Top 10 Richest Hausa Musicians In Nigeria 2024 – (Updated)

The Nigerian people are blessed abundantly with talent and every tribe of the country is representing well, today’s post is centered on the richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria so if you have been asking questions like who is the richest northern Nigerian musician? who is the wealthiest Hausa musician? who is the most successful Hausa singer? then you will find an answer to that here.

Music in Nigeria has taken a different dimension in this current world and we have more upcoming artists striving to grab the top spot in the country.

As it is if as a musician you are able to become successful in Nigeria then definitely you have better chances of gaining more prominence all over Africa as Nigeria is the most populous and attention is placed on Nigeria than other African countries.

When talking about music in Nigeria the Hausas have to be talked about because they have contributed immensely to the success of Nigerian music industry, the Hausas are the major owners of states in the Northern region of Nigeria and they are also the most populous.

Having a huge population there is no doubt any musician that comes from this region will also have a huge audience and we can attest to this due to the number of followers and fans of Hausa musicians.

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After all has been said we will not like to take much of your time, let us take a look at the top ten richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria in 2024.

The 10 Richest Hausa Musicians In Nigeria 2024

Below is the comprehensive list and details about the most popular and most wealthy Hausa musicians in Nigeria this year.

10 Richest Hausa Musicians In Nigeria
Richest Hausa Musicians In Nigeria

#1. Jude Abaga (M.I)

Jude Abaga was born in Jos the Plateau state capital and he is popularly known as M.I is no doubt one of the richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria today and also one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. He is a famous rapper, singer, stage performer and songwriter from the Hausa extraction.

He is an award-winning musician and a great achiever in the Nigerian entertainment space, his music genre is basically Hip-hop and he is very good at it with his fluent English well utilized, he also has some songs in Hausa language and all his songs are hit bot in the Northern region of the country and in the Southern region.

M.I Abaga is well known locally and internationally and has won himself the Best Hip Hop and Best New Act at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards, and was nominated in the Best International Act category at the BET Awards 2010.

With his popularity and how people embrace his songs, you do not need anyone to tell you M.I is a rich musician, in this category of richest Hausa musicians M.I Abaga is the richest and the most influential.

For his kind of personality, he has been endorsed by big brands in Nigeria and also a brand ambassador of the biggest indigenous telecommunication company in Nigeria Glo. M.I current net worth is estimated to be $8 million which makes him the richest Hausa musician in Nigeria.

#2. Panshak Zamani (Ice Prince)

The name Ice Prince is a household name in Nigeria, he is also from the Hausa tribe and representing Nigeria well. His contribution to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry can’t be ignored. Ice Prince Zamani is a well-exposed musician and very classic in his ways. He started his career in the year 2009 and has since been a relevant musician.

As an artist that has paid the price due to hard work and consistency Ice Prince was able to gather riches for himself, he is a very wealthy musician. Ice Prince current net worth is estimated at $4.5 million.

#3. Musa Akilah (Morell)

The 3rd richest Hausa musician in Nigeria is Musa Akilah, he is a popular entertainer from the Northern region of the country and has most of his fans from the North and Southern parts of Nigeria, his stage name is “Morell”.

Morell is originally from Bauchi State and one of the most talented from Northern Nigeria. He has a lot of hit songs in his name and he is also an award-winning musician. He basically sings R&B and his genre style has lead him to sing with top international artists like Kanye West and Sean Kingston. Morell’s current net worth is estimated at $4 million and he is rated as the third richest Northern musician in Nigeria.

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#4. Jesse Garba Abaga (Jesse Jagz)

Mere looking at the name you can tell Jesse Jagz is related to M.I who is the first on this list. Jesse Abaga is a brother to Jude Abaga a.k.a M.I, Jesse Abaga stage name is Jesse Jagz and he is also one of the best singers from Northern Nigeria.

He is endorsed under Chocolate City a record label by M.I, he released his first studio drops under Chocolate City in 2010 titled “Jag of All Trade” and his songs are hit.

He is a talented musician who mostly sings hip-hop, he is also a reggae rapper and very fluent in the command of English, Hausa and Yoruba languages.

Jesse Jagz net worth is estimated at $1.7 million, he has a lot of music collections and has been at the top of his game ever since he joined the music industry.

#5. Mohammed Adamu (Magnito)

Mohammed Adamu is a fast-rising Nigerian musician, he is also from the Hausa tribe and one of the best from the Northern region of Nigeria. He was born on the 15th of September and he is originally from Benue State.

While growing up he spent his kid days in Abuja with his basic primary education in Abuja. He later moved to Jos for his University education and he bagged a degree in Business Management. He dived into music and ever since then he has been doing well.

Magnito current net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 placing him among the top richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria as of the time this article is published.

#6. Haruna Abdullahi (DJ AB)

DJ AB as popularly called was born on the 28th of December 1993, he is originally from Kaduna State and he is a talented rapper, producer, performer and songwriter. Haruna Abdullahi is currently signed to the record label “YaranNorthSide Entertainment Company” and has many songs to his name.

He has been successful in his music career and considered one of the richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria. DJ AB current net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.

#7. Buba Barnabas Luka (Classiq)

Have you ever wonder why most of the Hausa musicians are rappers? Here is another rapper from the Northern region of the country. Buba Barnabas popularly called Classiq is a talented musician from Bauchi State in the northern region of Nigeria. He was born on the 21st of September 1991 and has based his music career on hip-hop and rap.

Classiq just like other musicians mentioned above has done well for himself, he is currently worth around $60,000 and still dropping hits.

#8. Simon Bulus (Dr. Smith)

Simon Bulus is not so popular in Nigeria but he is well known in the Northern region of the country, his nickname is Dr. Smith and he is originally from Plateau State.

Dr. Smkith though not so popular but he has worked with popular musicians, the likes of Nigger Raw, 2Face, Mode9, M.I Abaga, Ice Prince, Pheroceous, 9ice, Style Plus, Jesse Jags and so many other top Nigerian singers.

He is also an OAP (On Air Personality) on Unity FM 93.3 Jos and he is multi-talented. Dr. Smith’s current net worth is estimated at around $40,000.

#9. Lord Bawa (Kheengz)

Another on our list of top 10 richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria is Lord Bawa, he was born in January 1992 and popularly known as Kheengz as his stage name, he is also a rapper and a graduate of ABU Zaria where he studied civil engineering prior to proceeding onward to music. There is no doubt Lord Bawa is very good at what he does, he is a very talented musician from the Northern region of Nigeria and has done well for himself in terms of wealth.

Though Lord Bawa can’t be termed wealthy but he is one of the richest Hausa musicians and his net worth is estimated to be around $30,000.

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#10. Luka Bulus Madaki (BOC Madaki)

Lastly, on the top 10 richest Hausa musicians we have Bulus Madaki. Madaki isn’t that popular but he is also a very intelligent and talented rapper. He is also from Bauchi State and alumni of Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic in Bauchi State, he had a National Diploma in Agric-Tech.

He was also a first-class graduate at the School of Environmental Studies, as a smart and intelligent person, he was able to excel in his music career of which he was nominated at the  City People Music Award for Arewa Best Rap Artiste of the Year. BOC Madaki is an artist to look forward to, much is expected of him and we hope he will not disappoint.

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