10 Countries With The Fastest Internet In The World 2024

Countries with the fastest Internet in the world, is yours among? With 5G just taking off and fiber-optic networks growing more and more, these are the countries with the fastest internet in the world.

The increase in connected devices has accelerated the transformation of ADSL lines to fiber optics. We are surrounded by computers, cell phones, watches, Smart TV and many other devices that require a good Internet connection.

For this, it is essential that countries commit to extensive deployment of fiber optic, not only in large cities but also in rural areas.

Internet, what would our life be without it? The Internet is probably one of the most important technologies today, without the Internet you simply could not be reading this article, and without it, we could not be communicating with our loved ones in these difficult times that we are going through all over the world.

As is customary, every year companies like Speedtest are responsible for launching a study where they publish the connection results of the millions of users who use their application to measure network speed and average upload, download and download speeds, the latency of both mobile networks and local connections.

The country with the fastest mobile network

According to Speedtest, the global average connection speed is 30.47 Mbps download, 10.73 Mbps upload, and latency is 42 ms. However, that speed is far from the metrics recorded by the countries with the fastest connections in the world.

The ranking of the 10 countries with the fastest mobile connection speed is as follows:

  • United Arab Emirates – 83.52 Mbps
  • South Korea – 81.39 Mbps
  • Qatar – 78.38 Mbps
  • China – 73.35 Mbps
  • Canada – 73-16 Mbps
  • Netherlands – 72.10 Mbps
  • Norway – 69.33 Mbps
  • Bulgaria – 65.37 Mbps
  • Australia 63.98 Mbps
  • Croatia – 55.13 Mbps

It is noteworthy that the only country in America that has managed to sneak into the top 10 of the list is Canada, which even dropped one position compared to last year, in fact, most of the top 10 countries dropped one position. with which they reached last year in the same study.

China was the country that grew the most from the top 10, as it climbed 7 positions, while the United Arab Emirates managed to surpass South Korea to position itself as the country with the fastest mobile networks in the world.

How fast are broadband networks?

With regard to the speed of broadband cable networks, the world average was 74.64 Mbps download, 40.07 Mbps upload, and latency was only 24 ms.

The countries with the 10 fastest broadband networks in the world are as follows:

  • Singapore – 197.26 Mbps
  • Hong Kong – 168.99 Mbps
  • Romania – 151.55 Mbps
  • Thailand – 149.95 Mbps
  • Switzerland – 148.24 Mbps
  • Monaco – 138.55 Mbps
  • France – 136.45 Mbps
  • Macau – 134.73 Mbps
  • Sweden – 134.56 Mbps
  • Denmark – 134.13 Mbps

The United States fell 3 positions compared to the previous year, thus remaining in the 11th position with 132.55 Mbps. In the case of Singapore and Hong Kong, both countries maintained the same positions as last year.

In the mobile connectivity part, things are a little better, since Mexico occupies the 64th position in the world, rising 5 positions compared to the previous year and registering a download speed of 27.43 Mbps, 12.64 Mbps upload, and a latency of 48 ms.

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With regard to Latin America, our country is the third country with the best download speed for mobile networks, and it is only surpassed by Jamaica and Uruguay.

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