The 10 Best Restaurants in the World 2024

For yet another year, the prestigious gastronomic contest The World’s 50 Best Restaurants has drawn up a new classification to assess the best restaurants in the world.

In order to list out the best restaurants in the world, the opinions of more than 1,000 international experts in the restoration industry from 26 different regions around the world have been collected. 

Each region has 40 expert members such as food writers and critics, chefs, restaurateurs and traveling foodies.

10 Best Restaurants in the World

Below we make a gastronomic tour through the 10 best restaurants:

1. Noma, Copenhagen

Noma, Copenhagen: The best restaurant in the world

At the top of the ranking, the one rated as the best restaurant in the world is Noma, located in Copenhagen. As its name suggests (Noma is an acronym for “Nordisk mad”, ie “Nordic food”), the restaurant offers modern Danish cuisine, always using local ingredients.

Noma completely changes its menu depending on the season. For example, its autumn meat is the most prominent ingredient, accompanied by vegetables, mushrooms, berries, and, in short, everything a forest can offer. On the other hand, when the colder months arrive, that is, during winter and early spring, the menu will focus on seafood.

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2. Geranium, Copenhagen

Geranium, Copenhagen - Best Restaurants in the World

The second place falls again in the Danish capital, this time in the Geranium restaurant. Here the aim is for the customer to live a multisensory experience, with menus that change according to the season and are inspired by nature. In addition, the location of the restaurant, overlooking the Fæltparken gardens, allows you to observe the passing of the seasons from the place.

Among its dishes, we can find ingredients such as Osetra caviar, marbled hake or rygeost cheese. All of this is plated with impressive detail, like a piece of edible art.

3. Asador Etxebarri (Spain)

Asador Etxebarri (Spain)

In third place of the best restaurants in the world is Etxebari Steakhouse, a Spanish restaurant closes the podium, the Asador Etxebari in the Biscayan municipality of Atxondo. The philosophy of the restaurant is to maintain the ancestral techniques for cooking using fire, wood, and embers, all scented with smoke.

The grill takes advantage of all the products that nature offers around it, which is why the menu varies daily according to market products, such as chorizo, anchovies, buffalo cheese or a variety of fish. In this way, its ingredients are always fresh and its dishes surprising.

4. Central, Lima

Central, Lima - best restaurants in the world

The fourth position is Central, in the city of Lima. This restaurant offers contemporary Peruvian cuisine using local ingredients from both the sea and the land, such as squid and scallops or pork and goat.

One of Central’s key points is that it introduces unknown products from the gastronomy of Peru’s indigenous peoples into its dishes, such as cushuro (an edible cyanobacterium), pirarucú fish, or arracacha (a tuber).

5. Enjoy, Barcelona

Enjoy, Barcelona - best restaurants in the world

Fifth place is occupied by another Spanish restaurant, in this case, Enjoy in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood. The menu offers different options for tasting menus with dishes such as the multi-spherical pesto or the panchino filled with caviar and sour cream.

The establishment follows an authentically Mediterranean aesthetic, with ceramics as the common thread of the interior space. Thus, it is inspired by the city of Barcelona itself, in the slabs of the Ninot Market, in the colors of Miró’s ceramics and the small fishing villages.

6. Frantzen, Stockholm

Frantzen, Stockholm

At Frantzen, in the Swedish capital, the experience goes beyond gastronomy. In an immersive way, the client is immersed in the design of the establishment through a tour of its architecture and its elements such as ceramics or glassware.

And how could it be otherwise? the dishes are up to the task of this immersive experience. While touring the place, diners will try Frantzen’s cuisine, a mix between both classic and modern Nordic cuisine, with Asian cuisine. Thus, we can find everything from scallops or lobsters to myoga (Japanese ginger) or maitake (a type of mushroom).

7. Maido, Lima

Maido, Lima

We return to the city of Lima, this time at the hands of Maido, a Nikkei food restaurant. This type of cuisine combines Peruvian and Japanese gastronomy, a culinary tradition with more than a century of history.

Maido’s menu focuses on a twelve-course tasting menu where seafood is the protagonist. For example, we find Paracas scallops with green beans and miso accompanied with dishi crab and tapiocas. But in the same way, its meat dishes are just as succulent, such as the beef cheek with tsukemono (a pickled vegetable) jora corn.

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8. Odette, Singapore

Odette, Singapore

Odette is a modern French restaurant marked by seasonal products, local ingredients and artisan techniques. And although its main focus is French cuisine, it also drinks from Asian cuisine.

On the menu, you can try dishes such as the smoked egg with rosemary with smoked potato siphon and chorizo, or the prawn tartar with a cloud of mussels and Kristal caviar. The composition of the dishes is an essential element at Odette, which is why they always look for the visual beauty of the ingredients.

9. Pujol, Mexico City

Pujol, Mexico City

In Mexico City we find Pujol, a restaurant with the most authentic Mexican food. Its menu is divided into two tasting menus that cover the country’s culinary tradition through innovative techniques and surprising ingredients.

Some of their dishes are steamed gordita with leek and coconut; the tuna toast with avocado and kimchi; the sea bass ceviche with cacahuazintle juice (a variety of corn) and yuzu; the huitlacoche taco (a corn fungus) with truffle and epazote, or the mushroom consommé with tomato and wakame seaweed.

10. The Chairman, Hong Kong

The Chairman, Hong Kong

The top ten closes with The Chairman in the city of Hong Kong. This restaurant seeks to continue the legacy and go through the 2,000-year history of Cantonese cuisine, based mainly on the freshness of its ingredients. For this reason, at The Chairman they use local and traditional products.

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Among its star dishes we can find smoked pigeon with Longjing tea and chrysanthemum, wild clams sautéed with basil and chili jam made with oxtail, and chicken with soy sauce seasoned with herbs. In addition, to ensure the freshness of the ingredients, The Chairman’s team goes to the local markets every morning in search of the best products.

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