10 Largest Textile Companies In The World [2024]

What are the largest textile industries in the World? The world’s textile industry is dominated by huge players with big competition, despite the rivalry, there are many top textile companies in the world maintaining their stand and raising their heads high.

These companies are not only the best in their chosen field, but they have also mastered the art of producing and distributing quality textiles and clothing to different customers.

10 Largest Textile Companies In The World

Today, we will be looking at the top 10 largest textiles companies in the world and the type of fashion products they deal with.

Top 10 Largest Textiles Companies in the World

1. Arvind Limited

Arvind is one of the largest textile industries in the world. The fashion company which was established in the city of Ahmedabad in India has grown to be the flagship company of Lalbhai. It was established in 1931 and its headquarters is located in Naroda and Gujarat in India.

Being one of the largest textile industries in India and the world at large, it is known for the distribution of unique and trendy styles, fine fabrics, and other related products including Denim, Jeans, Kut wear, Shirtings, and so on.

Apart from being one of the key players in the textile world, the fashion company also extends its resources to Agriculture, Engineering, and other fields. Some of the company owned by Arvind includes Flying Machine and New ports. They also owned licenses for multinational brands like Arrow, Lee, Wrangler, Cherokee, and so on

2. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins which is one of the largest fashion companies in the world deals with selling branded clothes and fashion products. This is including sleepwear products and collections eg lingerie, tights, and other attractive outfits.

Due to the consistent production of quality products, the UK-based fashion company and retailer has succeeded in captivating many women’s hearts. Their quality clothes are suitable for different classes and categories of women.

The company also uses social sites to bridge the gap between them and their customers. With the aid of their company’s official online shopping sites, they reach various customers across the UK and worldwide. They also offer home delivery services. Hence, with all these amazing and quality services, they are looked upon as one of the biggest fashion companies in the world.

3. Bonjay Dyeing

Bonjay Dyeing is also one of the largest textile companies in the world as well as a key player in the Indian textile industry. The Indian flagship company was established in 1879 by the Bombay Presidency and is currently owned by the Whadia group.

Unlike Arvind limited, they focused on beautifying homes with different colors and styles. Their products are suitable for customization of the living room, washroom, dining hall, and virtually everywhere around the house. Some of their products include blankets, Curtains, comforters, bed sheets, linens, and so on.

4. Aigle

Aigle was established by Hiram Hutchison, an American businessman in 1853. The French company focuses on footwear and other related textile products producing various types of footwear and shoes for different purposes.

Some of their products include Paper winter jackets, leathered jumper, long warm Parker, and so on. Like all other largest textile companies in the world mentioned earlier, they also offer online shopping services to customers who want to buy virtually. They also offer delivery services to customers who bought goods via their shopping sites as well.

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The company has expanded since its establishment in 1853 by selling its majority ownership to the Swiss group in 2005. They also had over 56 stores in Asia, 61 stores in France, and 14 stores in Europe summing up to over 131 stores worldwide.

5. Admiral Sportwear

The list of the top largest textile company in the world won’t be completed without mentioning Admiral Sportwear, an English sportswear company.

Admiral Sportwear which was established in 1944 started as an undergarments brand in 1914 before switching to sportswear fully. The manufacturing sportswear company focused on football initially sponsoring different teams before diverting to other sports including cricket and so on.

No doubt, the Admiral sportswear company with its various and quality sportswear products produced over the years remains one of the best and largest textile industries in the world.

6. Canterbury of New Zealand

Canterbury of New Zealand is quite popular among sports lovers. With its unique tagline ” Committed to the Same”, it serves as one of the biggest fashion companies in the world to different categories of customers.

The sports clothing company was established in 1904 and since then it has succeeded in carving out a niche for itself surpassing other competitors in the industries. No wonder, it’s thought to be one of the largest fashion companies in the world.

Though, during its early age, the company focused more on selling clothes on Rugby football using sponsoring of different teams techniques. But not anymore, they have diversified into sponsoring and selling clothing for different sport games. Since then, they have also sponsored different cricket teams to different parts of the world including Georgia, England, and so on.

7. Bruno Banani

This German-based fashion textile company focused on different areas of interest left by others. They mainly focus on the production and distribution of textile products including belts, wallets, handbags, perfumes, shoulders, and so on.

They deal with the production of different Eco-friendly textile products for customers whether male or female. Since its establishment in 1993 at Chemnitz. Bruno Banani has risen to one of the biggest and largest textile companies in the world. You can learn more about one of the biggest fashion companies in the world by visiting brunobanani.com.

8. Ashworth

Ashworth was established in California but was later acquired by Taylormade Adidas. The United state based clothing brand focuses on producing golf-related products for players initially. They later change tactics of production to both traditional clothing and modern ones.

Since its growth from selling golf base goods by using golf players as ambassadors, they have moved to designing and producing different clothing materials. This includes T-shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, Cardigans, Polo shirts, Shorts, Coats, Jeans, Hoodies, and so on.

Ashworth didn’t get to be one of the top largest textile companies in the world by luck. It has been led and directed by different goal-oriented leaders using different strategies to remain afloat.

9. Core Mills Corporation

Core mills corporation is one of the leading and largest fashion companies in the world. The fashion company was previously the owner of Asheville cotton in Minoeola and Johwelf textile, an American spring company. These companies were later acquired by W.L Ross.

The Germany based-company is currently the largest producer of Denim in the world. Since its establishment in 1895 in Carolina, it has focused more on the production and distribution of quality fabrics and Denim for its various consumers.

10. Cotton Corporation of India

The last on our list of the top 10 largest textile companies in the world is the Cotton Corporation of India. This textile company is owned and managed by the India Government through the Unit of textile in the country.

They largely focused on trading textiles including importing and exporting cotton and cotton products across different nations.

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More About The Largest Textile Companies in the World

Even though there are many other top largest textile companies in the world like the Barking Irons, the Beximco, the Bluebird Blanket, the Airness, and so on. The above-mentioned top largest textile industries in the world are also one of the best. They make the list because of their previous record in producing and distributing the best textile products.

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