Top 10 Richest African Rappers 2024: (Forbes Ranking)

Who are the wealthiest African rappers currently? The rap industry has been a very successful one though it is one of the most difficult as we have few people who are into it.

Also, the rate at which we are having content from African rappers is increasing day by day, this can be a form of motivation for others who are contemplating starting a career as a rapper.

The most motivating part of it is that there is money in this music genre and a rapper tends to have collaboration with international stars more quickly than a singer. You must have seen a lot of rappers in Africa being featured on music from top stars in the West.

Once you are an established rapper your success knows no bounds as even at your old age you will still have contents to dish out.

All being said, Africa is a continent blessed with a lot of talent, rap has been a thing Africans are very good at even going beyond the shores of Africa, taking a look at African-Americans you still see raps in their DNA and they move the rap industry Abroad.

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Top 10 Richest African Rappers
10 Richest African Rappers

A lot of Africans and African-Americans have amassed wealth for themselves from rap alone, though our focus on this article is the top 10 richest African rappers this year and we have compiled their list in a table. See below for the top ten richest rappers in Africa.

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Top 10 Richest African Rappers 2024

RatingNameCountryNet Worth
1.AKASouth Africa$12 million
2.OlamideNigeria$11 million
3.PhynoNigeria$10 million
M.I Abaga
Nigeria$8 million
5.SarkodieGhana$7 million
6.Die AntwoordSouth Africa$5 million
7.FalzNigeria$4.1 million
8.Ice PrinceNigeria$4 million
9.Cassper NyovestSouth Africa$3 million
10.YceeNigeria$1.5 million

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