The 50 Most Populous Counties In The United States [2024 Updated]

What are the most populous counties in the United States currently? There are more than 3,000 counties in the United States, yet more than half of the US population lives in just 143, mostly concentrated on the east and west coasts. The population pattern of the United States is similar to that of the rest of the world, with larger populations on the coast than in the interior.

The most populous counties in the United States are usually located in large cities and major ports. By contrast, the least populated counties are found mostly in landlocked areas, on the Great Plains, and in deserts.

More than half of the US population is concentrated in 4.6% of counties.

The 50 Most Populous Counties In The United States

Los Angeles County, the most populous in the United States

More than 10 million people live in Los Angeles County, where up to 88 cities are located, including the city of Los Angeles, whose population is 4 million. The city of Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the country, only surpassed by New York.

Los Angeles County alone is home to more than a quarter of the total population of the state of California.

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Without further ado, let us reveal to you the most populous counties in the United States.

The Most Populous Counties In The United States

1.Los Angeles CountyCalifornia10,014,009
2.Cook CountyIllinois5,275,541
3.Harris CountyTexas4,731,145
4.Maricopa CountyArizona4,420,568
5.San Diego CountyCalifornia3,298,634
6.Orange CountyCalifornia3,186,989
7.Kings CountyNY2,736,074
8.Miami-Dade CountyFlorida2,701,767
9.Dallas CountyTexas2,613,539
10.Riverside CountyCalifornia2,418,185
11.Queens CountyNY2,405,464
12.King CountyWashington2,269,675
13.Clark CountySnowfall2,265,461
14.San Bernardino CountyCalifornia2,181,654
15.Tarrant CountyTexas2,110,640
16.Bexar CountyTexas2,009,324
17.Broward CountyFlorida1,944,375
18.Santa Clara CountyCalifornia1,936,259
19.Wayne CountyMichigan1,793,561
20.New York CountyNY1,694,251
21.Alameda CountyCalifornia1,682,353
22.Middlesex CountyMassachusetts1,632,002
23.Philadelphia CountyPennsylvania1,603,797
24.Sacramento CountyCalifornia1,585,055
25.Suffolk CountyNY1,525,920
26.Palm Beach CountyFlorida1,492,191
27.Bronx CountyNY1,472,654
28.Hillsborough CountyFlorida1,459,762
29.Orange CountyFlorida1,429,908
30.Nassau CountyNY1,395,774
31.Franklin CountyOhio1,323,807
32.Travis CountyTexas1,290,188
33.Hennepin CountyMinnesota1,281,565
34.Oakland CountyMichigan1,274,395
35.Cuyahoga CountyOhio1,264,817
36.Allegheny CountyPennsylvania1,250,578
37.Salt Lake CountyUtah1,185,238
38.Contra Costa CountyCalifornia1,165,927
39.Fairfax countyVirginia1,150,309
40.Wake CountyNorth Carolina1,129,410
41.Mecklenburg CountyNorth Carolina1,115,482
42.Fulton CountyGeorgia1,066,710
43.Collin CountyTexas1,064,465
44.Montgomery CountyMaryland1,062,061
45.Pima CountyArizona1,043,433
46.Honolulu CountyHawaii1,016,508
47.Fresno CountyCalifornia1,008,654
48.Westchester CountyNY1,004,457
49.St Louis CountyMissouri1,004,125
50.Duval CountyFlorida995,567

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