The 25 Most Mountainous Countries In the World

Do you care to know the most mountainous countries in the world? When we talk about mountainous countries, we refer to those that have a high average altitude above sea level. Therefore, in this case, we are not talking about countries with large mountain peaks, since a country with a high average altitude does not necessarily have to have large peaks.

Just over 30 countries in the world exceed the planet’s average altitude of 840 meters. However, five of them are located well above that altitude, exceeding 2000 meters of altitude.

Most of the world’s most mountainous countries are located in South Asia, on the Himalayas. If we take into account that the Himalayas are the highest mountain range on Earth, standing at 8,849 meters above sea level, it is logical to think that the countries above it or in its surroundings are also the ones with the highest altitude.

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25 Most Mountainous Countries In the World

S/NCountryContinentMedium altitude
1.NepalAsia3265 meters
2.TajikistanAsia3186 meters
3.KyrgyzstanAsia2988 meters
4.BhutanAsia2220 meters
5.LesothoAfrica2161 meters
6.AndorraEurope1996 meters
7.AfghanistanAsia1885 meters
8.ChileAmerica1871 meters
9.ChinaAsia1840 meters
10.ArmeniaEurope / Asia1792 meters
11.RwandaAfrica1598 meters
12.PeruAmerica1555 meters
13.MongoliaAsia1528 meters
14.GeorgiaEurope / Asia1432 meters
15.SwitzerlandEurope1350 meters
16.EthiopiaAfrica1330 meters
17.IranAsia1305 meters
18.LebanonAsia1250 meters
19.BoliviaAmerica1192 meters
20.TaiwanAsia1150 meters
21.NamibiaAfrica1141 meters
22.TurkeyEurope / Asia1141 meters
23.ZambiaAfrica1138 meters
24.EcuadorAmerica1117 meters
25.AngolaAfrica1112 meters

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