Top 10 Best Investment Opportunities In Nigeria 2024

The current economic situation in Nigeria currently calls for one to be smart and invest, this is why we have put together the best investment opportunities in Nigeria today to help you maximize your earnings.

If you are smart enough to invest and not just invest, you invest in the best investment opportunities that guarantee a high Return on Investment (ROI) then your song will be different from that of the common Nigerians, you will have no reason to complain about bad government policies or bad political leaders.

As a smart investor, you are always sufficient, but for you to be smart then you want to make sure you invest in one of the points we have listed in this article.

With the fact that we have many people complaining of lack of jobs and bad governance, we cannot shy away from the fact that Nigeria currently is one of the most rapidly growing economies in Africa.

Over the past years, there has been a positive report on economic growth and over 2/3 of Nigerian citizens live in cities and this also has positively helped the country’s GDP per capita. There are lots of potentials in Nigeria waiting for you to tap into.

With all these positive results Nigeria is ranked among the fastest-growing economies in Africa and we cannot ignore that it is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Nigeria is the hub for FDI in Africa and we have seen a lot of growth in technology so it is left to her citizens to take advantage of these.

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Without further ado, let us reveal the best investments with monthly returns in Nigeria i.e. investments with a stable monthly income in Nigeria.

Investments with Monthly Income in Nigeria

Below we have listed the top best investment with the best ROI in Nigeria, investing in any of the listed will help you multiply your monthly earnings and keep you financially stable. The listed investments are safe, secured and they offer competitive monthly income once you invest in them.

#1. Nigerian Stock Exchange

You certainly do not want to miss the opportunities the Nigerian stock exchange offers. Most people do not really know what the Nigerian Stock Exchange is or how it works, this has been the secret of the rich and also regarded as one of the best investments in Nigeria.

Currently, the Nigerian stock market is worth over $300 billion, you certainly want to be part of this, when you invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange you will experience transparency, diversification and higher liquidity benefits.

#2. Lagos Real Estate

The Lagos State Real Estate Property Market is one of the best investment opportunities in Lagos State currently and one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria as we know Lagos State is the commercial capital of Nigeria so the best is expected here.

As a smart investor with the Lagos Real Estate Market, you can sack your boss. This investment opportunity presents you with the opportunity to buy properties and rent them out.

Never forget that the rental rates in Nigeria are very affordable compared to other countries and you can easily make a cool return from it.

The Real Estate market is rapidly expanding and this is a green light to investors as real estate is always with gain and no depreciation, much more affordable for buyers who intend to become landlords and a bit expensive for those renting.

#3. Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is another investment opportunity in Nigeria that most Nigerians are not aware of or they feel it will require a lot of money for them to be able to invest in.

We have many automobile manufacturers and assembling companies in Nigeria and we need to remind you of Nigeria’s population as it is the largest in Africa. We have a lot of people buying cars every day and investing in Automobile stock will be a wonderful thing to do.

With the likes of Indigenous automobile producers in Nigeria the likes of Ade Ogundeyin of Proforce, Ajayi Joshua of Nord Automobile, Innocent Chukwuma of Innoson Vehicles, and many more you can take advantage of the opportunities they offer by investing in them.

#4. Telecoms Industry

The Nigerian telecommunication industry is another sure investment opportunity you can find in Nigeria. With Nigeria being the most populated black nation in the world hardly will you find a person without a mobile phone in Nigeria and at least each person have nothing less than two different network operators on his/her phone.

The industry is worth billions of dollars and is growing every blessed day, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. We have millions of people signing up for internet services daily, you can invest in the telecom industry and make fortunes out of it.

#5. Modern Transportation

With the presence of Uber and Taxify in Nigeria, you are given a platform to invest in with huge return monthly on your investment. People are now turning away from the traditional taxi services and opting for the most convenient modern transport system this should tell you there is something spectacular about it.

With Uber business in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and other cities in Nigeria you too can have a nice share of the goodies the transport companies present, you don’t necessarily need to be the one to drive, just buy the car and follow the registration process with a driver and you get your return without stress.

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#6. Agriculture Business

From time immemorial the agriculture business has always been the sector with a stable source of income in Nigeria, with the new agro-tech you have numerous opportunities. Not only Nigeria is Agriculture business lucrative but there is a bountiful opportunity in Nigeria as most people don’t invest in it and the fact that Nigeria’s economy is based on crude oil the government has not really paid attention to it.

History has it that agriculture was what Nigeria based on and the country was one of the top countries in the world with Naira stronger than Dollars.

Thank goodness the present government is encouraging the youths and most Nigerians to invest in agriculture and you certainly don’t want this to pass you by.

You don’t need to own a farm and be doing the agric business and if you wish you can own a farm and employ farmers but to save you the stress we have numerous agriculture investment platforms that utilize the Artificial Intelligence Farming model to speed up the farming process. You too can invest in any of the platforms and generate good income from them.

#7. Supermarket/Retail Business

Owning a Supermarket in Nigeria is one of the best investments as this gives you daily income and that makes your money grow over time. In a supermarket, we have edible foods some fresh and some in cans, toiletries, medicines, clothes e.t.c.

Supermarket business is very lucrative and it quickly doubles your money though this is certain only when you are serious with it and also if you have it situated in an area where it sells.

Mind you there is low risk in this type of business and the return on your investment is very high, with the supermarket business you can increase your money and at the same time secure it.

#8. Salons

When you operate a barbing salon or beauty salon you earn a lot as this is more like a service rendered, you only need to worry about equipment and rent, after that nothing more except few things that could be needed.

You can employ a barber and you continue earning money daily. We have a lot of people that need to cut their hair or shave every two weeks or three weeks also for ladies you see them make new hair almost weekly and all at a cost.

The income depends on the area where the salon is located and per each customer, you can charge #500 or up to #15,000 depending on the area.

#9. Mini-importation business

This has always been a lifesaver for smart people that are yet to get a job, mostly done by students and can be done by the working class, the more you invest the more your earnings.

Most people ask if they have goods how do they sell. You do not need to go from one place to the other in order to sell your imported goods, you can make use of social media and get yourself a reliable delivery company that will help deliver goods to the customer at a cheaper price.

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A lot of people import goods from the USA, China, Japan and other countries, you can make a fortune from this too by importing clothing, electronics, jewelry and many more.

#10. Inter-State Transport Business

This is one of the best businesses you can invest in, we have millions of people going from one state to the other in Nigeria, there are those that go from one region to the other and for this, you need a standard bus and a driver.

Not necessarily you buy the bus yourself, we also have some existing transport companies in Nigeria that are open for investors. You can find any that is very popular around you and invest, this will get you a lot of income based on investment agreements made.


All being said we can only encourage you to invest in businesses that will drive a good income return to you and it is left for you to take the bold step.

There are hundreds of investment platforms you can invest in Nigeria we have only brought you the ones that have been tested and confirmed to be stable for years. We wish you good luck as you multiply your money.

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