10 Countries With The Slowest Internet In Africa 2024

Which country has the slowest internet speed in Africa? Nothing can be so frustrating as a slow internet connection and this leads us to examine and list the African countries with the slowest internet connection.

Africa is seen as a continent that is behind as far as technology is concerned and this is due to the government operating in various African countries, which contributes to the negative perception of people from other continents about Africa. Africans are good people with great minds but the Africa continent over the years has been unlucky with bad leaders.

Drifting away from the political aspect and back to the topic, fast internet connection is the driving force of top world countries and this is why the economy of those countries is in good shape nevertheless we have some African countries which stood out and are doing great in the technology field.

Countries like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya e.t.c were able to offer fast internet connections and some seem not to be concerned with internet speed.

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Before we list the top 10 countries with the slowest internet connection in Africa these are what internet connection speed depends upon:

  • Type of cabling (copper or fiber-optics) that particular country is using, newer technology gives faster internet connection.
  • Closeness to submarine cables, you get a faster connection when close to undersea fiber-optic cables and according to the current report the fiber-optic transmit over 97% of the world’s data.
  • Size matters, the size of the country gives an advantage if small as upgrading cables will be cheaper compared to large countries.
  • The government of the country also determines how fast the internet connection would be, if it is a government that takes investment seriously then definitely priorities will be centered on the accessibility of fast internet connection as this aids growth of a country.
  • Regulatory bodies of each country also determine how fast the internet connection would be eg. throttling of internet bandwidth and also government regulations.

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The Countries With The Slowest Internet In Africa

Below are the top 10 countries with the fastest internet connection in Africa:

RankCountryAverage mbps
3.Equatorial Guinea1.30
4.South Sudan1.40
9.Sierra Leone2.19

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