How To Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria [2024]

Being an air hostess in Nigeria gives you the luxury of traveling around the world with good pay. Many young ladies are searching for how to become an air hostess in Nigeria because of this.

In this article, we are going to be looking at things you need to do to become an air hostess in Nigeria. We will also take a look at how much an air hostess earns in Nigeria.

How To Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria

Why You Should Consider Being an Air Hostess

Air Hostess also known as flight attendants or stewards are like waiters in a restaurant. Unlike restaurant waiters, they function on a plane and are employed by different airlines. They oversee the welfare of passengers on the plane. Below are some reasons you may want to consider securing an air hostess job.

1. It affords you the ability to travel to any country of your choice without any fee

2. Good remuneration including salary and other benefits.

3. Require fewer skills, certifications, and experience

Now that you know how lucrative an air hostess job is in Nigeria. Below are some steps you need to carry out to become an air hostess in Nigeria.

How can I become an Air Hostess in Nigeria

Here are the steps to become an air hostess or flights attendants in Nigeria

1. Personality

Mostly, Air hostess deals with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and races. It is only reasonable to be a person with good traits. You need to have good communication skills and be friendly with people.

One of the basic skills you must possess to be a Steward on a plane is good nature. The ability to smile often, be jovial and render tender care is very important.

The reason why airlines employ air hostesses is to improve their customer’s traveling experience through hospitable stewards. The least you can do as a steward is to have a good attitude.

2. Physical Traits

One of the characteristics considered by airlines in employing hostesses is physical traits. Most air hostesses are beautiful and look presentable. They know how to dress appropriately and are usually at least of average height. You can also develop yourself to be calm and work on your traits.

Further, most airline companies in Nigeria prefer a single air hostess compared to married women. This is because of the demanding and time-consuming nature of the job. Being medically fit to be on a plane and being an adult over 18 years are some other factors that may be considered.

3. Get Trained

There are a lot of airlines in Nigeria that will not bother about any qualifications in employing hostesses. This is because they will train such hostesses whether she has the required qualifications or not.

Even at that, getting the necessary training makes you stand out among others. It is good to enroll in an aviation school of your choice so that you can learn the ropes of being a good hostess.

For people asking how much is flight attendant’s school in Nigeria. Most aviation school charges over 300k or more for at least a 10-week course. After learning, you will also be required to take the professional examination after which you will be licensed.

In case you are not buoyant enough to enroll in aviation school, a basic education degree or diploma in hospitality, tourism, and another related course will help.

4. International Passport

By now, you should know traveling is the main job of an air hostess in Nigeria. Hence, you should have a valid International passport. Without a passport, traveling around the world may not be possible.

5. Ability to learn and Speak Fluently

Being a beauty and knowing how to dress is not enough to be a flight attendant in Nigeria. You must be able to learn and adapt quickly.

One of the roles of an air hostess is to gauge a situation and give emergency care. Hence, the ability to learn faster and smartly is required.

Similarly, learning one or two languages apart from the English language is necessary. For instance, being able to speak Spanish or French is an added advantage as an air hostess.

6. Apply for Air Hostess Jobs

Once you have taken all the necessary steps to become an air hostess in Nigeria. The next step is to start applying for jobs with different airlines. Visit job portals as well as different airline companies to submit your application.

With all these, you should be sure you are going to land an air hostess job in Nigeria easily.

How Much Does an Air Hostess Earn in Nigeria

If you are thinking of becoming an air hostess in Nigeria, you must have been thinking about their salary structure scale.

Flight attendants or air hostesses earn according to their years of experience. Which explains why an air hostess with a year of experience earns lesser than those with 5 years or more experience.

Averagely, an air hostess with 1 or 2 years of experience earns up to N130,000 or more in a month. While those with higher years of experience may earn up to N300,000 in a month.

The amount an air hostess earns is not static or specific. It solely depends on the airlines they are working for. Some airlines also give allowances to their stewards as well as other bonuses. Also, air hostesses with good character earn tips from passengers.

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Becoming an Air Hostess in Nigeria

As much as air hostess jobs give freedom to travel to different countries at will with good pay. The job is quite demanding and takes time. It also takes a person with good nature and passion for the job to succeed.

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