10 Countries With The Fastest Internet In Africa 2024

Which country in Africa has the fastest internet connection? A slow internet speed can be so frustrating most especially when there is an urgent need to get something done either by surfing or submission of applications online.

Nowadays most things are done online and the government of each country and also private businesses are now tapping into it leveraging on the latest technology to get things done quickly and without stress.

With this technological development, internet speed is a top priority, we have seen in our previous article that top world countries have the best internet speed and this has helped them develop at a faster pace compared to most countries in Africa. Read more about the fastest internet connection in the world below.

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Away from that Africa is known to be less developed and the development rate is so poor but even at that we still have some African countries that have been exceptional.

Most African countries with a fast internet connection are small in size and are also more developed than other African countries, the larger countries are less developed and they have a slower internet connection, you can see the similarities with the top world countries right?

The average internet speed varies from country to country as the smaller, below are what the internet connection and speed depends on:

  • Type of cabling (copper or fiber-optics) that particular country is using, newer technology gives faster internet connection.
  • Closeness to submarine cables, you get a faster connection when close to undersea fiber-optic cables and according to the current report the fiber-optic transmit over 97% of the world’s data.
  • Size matters, the size of the country gives an advantage if small as upgrading cables will be cheaper compared to large countries.
  • The government of the country also determines how fast the internet connection would be, if it is a government that takes investment seriously then definitely priorities will be centered on the accessibility of fast internet connection as this aids growth of a country.
  • Regulatory bodies of each country also determine how fast the internet connection would be eg. throttling of internet bandwidth and also government regulations.

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The Countries With The Fastest Internet In Africa

Below are the top 10 countries with the fastest internet connection in Africa:

RankCountryAverage mbps
1.South Africa19.94
3.Republic of the Congo12.07
6.Burkina Faso10.73
8.Cote D’Ivoire9.54

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