NASRDA Salary Structure [2024 Updated]

The National Space Research And Development Agency “NASRDA” salary structure and other important information like NASRDA offices in Nigeria, and branches are included in this article. You will get to know about the benefits as well as the NASRDA salary structure being paid by the agency to their employees in this article.

Before we continue, do you if NASRDA is a good place to work? Do you know their functions, office, and branches? Continue reading to find out the function of a  NASRDA employee as well as the salary structure being used.

NASRDA Salary Structure [Updated]

Overview of NASRDA

The National Space Research and Development Agency popularly called NASRDA was established in 2001. It was during the era of Olusegun Obasanjo that the agency was created with its headquarters located in Abuja.

The agency is controlled and regulated by the National Council on Space Science and Technology. Also, NASRDA’s main function is to establish a fundamental policy for the advancement and growth of space science and technology. Therefore, they are major members of the federal ministry of Science and Technology.

NASRDA Departments

Some of the roles that are available in the NASRDA agency include Scientific Officer, Scientific Officer 2, Medical Doctor, Principal Officer, Administrative Officer II, Engineer 11, and so on. Below are some of the departments that can be found under NASRDA.

  • Administration and Finance
  • International Cooperation
  • Law/Legal Department
  • Mission Planning, IT and Data Management
  • Space Regulations and Special Duties
  • Policy, Planning, and Research
  • Engineering and Space Systems
  • Strategic Space Applications

Current NASRDA Salary Structure

How much is NASRDA salary? How much do NASRDA employees earn monthly? These are little out of the numerous questions asked by people who are interested in working with NASRDA. Fortunately, this article consists of all the necessary information on NASRDA salary structure.

By the NASRDA salary structure, a newly employed graduate is paid up to N175,485 after the removal of the necessary dues including taxes. This means that the average salary paid by the agency to its workers is between N180,000 to N200,000.

Also, the scientific staff is more paid than the administrative staff. Apart from their salary being paid using the NASRDA salary structure, they are also entitled to allowances, pension, gratuity, and other benefits.

Therefore, below is some salary of some staff in the agency using the NASRDA salary structure.

  • A medical doctor is paid an average of 93k monthly
  • The salary for a scientific officer is 158k
  • That of the principal officer is 184k
  • The Engineers especially Engineer II is paid 204k

Note: It took a lot of time to gather the current NASRDA salary structure being paid to different employees. These may not be their real salary but an estimate of how much each employee earns monthly.

National Space Research And Development Agency, NASRDA Offices in Nigeria

Head Office of NASRDA

Physical Address: P.M.B. 437, along Umaru Musa Ydar’adua expressway, Obasanjo Space Centre, Lugbe in Abuja.

Other NASRDA Branches

Some other branches and NASRDA offices in Nigeria include;

1. NASRDA Centre For Basic Space Science

Physical Address: TTC Rd in Nsukka, Enugu State.

2. The Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics

Address:  Toro in Bauchi State.

3. The National Centre for Remote Sensing

Address: Jos in Plateau State.

4. The Centre for Satellite Technology Development

Address: Abuja

National Space Research And Development Agency, NASRDA Recruitment info

If you will like to work with the  National Space Research Development Agency, you can apply whenever their recruitment form is out.

The agency is one of the top Nigerian government agencies that pay their staff well. Below are some criteria and requirements you must meet to be considered for the NASRDA job

NASRDA Job Requirements

The NASRDA job requirements mandate that the Applicants should be;

  • Between 18 to 35 years of age.
  • Should possess certificates from recognized institutions. It may be either Ph.D., B.Sc, HND, NCE, or OND and other qualifications. Note: National Diploma, National Certificate of Education, Advanced Level General Certificate of Education from any recognized institution is also allowed.
  • The Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or West African School Certificate (WAEC) with credit in at least 3 subjects at 2 sittings is allowed. English language must be included in these 3 subjects.
  • NECO/ Ordinary level GCE. The result should be credit in 4 subjects at a sitting or at least 5 subjects at two sittings. English language must be included in these subjects.

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More on NASRDA Salary Structure

Also, NASRDA is one of the top-paying agencies in Nigeria that provides job opportunities for Nigerians. Almost every year, requirements exercises are carried out and graduate that is employed is paid monthly using the NASRDA salary structure.

For more information about the National Space Research Development Agency, you can visit NASRDA official website:

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