The 25 Highest Mountains In The United States

When it comes to mountains, no other American state contains as many high altitudes as Alaska. Of the ten highest mountains in the United States, all are in the state of Alaska.

In the United States, only Denali is above 20,000 feet. Four major peaks exceed 5,000 meters, nine exceed 4,500 meters, 104 exceed 4,000 meters, and 246 peaks exceed 3,500 meters.

The 25 Highest Mountains In The United States

Mount Denali, the highest peak in the United States

Climbing Mount Denali—also known as Mount McKinley—is extremely difficult. More than 32 thousand people have tried to climb to the top and only a small percentage have succeeded. The extremely cold weather, the snow, the permanent ice at the summit and the hardness of the terrain make its ascent one of the most difficult on the planet.

Denali is also known as Mount McKinley after the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley. But the original name given to the mountain by the Alaskan natives was Denali. In 2015 President Obama officially changed the name of the mountain to Denali.

The Highest Mountains in the United States

m asl = meters above sea level 

1.DenaliAlaska6190 m asl
2.Mount Saint EliasAlaska5489 m asl
3.Mount ForakerAlaska5304 m asl
4.Mount BonaAlaska5044 m asl
5.Mount BlackburnAlaska4996 m asl
6.Mount SanfordAlaska4949 m asl
7.Mount FairweatherAlaska4671 m asl
8.Mount HubbardAlaska4557 m asl
9.Mount bearAlaska4520 m asl
10.Mount HunterAlaska4442 m asl
11.Mount WhitneyCalifornia4421 m asl
12.Mount AlverstoneAlaska4420 m asl
13.University PeakAlaska4410 m asl
14.Mount ElbertColorado4401 m asl
15.Mount MassiveColorado4398 m asl
16.Mount HarvardColorado4395 m asl
17.Mount RainierWashington4394 m asl
18.Mount WilliamsonColorado4383 m asl
19.White BeakColorado4374 m asl
20.La Plata PeakColorado4372 m asl
21.Uncompahgre PeakColorado4365 m asl
22.Crestone PeakColorado4359 m asl
23.Mount LincolnColorado4356 m asl
24.Peak CastleColorado4352 m asl
25.Peak GraysColorado4352 m asl

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