25 Most Populous Countries In The World [2024 Updated]

The world population continues to grow, but at its slowest level in decades. In the year 1950 the population of the planet was 2,518,630,000 (2.5 billion) people. 20 years later, 3.692 million people were exceeded. In the year 2000, 6 billion people were reached. Currently, the world population exceeds 7.990 million inhabitants.

According to the latest records and estimates, China is the most populous country in the world with more than 1.4 billion people. From the 50s there was a rapid growth of the country’s population. 

25 Most Populous Countries In The World

This uncontrolled growth resulted in the creation of strict birth policies, even limiting the number of children per couple. China’s population continues to grow, but the measures have helped keep this growth much more controlled.

The Most Populous Countries In The World

1. China – 1.423 million inhabitants

Located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, China is the most populous country in Asia and the world with 1,423,783,686 (1,423 million) inhabitants. China alone is home to about a fifth of the world’s entire population.

However, the country’s historical growth trend may be coming to an end.

As early as 2019, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences predicted that the population would peak in 2029, at 1.44 billion. The United Nations report on population prospects for 2019 predicted that the peak would be reached even later, in 2031-32, at 1.46 billion.

The team from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences forecasts an average annual decline of 1.1% from 2021, which will cause the Chinese population to drop to 587 million in 2100, less than half of what it is today.

The main reason behind this prediction is that China’s total fertility rate drops from 1.15 to 1.1 by 2030, and stays that way until 2100.

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The Chinese government recently announced that married couples could have up to 3 children, with the aim of alleviating the aging of the country. Between 1979 and 2015, only one child was allowed in China. In 2016 it was decided to expand to two children.

2. India – 1.411 million inhabitants

The opposite case to China is that of India. The country has experienced tremendous population growth in recent years and according to forecasts, next year it could overtake China as the world’s most populous country.

The combined population of both countries will represent about 38% of all the inhabitants of the planet.

According to estimates, by 2050 India will have 1.66 billion people, dwarfing its giant Asian neighbor, which will be left behind with a mere 1.31 billion.

The UN report updated calls for population control in India, where some 67,000 babies were born a day last year, compared with 27,000 in China.

3. United States – 329 million inhabitants

The United States is the most populous country in America, despite this, and like most developed countries, the country’s demographic forecasts are not good. Estimates from the US government itself predict that the population will reach 404 million inhabitants in 2060, but with a high percentage of the aging population.

By 2060, 94 million people will be 65 years or older in the country, 23% of the total population. Currently, this demographic group represents 15% of the total.

4. Indonesia – 273 million inhabitants

Indonesia is located between the continents of Asia and Oceania. The country has 273,525,568 (273 million) inhabitants.

5. Pakistan – 220 million inhabitants

Pakistan, with its capital in Islamabad, is located in the south of the Asian continent. The country’s population is 220,865,318 (216 million) inhabitants.

6. Brazil – 211 million inhabitants

Brazil is the most populous country in South America. The population of the country is 211 249 527 (211 million) people.

7. Nigeria – 206 million inhabitants

Nigeria, with its capital in Abuja, is the most populous country in Africa. Nigeria has 206,139,589 (206 million) inhabitants.

8. Bangladesh – 164 million inhabitants

Bangladesh is a country located in the south of the Asian continent. Its population is 164,646,161 (163 million) people. It is also the most densely populated country among the most inhabited in the world.

9. Russia – 145 million inhabitants

Russia is the most populous country in Europe with 145,872,256 (145 million) inhabitants. However, among the ten most populous countries in the world, Russia is the only one with a negative growth rate.

10. Mexico – 127 million inhabitants

Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world with  127,575,529 (127 million) inhabitants.

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Complete List

#CountryContinentPopulation (in millions)
16.Democratic Republic of CongoAfrica89.5
21.United KingdomEurope67.5
25.South AfricaAfrica59.3

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