Meet Josephine Edochie [Pete Edochie Wife]: Bio, Net Worth, Age & Facts

Josephine Edochie is the wife of the legendary Nollywood actor Pete Edochie, in today’s article, you will know more about Josephine Edochie biography, Josephine Edochie net worth, Josephine Edochie age, her career, family, love life, and other hidden information about Pete Edochie wife Josephine Edochie.

It seems to be a common thing with celebrities as their spouse is not always that popular except for a few of them, same applicable to Pete Edochie’s wife, she is a person who naturally doesn’t fancy social life, Josephine Edochie prefer to live a quiet life and this has been the reason why much curiosities is being raised about her as people really want to know her better.

Meet Josephine Edochie [Pete Edochie Wife]: Bio, Net Worth, Age & Facts

The fact that most Nigerians and movie lovers have been asking to know who Pete Edochie’s wife is has prompted us to come up with a comprehensive post about her and reveal hidden facts about Pete Edochie’s wife.

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Before we jump into Josephine Edochie biography and net worth it will make sense to show you brief profile details of Josephine Edochie.

Josephine Edochie Profile

Full Name:Josephine Edochie
Date of birth/AgeN/A
Native language:Igbo
State of Origin:Anambra State
Marital to:Pete Edochie
Children:6 (5 males, 1 female)
Occupation:Lawyer, Broadcaster, Announcer & Businesswoman

Now that you have some information about her it will interest you to know more about her. Continue reading this piece to know about Josephine Edochie biography, Josephine Edochie net worth, Josephine Edochie marriage to Pete Edochie, her children, her career, and so on.

Early Life

Josephine Edochie was born in Anambra State in the South Eastern region of Nigeria, she is an Igbo woman who is well exposed to Igbo cultural and moral values as she is well brought up in the African way.

A lot of her early life information is not made available for the media which makes Josephine Edochie age and her date of birth unknown to the public.

One thing that is very certain is that Josephine Edochie is well educated and this is made known because of her career and her exposure reflects in all she does.


Josephine Edochie’s career made her who she is today, it wouldn’t have made a difference even if she didn’t get married to a celebrity.

Information gathered from various online sources made it known to us that Josephine Edochie is a professional lawyer, a broadcaster, announcer and also a successful businesswoman.

Josephine Edochie Marriage

Josephine Edochie is happily married to her heartthrob the popular Nollywood veteran Pete Edochie. They have been married for over 50 years and this is considered as one of the longest in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

The two lovebirds were workmates in the broadcasting industry and that was how they got to know each other and they got married at an early age.

Josephine Edochie Marriage and Family
Josephine Edochie family picture

Their marriage is also blessed with everything couples could wish for and they are also blessed with wonderful children who are doing fine in their different career paths of which one of them is well known “Yul Edochie” who happens to be a Nollywood top-rated actor and the last born of the family and also another known as Linc Edochie.

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Josephine Edochie and her husband Pete Edochie are blessed with six children, 5 males and 1 female and their names go thus from the eldest to the youngest;

  • Leo Edochie
  • Uche Edochie
  • Linc Edochie
  • Gene Edochie
  • A daughter whose name isn’t made available to the public domain
  • Yul Edochie

Josephine Edochie Husband

We already have a well-written article on Josephine Edochie’s husband’s biography and net worth which also features his age, career, worth, children, wife and other important information about his family, a link to that will be placed after this quick recap of Pete Edochie.

Pete Edochie was born on the 7th, March 1947 and he had a very fast childhood as he was able to achieve a lot and financially stable in his 20s. He got married to his wife Josephine Edochie at a very young age and his career is good enough to inspire young Nigerians.

Full Biography Of Pete Edochie & Net Worth
Pete Edochie – Husband to Josephine Edochie Marriage

Pete Edochie is a veteran in the Nigerian movie industry, he is a good role model to which upcoming actors and actresses in Nigeria are looking up to.

He is one of the most popular actors in Nigeria with numerous awards to his name both locally and internationally. It will sound strange for a Nigerian or African to claim her or she doesn’t know who Pete Edochie is as his name is now a household name in Nigeria and beyond.

Pete Edochie’s career started when he was featured in an NTA adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s novel titled “Things Fall Apart” which is known to be an all-time best-selling novel, he acted the role of Okonkwo.

Below we have listed some of Pete Edochie’s movies:

  1. Heavy Battle (2008)
  2. Test Your Heart (2008)
  3. Greatest Harvest (2007)
  4. Secret Pain (2007)
  5. Fair Game (2006)
  6. Holy Cross (2006)
  7. Lacrima (2006)
  8. Living with Death (2006)
  9. Never End (2005)
  10. No More War (2005)
  11. Price of Ignorance (2005)
  12. Across the Niger (2004)
  13. Coronation (2004)
  14. Above Death: In God We Trust (2003)
  15. Arrows (2003)
  16. Billionaires Club (2003)
  17. Egg of Life (2003)
  18. Honey (2003)
  19. Love & Politics (2003)
  20. Miserable Wealth (2003)
  21. Holy Ghost Fire (2001)
  22. Terrible Sin (2001)
  23. Oduduwa (2000)
  24. Set-Up (2000)
  25. Chain Reaction (1999)
  26. Lost Kingdom (1999)
  27. Narrow Escape (1999)
  28. Living in darkness (1999)
  29. Rituals (1997)
  30. “Things Fall Apart” (1987) TV series

You can read more about Pete Edochie in the below-recommended link to know more about this great living icon.

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Rita Edochie and Pete Edochie Relationship

Is Rita Edochie married to Pete Edochie? Is Rita Edochie the daughter of Pete Edochie? Is Rita Edochie the wife of Pete Edochie? All these questions have been keeping the internet space bubbling as people want to know the relationship between the two.

Rita Edochie
Rita Edochie

The popular Nollywood actress has denounced the rumor that she is Pete Edochie’s wife in an interview and it is also made known that she is not Pete Edochie’s daughter.

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They only bare the same surname because she is married to Pete Edochies’s younger brother who goes by the name “Tony Edochie” and it is important to clear the air on that even though according to Igbo tradition she is considered as Pete Edochie wife but not a direct wife but the wife of his younger brother.

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