Full Biography Of Yinka Ayefele & Net Worth (Updated)

Olayinka Joel Ayefele, a famous Nigerian gospel musician born in Ipoti in Ekiti South-Western region of Nigeria on the 1st of February 1968. He kicked off his primary school education at Saint Saviour’s Anglican Primary School, Ipoti Ekiti State. Yinka Ayefele then continued with his secondary school education also in the same state before proceeding with his tertiary education at Ondo State College of Arts and Science in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State.

The name Yinka Ayefele must always ring a bell in the ears of every Nigerian regardless of the region you come from, this is because of the situation and stories surrounding his fame before and after he came into the limelight.

Yinka Ayefele is rated as one of the best gospel musicians in Nigeria and also one of the best Yoruba gospel musicians, he doesn’t only sing gospel, he also sings to eulogize dignitaries in events.

With his consistency, he has been able to release over 15 albums which have earned him over 200 awards both in Nigeria and abroad.

Yinka Ayefele was formerly was a media personality, he was a journalist and broadcaster at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Ibadan before he had a ghastly motor accident that got his spinal cord damaged and this really affected him and confined him on a wheelchair.

This incident is part of his story to stardom, as he tried to source for money for his treatments then which many Nigerians assisted him with some money and since then he has been using his life and time for the gospel, singing melodious songs that make you shake your body.

No one ever knew Ayefele could be this talented but as God has it, he is now a force to reckon with when it comes to music in Nigeria.

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He officially started his musical career in the year 1997 after the accident and since then his music has been touching lives and draw people closer to God, his condition really influenced his success as people started having a deep thought that a physically challenged person can sing and praise God then why cant the abled body do same?

Yinka Ayefele Early Life

As earlier stated, Yinka Ayefele worked as a journalist before the unfortunate incident, he does produce jingles and musical works for the radio station(Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Ibadan). He had an accident in a Volkswagen car which resulted in a spinal cord problem. Below is a photo showing Yinka Ayefele and the car.

Yinka Ayefele accident

Truth be told, Yinka Ayefele’s music began mainly because of this accident as he never for once had the thought of being a musician because there is no single passion for music. His initial thought was that he is going to become a banker or an office clerk, some white-collar jobs but as God has it he is better than what he actually hoped to become.


Yinka Ayefele career started when he was helpless, he spent over 9 months in the hospital with no single hope, he got a piece of advice from his friend late Kolawole Olawuyi who paid him a visit and advised him to put some songs together with a positive hope that something good will start from there.

Yinka Ayefele heeds to his friend’s advice and it changed his story for good, he had his first album titled “Bitter Experience” on December 12, 1999. The album was launched to raise funds for his medical bill which came through as a huge success. He then followed it up with another album he named “Sweet Experience”.

The two albums paved way for him in the music industry and he started singing as a career, then he released other albums named Divine Intervention, Life After Death in honor of Gbenga Adeboye who was also a journalist, comedian and radio presenter.

Presently, Yinka Ayefele is one of the most successful gospel musicians in Nigeria and he has been among the top 10 wealthiest for years. He was also invited to perform at the Patience Jonathan’s elaborate dinner party of the ex-first lady of Nigeria which was in 2013.

Yinka Ayefele Albums

We cannot talk about Yinka Ayefele’s biography and net worth without mentioning what actually made him who he is now. Yinka Ayefele has many songs and also many albums, he boasts of having 15 albums as of 2015, below are the names of his albums:

  • Bitter Experience (1998)
  • Sweet Experience (1999)
  • Something Else (2000)
  • Divine Intervention (2001)
  • Fun Fair (2002)
  • Life after death (2003)
  • Aspiration (2004)
  • Fulfillment (2005)
  • New Dawn (2006)
  • Next Level (2007)
  • Gratitude (2008)
  • Absolute Praise (2008)
  • Transformation (2009)
  • Everlasting Grace (2010)
  • Prayer Point (2011)
  • Goodness Of God (2012)
  • Comforter (2013)
  • Overcomer (2014)
  • Upliftment (2015)

After 2015 he has been so serious live performances at events, he has tried his best and his fans still expect a lot from him.

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Awards And Endorsements

Yinka Ayefele is a living legend in the Nigerian Gospel space, he has received over 200 awards of which the notable ones are the Ekiti cultural ambassador awards and also the Officer of the Order of the Niger which was awarded by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the former President of Nigeria (2011).

Yinka Ayefele is happily married to his wife Temitope Titilope and has three children.  He is the owner of Fresh FM in Ibadan which the then governor of Oyo state demolished, now rebuilt and has branches also in the South-Eastern part of the country.

Yinka Ayefele Net Worth

Yinka Ayefele is estimated to be about $1.4 million, his earnings are attributed to his songs and albums earnings, live performances and also his radio station which is his current business.

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