7 Small Business Investment Opportunities In Cameroon 2024

As a Cameroonian, you should know that the greatest contributor to the economy of the country is the agricultural sector, the tourism sector, manufacturing, and services. If you want to make money in Cameroon and become a successful businessman, we have highlighted Small Business Investment Opportunities In Cameroon you can easily start and earn handsomely.

Cameroon, one of the biggest African countries and sharing borders with the likes of Nigeria, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Congo, and Gabon, has set the country up for a good source of income through the exporting of its products also.

7 Small Business Investment Opportunities In Cameroon

Small Business Investment Opportunities In Cameroon

1. Tea Production

Cameroon is recognized worldwide to be one of the largest cultivators of tea and if you can also tend to this business, with proper packaging and all, other parts of the world would be glad to have your products too. Think local tea sales, think exports, and think the rewards too.

2. Livestock Farming

Even though you would have to sell mostly to those in your own locality, the livestock farming business is one of the best ventures and Investment Opportunities In Cameroon.

Most livestock rearers are found in the rural parts of Cameroon and the good news is, that labor can be obtained cheaply, giving you less cost of production to worry about.

3. Food Processing Company

The food processing industry in Cameroon is not saturated yet and is still at the infancy stage, meaning it’s one of the most lucrative Investment Opportunities In Cameroon and you can still get in and gain a lot.

The only problem that comes with food processing is that of the epileptic power supply but with the soil of Cameroon, there is enough and ample supply of raw materials (the food products) so you can make up for the costs lost for power.

4. Transport Business

Transportation is one of the main worries of residents of Cameroon and you could jump into this industry. Get buses, taxis, or any other form of a public source of transportation and charge generously. The returns on transport are very great and you should embrace it too.

5. Plastic Production

Even though they are one of the biggest exporters of rubber products in Africa, Cameroon still does not have a good plan for manufacturing plastics itself. You could draw a good plan and get suitable investors to start a rubber business yourself, reducing the number of plastic products imported and ruling the market.

6. Run a Football Agency

If you are very conversant with football, you should know that Cameroon is one of the strongest African nations when it comes to the sport and they have a whole set of talents who are looking to play abroad.

If you can get up a good football licensing agency, you could act as an agent to these players and get fees on their endorsements, signings, transfers, and the likes.

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7. Outdoor Catering

If you are a caterer and you live in Cameroon, what is stopping you from launching your own line of food catering services? Get in contact with people, network, and get clients that would help you grow your business. From as simple as a cocktail party, having a buffet or tea party to a grand ceremony, a caterer is indispensable.

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