How To Track Your MoneyGram Transfer [MoneyGram Tracking]

How can I track my MoneyGram transfer? Do you wish to learn how to do MoneyGram tracking? This is a comprehensive guide on how to track your MoneyGram transfer and other important transactions on the international payment platform.

What is MoneyGram

MoneyGram is an international payment company that is based in the US. The popular money transfer company which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas is known for sending and receiving money around the globe. It is widely used as it is fast, reliable, and can work anywhere in the world.

MoneyGram Tracking: How To Track Your MoneyGram Transfer

With many of its offices littered around the world, you can send money using MoneyGram to any bank online, through the app, cash, MoneyGram agent, and so on. Apart from the money transfer which makes the company widely known, it also offers other services like money orders, bill payments, and so on.

To perform any of these transactions, all you need to do is to sign up on the MoneyGram website or app and then perform the transactions. This means you have to create an account with them, sign in and perform the transaction. Find below some of the services rendered by MoneyGram.

1. Money Transfer to Bank Account

You can do a MoneyGram transfer directly to a bank account anywhere in the world. All you need is to find a MoneyGram agent or visit their official website and obtained the transfer form. Fill in the details of the receiver including the full name, bank account number, bank account name, and location.

Once you are done, you will receive a tracking number that can be used to track your MoneyGram transfer anywhere.

2. Money Transfer to Mobile Wallet

Also, there is an allowance to transfer money to a mobile wallet instead of a bank account. Instead of the receiver bank account details, what you need this time around is the receiver number, International dial code, and other details.

Many MoneyGram users in Kenya, Tanzania, Romania, Zimbabwe, and other countries used this to find different mobile wallets including Econet, M-Pesa, and others.

3. Money Order

Money Order is another service rendered by MoneyGram where you send cash to someone through the company instead of a transfer. The money transfer company helps to transport the cash after filling out the necessary form through post offices to the receiver.

How Long Does MoneyGram Hold Money for a Pickup?

It is very important to note the day you perform your transaction as this can be used to track your transaction. At most, after 2 weeks your money should have been received by the receiver. But if not, you can request for refund by filing a claim card or request for a photocopy.

How To Track Your MoneyGram Transfer

How can I track my MoneyGram transfer? As said earlier, tracking your transaction is easy to do. All you need is the transaction ID number that is given after the transaction. The 8 digits tracking ID number or authorization number is sent to the e-mail of the sender with other details after completing the transaction.

With just your last name and the authorization number, you can track the progress of your transaction. Follow these steps to track your MoneyGram transfer.

  1. Visit the MoneyGram official website:
  2. Input your Authorization number and last name appropriately
  3. Click on the track button
  4. And your transaction progress will be displayed.

Note: Both the sender and the receiver can track the transaction. All the sender needs to do is share the details with the receiver.

Once you track your MoneyGram transfer, below are the stages of progress you may see. MoneyGram transaction progress is usually in 4 stages which include;

  • Pending; If after tracking your MoneyGram transfer, it is saying pending. It means you are yet to complete the transaction and need to do that.
  • In Progress; During this stage, you have sent the money but it is still being transferred to the receiver.
  • Complete; When you track your MoneyGram transfer and it read ‘complete’, it means the cash is ready to be picked up at the receiver’s location.
  • Picked Up; This shows the receiver has already received the money and it shows at the end of every successful transaction.

MoneyGram Contact Number and Details

Do you have any complaints about your recent transaction? You can contact MoneyGram via their e-mail address or number.

MoneyGram Contact Number: +1-347-696-1234
E-mail address: [email protected]

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More About MoneyGram Tracking

With the MoneyGram tracker, you can know the progress of your transaction. Fortunately, it is easy to track your MoneyGram transfer, especially with this guide.

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