a Police officer and a trader mother. He is the general overseer of MFM (Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries), as the founder of a huge gospel denomination in Nigeria, it is important to write about the biography of Dr. Daniel Olukoya who is seen as a public figure, a role model and a great inspiration to others.

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries is one of the top churches in Nigeria and the founder and general overseer Dr. Olukoya is one of the most respected pastors in Nigeria, Africa and even Worldwide.

Early Profile

As stated earlier, Daniel Olukoya was born on the 15th of July 1957 in Ondo State, the South Western region of Nigeria (Akure), he is of Yoruba decent and from Ekiti State.

He started his primary education at St. John’s CAC Primary School, Akure, Ondo State and furthered his secondary school education in the same state where he then got his First School Leaving Certificate, he is an exceptional student topping his class all through his stay.

Though he didn’t finish his education in Akure as his family moved to Lagos state then he got enrolled at St. Jude’s Primary school, Ebute metta and also graduated with flying colors.

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After his primary school education, he started his secondary school education at Methodist Boys’ High School (MBHS), Broad Street, Lagos and to the glory of God, he became a born-again Christian in this school. Though his father aside from being a policeman was also a pastor of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), this reflected in his upbringing and prepared him for the future.

After his basic education he had his tertiary education in the University of Lagos 1976 – 1980 where he studied and obtained a First Class Honours in Microbiology being the first student to achieve a first-class in the course at the university, then also furthered his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics in the University of Reading, the United Kingdom after winning a scholarship.

While making his research and up till this present moment Dr. Daniel Olukoya has published over 70 publications. After all the educational journey he has had he started his ministry where he began the work of the most high, Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries was birthed and since then there has been great progress in his ministerial work.

About Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

His church is a pentecostal setting with a unique doctrine that makes it stand out among every other Pentecostal church. The church is known for deliverance and violent prayer sessions usually made against evil and darkness with a common saying that “die by fire”.

God has been showing his presence in his ministry and there is no doubt that he is truly God sent and has the backings of the Almighty. The headquarters of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries is located in Yaba area of Lagos State. The church as been ranked as the “largest single congregation in Africa” boasting of over 12,000 attendance in every single program.

It is noteworthy that Mountain of Fire has been existing for more than two decades now, the church is known for aggressive prayer tradition and it is widely criticized and also widely accepted.

The church is gained so much popularity that it is one of the largest churches in the world boasting of its presence in over 100 countries across the world, branches in UK, Nigeria, US, Canada, Asia and other countries of the world.

With its popularity, the church built its camp called Prayer City which can contain over 150,000 congregations at once with members trooping in from Nigeria and neighboring countries for their monthly programmes.

To crown it all, the church has a University called Mountain Top University right beside the Prayer City camp, the school is one of the fastest-growing universities in Nigeria with a reasonable tuition fee.

Dr. Daniel Olukoya has done well by building a stadium, 50,000 capacity deliverance stadium that will host events and deliverance sessions. Not this alone., the church also have its own Television station called “MFM TV”accessible on all African cable TVs.

Dr. Daniel Olukoya Wife

Dr. Daniel Olukoya Wife

The wife of Dr. Daniel Olukoya is Pst. (Mrs.) Shade Olukoya, she is a wonderful woman who is deeply in support of her husband’s ministry.

She was born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. George F. Adesanya as the fifth of seven children. She was also born into a Christian family and her parents gave her the very best of education with her siblings also.

Pastor Mrs. Shade Olukoya is a talented and smart woman, she obtained a diploma in Fine Arts and Interior Decoration and a Bachelor of Arts degree at Darnley Career Academy, London, UK.

Mummy G.O. as properly called by members of MFM is a multitalented woman, she sings, she writes and she is a lover of God’s works.

One thing that is intriguing about this marvelous couple is that they do not show off, they are no fan of cheap publicity, they are contented with what they have achieved so far and has always touched lives positively in all they do.

More About Dr. Olukoya

Dr. Olukoya is a sports lover and his main sport is football which he has always participated in right from his kid days, he keeps the football kits at the Adekunle Police barracks and plays football as an outside right, today’s No 7.

All being said it is important you know that Dr. Olukoya and his wife Mrs. Shade Olukoya established an NGO called the “Daniel and Fola Biotechnology Foundation”. This NGO trains Nigerian citizens in molecular biology and biotechnology.

Dr. Daniel Olukoya Net Worth

The biography of Dr. Olukoya will not be complete without telling you about his net worth. The net worth of Dr. Daniel Olukoya is estimated to be around US $600 million, this has placed him on the list of richest pastors in Nigeria and his wealth is attributed to his service as a pastor, books published and so on.

[sc_fs_faq html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is the net worth of Dr. Daniel Olukoya?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] The net worth of Dr. Daniel Olukoya is estimated to be around US $600 million, this has placed him on the list of richest pastors in Nigeria and his wealth is attributed to his service as a pastor, books published and so on. [/sc_fs_faq]

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  1. God bless my pastor for life πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ his preaching help me alot, and his prayers keep me alive thank God am born again πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈ

    1. Wow ooooo!

      I’m deeply inspired through the life stories of this mighty God’s servant, Dr.D.K Olukoya and even his wife Pst.Shade Olukoya for their numerous contributions to the gospel of Christ and humanities πŸ™.
      It only takes the grace of God to see a man or an African man like this who will obtained a PHD and later come back to serve God with everything within them!!
      It has to be πŸ‘‰ God!

      Sir,I wish you God’s protection and more grace to continue πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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