The 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa [2024]

Some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa have become the most chosen career path in the country. These jobs largely account for the progressive economy of the nation.

The advancements in the technology sector like the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality, and other technological modules have caused an increasing demand in most career paths.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the radical changes in demography and technology can cause a net loss of 5 million jobs. However, some career paths will still be profitable despite the dynamic economy.

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa

The high demands for these jobs and career paths are predominantly seen in the financial, ICT, and medical sectors. So what jobs are in high demand in South Africa? What are the highest paying jobs in the World? We have detailed some suggestions for these pertinent questions in this post.

How To Get A Job Or Career In South Africa

As provisioned by the economic laws, all jobs in South Africa are to be open for South Citizens and International applicants and made clear with advertisements.

Most available jobs in South Africa are published in career search and job search websites like MyJobMag,, and Other classified adverts are placed in Times Live or Mail and Guardian online; which are online publications of South African newspapers

List Of The Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs And Careers In South Africa

The following are some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa:

Software Engineers

These are also professionals in the ICT sector. Software engineering is one of the most lucrative jobs in South Africa. Software Engineers manage and develop designs, and also maintain software programs. These Tech engineers have attained a degree in programming and computer science.

Some of the richest companies in the world major in this sector of the economy. The highest-paid professionals in this industry also have graduate-level degrees and a wealth of professional experience. A Software Engineer earns approximately R1.2 million rand in a year.

IT Managers

IT managers and professionals are in high demand because of the complexity of their job roles. The job of an IT manager includes research, monitoring of operational requirements, technological solutions, and building cost-effective and efficient systems.

IT managers are paid a starting salary of R620,230 per year which may increase as expertise in the profession grows. ICT is the first on the list of high-paying jobs in South Africa. The IT Managers are the big fish in the industry due to the ever-changing and evolving technological sector.


A pilot cannot fly an airplane alone, he has to be flanked by some other pilots despite his level of expertise and experience. The aviation sector is one of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa.

The starting salary of pilots in South Africa (SA) is an average income of R57,983 per month while experienced pilots in South Africa earn R695,800 per annum.

Specialist Doctors

The healthcare industry provides high-end career opportunities. Medical specialists are doctors with advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine. The salary of specialist doctors depends on the specialty of that doctor.

There are varieties of specialty options to choose from in the healthcare sector. Medicine is a very rewarding profession in South Africa with specialist doctors earning about R476,000 to R616,000 per annum.


A lawless society is a city without sin and as a man cannot live without offense, the Lawyers are there to preside over legal matters. Lawyers are consistently needed to settle discrepancies in businesses and as such, they are high in demand.

The salary of lawyers in South Africa is between R643,440 and R655,000 a year. Increasing expertise continues to propel lawyers to some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.


Actuaries examine the potentiality of uncertain events like a hurricane, earthquakes, or other natural disasters to assess the impact, adverse effects, and financial losses. Actuaries though rare, are one of the most needed assets in every company or industry.

An actuary must have a solid foundation in liability management, asset management, business, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of the dynamism of human behavioral patterns. Experienced Actuaries in South Africa earn 598,055 per annum and thus one of the high-paying jobs in South Africa.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineers is a skilled professional course in the engineering sector and is an agglomeration of innovation and exploration skills. Investors in petroleum engineering are rated to have the richest companies in Africa due to the extent of wealth that this sector pools into the national GDP.

It is, therefore, one of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa. The career path requires commitment and dedication. The salary of a petroleum engineer in South Africa is R572,600 per annum.

Chartered Accountants

On the list of top jobs in South Africa, Chartered accountancy is rated among the top ten. Chartered Accountancy is a discipline that requires substantial discipline and commitment. A career path in chartered accountancy spans a minimum of four years of academic study and another three years of practical training for full certification as a chartered accountant.

The average salary of a chartered accountant in South Africa is R434,191 per annum thus the monthly salary of a chartered accountant in South Africa is R36,183 per month, making the career path one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

Management Consultant

Management Consultants are the analysts in any organization. They analyze raw data and trends which can be used to predict consumer behavior, and existing organizational issues and also to provide feedback for developmental improvement. Every business functions effectively with the data delivered to its sources.

That is why the richest women in South Africa are commonly found investing in this industry. Management consultants are very high in demand in South African companies. The average earnings of a management consultant are very rich and amount to a figure between R392,000 rand and R672,000 per annum, making it of the highest-paying career paths in South Africa.

Air Traffic Controller

Most people may think that air traffic controllers are insignificant personnel in the aviation industry, however, they are one of the booming careers in South Africa. Air Traffic Controllers ensure that aircraft are properly coordinated before landing or taking off.

This is one of the very stressful jobs in South Africa, but it is also one of the high-paying jobs in South Africa with a promised yearly earning of R583,450.

Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa FAQs

What jobs are in high demand in South Africa?

Software Engineers and IT Professionals are highly in demand due to the rising global innovations.

What are the highest paying jobs in the World?

Anesthesiologists earn the highest salaries in the world according to sources on the US news. The entry-level, qualification, and years of experience largely determine the salary of these anesthesiologists.

How much is an Engineer paid in South Africa?

A Mechanical Engineer in South Africa earns an average salary of R 466,662 in a year; South African civil engineers earn an average salary of R326,150; an automotive engineer earns between R26,922 and R43,333 per month.


The highest paying jobs in South Africa have driven a lot of people to pursue a career path with the primary purpose of earning a living. It is important that while choosing a career path that is high in demand, also try to engage yourself in a job that you find passionate doing.

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