Full Biography Of Ruth Adekola – [Odunlade Adekola’s Wife]

Behind every successful man, it’s said there is a woman, this is the case of Ruth Adekola. Who is Ruth Adekola?, in this article, we will give the full Biography Of Ruth Adekola and every other piece of information about this wonderful woman of virtue.

If you have been asking to know who Ruth Adekola is then you are in the right place, Ruth Adekola is the wife of Nollywood popular actor Odunlade Adekola. In case you do not know, Odunlade Adekola is a top Yoruba Actor and also a member of the Nigerian Movie Industry.

With how famous her husband is she seems to be out of the media and most people do not know about her, but for the sake of Odunlade Adekola admirers and fans, we have taken our time to write a comprehensive biography of Ruth Adekola.

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Ruth Adekola Biography

Ruth Abosede Adekola is a native of Ekiti and born on the 2nd of December in Ekiti state, her year of birth wasn’t made public. She had her primary and secondary education in the South-West region of Nigeria then furthered her tertiary education at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in Abeokuta, Ogun State (remember Odunlade Adekola also studied here).

As a devoted Christian, she wasn’t giving way to suitors as she said her spirit doesn’t accept any one of them not until Odunlade Adekola came into her life.

She actually met her husband during a church service at a vigil in Abeokuta 22 years back, and as ladies normally act in this part of the world she was reluctant even though she knew what she actually wanted. They agreed to be friends and from friendship, it got serious after various fasting and prayers and she had a confirmation from within her that he is the one for her.

To the confirmation, we all can see that Odunlade Adekola is truly the one for her. They started their love journey by going on dates, going out together then started their courtship fully, not for long Odunlade Adekola took a bold step to propose and she accepted the proposal.

They took it to the next level and got tangled, their wedding took place in the year 2003 and the couples are blessed with four children.

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Controversies Surrounding Their Marriage

There is no doubt, controversies are expected. Odunlade Adekola is a young handsome man of which every lady would love to be with, aside from that he is also an actor which makes him very famous and loved by many. It takes a very humble, calm and trusted wife to journey this kind of relationship without fights or consistent misunderstandings.

There has been a lot of controversial news and social media circulated rumors about Odunlade Adekola dating his colleagues in the movie industry and so on. Even with all this, we haven’t for once heard about the couples fight dirty or bring their marriage or family issues on social media.

We once heard about Odunlade Adekola having an affair with Kemi Afolabi a Nollywood actress and colleague of Odunlade Adekola, the news circulated far and beyond and during an interview with Odunlade Adekolas wife Ruth, she insisted that it is just a rumor that she trusts her husband.

Also, Kemi Afolabi who was accused of having a secret affair with Odunlade also debunked the rumor, letting the world know that she is happily married to her own husband Wale Adesipe though he was a UK based Nigerian. She doesn’t deny the fact that she had a cordial relationship with Odunlade Adekola which is very normal.

Being a celebrity comes with so much price to pay, if you ain’t the calm type it can ruin you, Kemi Afolabi affirms having so many issues with fans claiming her husband is cheating on her and so on but she just overlook their claims.

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Words From Odunlade Adekola Concerning His Wife

The Nollywood actor and celebrity Odunlade Adekola with no doubt is the type of man that loves and adores his wife a lot, with every interview with him he always mentions his wife letting the world know how strong the bond is.

He said Ruth always supports him since when they got married up till this present moment and this really reflected on their family. He made us to know that his wife doesn’t keep friends because friends can have a negative effect on the family and we are so much happy for this wonderful family.

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