20 Businesses You Can Start With 10K In Nigeria

What are the businesses you can start with 10K in Nigeria? A lot of questions on this and here we have the answers, many people see 10,000 Naira as small money – YES it is but this can start a business for you, and with the way you handle the business and your smartness it can make you a millionaire within few months.

Getting a business started in Nigeria isn’t as easy as we think because nothing favours business people in the country as there are strict policies by the government which is enough to discourage you, likewise we have a very poor economy with our currency value at the lowest.

In spite of all these negative points, one who plans to start a business will think deeply but his/her thoughts will always reach a negative conclusion because of the fear of the points mentioned.

Nevertheless, we cannot just sit and watch, if you are not the lazy type you can actually thrive in Nigeria with whatever you find doing, this is why we have taken our time to write the top 20 businesses you can start with 10,000 Naira in Nigeria.

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Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and you don’t want to ignore this, you can take advantage of this as we have many people who need the services or goods you can offer or sell.

We have a lot of people who wish to start a business but don’t know which one to do, most especially students in the higher institution to help them with school fees or other things which need to be purchased.

Also, we have individuals who are tired of looking for jobs as the rate of employment in the country is at its lowest with the government not helping in any way, instead of wasting time looking for jobs it will be a wise decision to start your own business.

Starting small isn’t a bad idea, many millionaires around the world also started their businesses with little capital so you are doing the right thing by starting small.

Without further ado let us go straight to the topic of the day which is the top 20 businesses you can start with 10K in Nigeria.

20 Businesses You Can Start With 10K In Nigeria

#1. Laundry services

You don’t need to be told but in case you are not aware the Laundry Service is one of the best businesses you can start with as low as 10K. This is a very lucrative business in Nigeria and even in other countries of the world, it is a business that can never be out of the market.

We have many people working and passing through a lot of stress daily, they do not have time to do their own laundry and for that reason, you as a person can come in helping them wash, dry, and ironing their clothes. Of cause you cannot do this for free, it is a service which you will be paid for.

The most interesting part of this is that you can actually start this business with little or no capital and it is as easy as just meeting those who need such service. You do not need a shop for this as long as you have where you are living at the moment you are good to go and when you start making more money you can establish yourself properly by renting a shop and buying more equipment you need to make your service top-notch.

After your first payment or with your capital of 10k you can buy soap, starch, and electric iron, washing machine isn’t necessary for now as that is a bit expensive, once you start getting bigger you can buy the stuff you need for efficiency and speed in delivery.

To cap it all, hardly will you find someone into the laundry business leaving it due to lack of customers, it is very rare and this means the Laundry business is a profitable business you can start with 10k in Nigeria.

#2. Event Planning

Another wonderful and profitable business you can start with 10K in Nigeria is Event Planning. With as low as 10 thousand Naira you can start a business in Nigeria, the event planning business is all about fixing appointments with speakers, offices for coordination of meetings, getting the best locations like hotels, halls, locations, and also making audio-visuals available including printed materials.

This may sound weird somehow but taking your time to study the first paragraph of this section should give you an idea. All you need is to network with people and let them know that is what you do, your job is to organize events, list out things that will be done based on time, choosing the proper entertainment, speaker and how to get people to attend and make them feel important.

Mind you if you feel this is the type of business you can do you need to take it seriously as it can be so stressful, dedication is needed to fare well in this line of business.

You as the planner would have the opportunity to meet people that matter in the country and you are also expected to take advantage of this by printing a business card and handing it to attendees, they will be the ones bringing you more business if they are satisfied with your organized events.

#3. Data Reseller

With 10,000 Naira you can start a Data Reselling business, this is a very profitable business and believe me, I have a friend who is into this and successful at it, he now owns his own house and he is doing fine. When you begin Internet Data sales you discover this business has no stress at all, what you need is a mobile phone and you are good to go.

As we all know that getting cheap data packages is of great concern to most Nigerians be it old or young and because of the high demand for this you can take advantage of it and be successful.

We have many kids being born in Nigeria daily, likewise, we have many kids becoming adults, and the need to use an internet-enabled device rises day by day. Now that almost everything is done online e.g. registration, job search, social media platforms, COVID-19 vaccination registration, eCommerce, flight booking, transport booking, school online course registration, driver’s license registration, online streaming and payment, etc. all these increases the demand for Internet Data subscriptions.

The most interesting thing about this is once someone tries you for the first time the chances that he or she will continue to use you as the main data supplier is very high and based on the type of job your customers do determines how much you get from each of them.

To start this profitable business you need to enroll with bulk data sellers who will give you the platform where you only need to load up your account with the 10,000 Naira then you start advertising your business, you will be given at a cheaper price by the platform you use then you start stating the price for each data subscription for your customers. To make it look more classic you can get someone to design a banner for you.

#4. Second-hand Clothes Selling

You must have heard about “Okirika” or “Bend Down Select”, these are the type of wears most of us do buy while growing up, it is second-hand clothing sales and there is a very high demand for this. I have seen people importing a container filled with these clothes and sell them off within a week, that is how profitable the business is.

Second Hand Clothes is a fast-selling business that thrives in any location be it an area filled with the rich, medium class or even the poor. To get a lot of sales you can take your stuff to the school environment as students love to buy these clothes because it is cheaper and hardly will you get to know it is second hand.

The most interesting thing to note is that you can start a Second-Hand Clothes selling with as low as #10,000 Naira and make a good income from it, it is very easy to grow and be successful in this line of business.

You can start with 8-10 grades of clothes and then wash and iron them, to make them more attractive and neat you can buy transparent package bags so after ironing you fold them properly in the bags. Now you can sell to family and friends, sell in schools, churches, online, and even in the market between 1,500 Naira to 2,500 Naira.

#5. Perfume Oil Business

Another among the businesses you can start with 10K in Nigeria is the Perfume Oil Business. This is a very neat and classy business, those you are going to sell to won’t worry about the price as long as you’ve taken your time to make the best selection of nice scent perfume and oils.

Most Nigerians love to smell nice and also a nice smell that will last long through the day and probably for days or weeks. The category of people who love to buy such products are bankers, pastors, students, and private/government workers.

With as much as #10,000 or less you can start this profitable business, most people with the fact that they work in offices earn less but to stay relevant and attractive they need to smell nice and look smart but they can’t afford high-end perfumes with a same or similar scent so this is why your service will be doing them a great favor because you sell your cheap and at the same time make good profit out of it.

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How To Start A Perfume Oil Business In Nigeria

To get started in this line of business you need to follow the steps below:

1 – Research about perfume oil wholesalers around you, this can be done online by using Google search or on Instagram.

2 – Purchase perfume oil in bulk (one or two dozens should be enough for a start)

3 – Resell the perfume and make a good profit.

You can actually buy as low as 7,000 Naira upward for a dozen or dozen and half, when you sell this at around #1,000 0r #1,200 you should be making over 16,000 Naira on your first batch and making a profit of around 8K isn’t a bad one. Now you can buy more and advertise more, also you need to maintain a good relationship with your customers making them know there are new products they can try out.

#6. Home Cleaning

This is another good business you can do in Nigeria with 10K, It is as easy as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting the house and this depends on how deep you can go, you may need to clean the toilets, bathrooms, electrical sets, kitchen and so on.

You need to reach an agreement with your client and make a good cut for yourself, this is a business with little money to start or even none, you will only need to spend money if you are taking transport to your client’s home or office. Also, you may need to buy little cleaning materials.

This type of job may look as a poor man business to you but you are wrong, your success depends on you, we have seen people that started small and now have staffs working for them, they built brands from the cleaning business, you too can do the same.

#7. Tutoring Business

This is a cool business with good income, it is such a lucrative business you can start with 10k in Nigeria. The only thing you have to do is to make sure you apply in the city where people value education. To start this type of business doesn’t really need capital, but you may need money just for transportation.

The most interesting part of it is that you can actually organize a tutorial online so here you don’t need to transport yourself but the only thing you need to spend money on is Internet Data Subscription.

You can also do your tutoring job in your client’s house or in educational centers for JAMB, WAEC or professional studies centers.

#8. Social Media Management

We are in a computer world and the internet is the new gold. This type of business needs you to manage a social media platform for people, brands or organizations, there is a high demand for social media managers by many companies or individuals to drive leads to their business.

What you do for your client is handling their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, you create content, schedule content, analyze and respond to comments in a professional way.

All you need do to get jobs is to contact individuals or brands letting them know your potentials and how you can get them more reach which in turn brings more income and media presence to the client. There are free tools you can use to easily manage the accounts like Hootsuite and tailwind.

Once you are in this field you easily get the opportunities and the brand or company will try to employ you fully, you will have the opportunity to make negotiations on your terms and even get snatched by other bigger brands.

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#9. Blogging

This is what I do for a living, as you can see I am the one writing and publishing for NiajaXtreme, I have other blogs I write and publish for and also I have my own personal blog. You can start a blogging business with as low as 10k in Nigeria if you know what you are doing.

It is also not necessary you own a blog, you can write and publish for people, all you need is to study how other blogs structure their contents, try to give yourself one or two topics and write on them, then view it from the perspective of a visitor to see if you are satisfied with the type of information you have provided.

After doing that, I consider you a skillful blogger, reach out to blogs, go on Niaraland blogging forum threads and look for those who need writers or bloggers then contact them.

If your plan is to start a blog for yourself then you can own one which will be viewed by thousands of people depending on the quality of information you publish. This takes some time before you can be tagged a successful blogger but within a year or two if you are serious with it then you should be a millionaire.

You only need to purchase a hosting and a domain then design your blog by yourself, you can make use of YouTube tutorials to make it easy to create. Should in case you cant create a blog by yourself you can contact us to help you out.

#10. Small Chops Business

This is also one of the businesses you can start with 10k in Nigeria presently. Mind you, this is different from making pastries so it is very easy to make and let me remind you that this is a fast-rising business.

You can make Small chops for events or even make them and sell to people, you can also make it for organizations reception or in offices or other working places for their meetings or celebrations. Small chops can also be made and sold out in schools be it primary, secondary and even higher institutions.

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List of Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With 10K

  • Laundry services
  • Event Planning
  • Data Reseller
  • Second-hand Clothes Selling
  • Perfume Oil Business
  • Home Cleaning
  • Tutoring Business
  • Social Media Management
  • Blogging
  • Small Chops Business
  • Fish Farming
  • Small scale Agro-Businesses
  • Mini Importation
  • Dropshipping
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Fast Food Business
  • Freelance Writing Business
  • Past Questions Sale
  • Crypto-Trading
  • Mobile Car Wash

With the above businesses you can never get it wrong, all you need is dedication and a good relationship with your clients and you are good to go.

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If we have been able to help you one way or the other on the businesses you can start with 10k in Nigeria kindly hit the share button. Also, if you have a contribution or question you can make use of the comment box below.

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