Top 10 Best TV Stations In The World [Newly Updated]

What are the best tv stations in the world? If there is an electronic device that the majority of the population has at home, or anywhere in the house, this is the television.

Many families in our country pay a monthly cable TV subscription, providing these families with a variety of channels, however people who cannot afford cable TV have a variety of open channels from national broadcasters. Below we will list the 10 largest broadcasters in the world.

Top 10 Best TV Stations In The World [Newly Updated]

10 – ESPN

The sports and entertainment network, or better known as ESPN, is an exclusive channel for sports with programming 24 hours a day. The station was founded on September 7, 1979 by Scott Rasmussen and Bill Rasmussen. Currently the channel is present in more than 100 million households within the United States, in addition to being in 150 countries and territories through ESPN internationally.

9 – CCTV (China Central Television)

CCTV is the largest national broadcaster in China, having its foundation on September 02, 1958, the broadcaster is headquartered in the capital Beijing, and belongs to the Ministry of Radio, Television and Film of China. That is, all news presented to the population by the broadcaster is approved by government agencies.

8 – BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation is the most reputable broadcaster both within the UK and abroad. Its credibility around the world is very high, and the British are proud to have it since its foundation in 1922.

7 – CNN

Founded by Time Warner in the 1980s, CNN is the most watched news channel in the United States, and was the first channel in the world to implement a 24-hour live information system. According to speculation that CNN is the third largest broadcaster in the world.

6 – Television

Who doesn’t remember the iconic Mexican soap operas, reproduced by SBT, although their quality for soap operas falls short for Rede Globo’s plots (according to specialists in the subject), television is the channel that most produces soap operas in the world. Its growth in recent years has been small, however it is considered the main broadcaster in Mexico.

5 – Record

Founded by Paulo Machado de Carvalho in 1953, Rede Record de Televisão is the oldest broadcaster in activity in Brazil. In the late 1990s, when it already belonged to the Silvio Santos group, Record was sold to bishop and businessman Edir Macedo. In 2010, the broadcaster was chosen by the advertising market as the eighth largest network in physical structure and the fifth in revenue.

4 – NBC

NBC was acquired by General Electric shortly after its inauguration, today it is considered the fourth largest broadcaster in the world, and in the United States alone it reaches more than 9% of homes. In addition, NBC was the first broadcaster in the world to broadcast its programming in color.

3 – CBS

CBS is owned by the giant Sony, the broadcaster was the second in the world to deploy the system of running images. Currently the network is the second largest in the world and Sony is looking for greater interaction with Americans when watching the channel.

2 – TV Globo

Belonging to the Globo Roberto Marinho Organizations group, the station became the second largest in the world thanks to the Time-Life company, which in the 1950s landed in Brazil in search of partnerships for a television channel. The founder of Editora Abril declined the partnership invitation, with the argument that he did not want to mess with television stations, and so he appointed Roberto Marinho, who at the time had only a small channel. Currently, the Marinho brothers are among the 10 richest men in Brazil.

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1 – ABC

The American Broadcasting Company group is the largest media investor in the United States and makes the broadcaster the largest worldwide. Its headquarters is in downtown New York and is one of several properties owned by the Walt Disney entertainment group. According to information, the broadcaster’s revenue is practically incalculable, as just a few seconds of display at any time costs a small fortune.

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