The 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World 2024

There are travelers who embark on an adventure without caring about the destination. However, I like you to be safe on your trips, and that is why I want to talk to you about which are the most dangerous countries in the world, not only to live in, but also to travel.

Fine-tuning your caution, following the recommendations of local people, reading and learning well before going to a destination and, above all, being careful, can help you enormously when you enter rough terrain. 

In this list of the most dangerous countries in the world, you will find information on why they are part of this list. In case you can’t resist the desire to travel there and meet them, at least you are as safe as possible.

The 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Based on data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Global Peace Index published by the Institute of Economics and Peace, I present below the most dangerous countries in the world to travel to and also the safest. Of course, there may be exceptions and destinations that you miss, but broadly speaking, this would be the most realistic list.

This time, we get serious, because although it hurts us, there are many countries in the world where, unfortunately, it is not safe to live or walk the streets. Much less travel, Political conflicts, discrepancies between races, religions, insecurity in the streets, violence, wars, banditry… There are many reasons that have led countries and peoples to confront each other throughout history and, that is, today, which continues to make some cities and corners of the universe remain desolate.

But I’m not only going to talk to you about dangerous countries, because, of course, there are also very safe countries to live in and  I think it’s appropriate for you to get to know them. 

In addition, if you have been thinking about going on a solo trip for some time, do not hesitate to read this list thoroughly, and prevent yourselves from choosing the destinations that I indicate below, or what is the same, the most dangerous countries in the world.

The 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World


The country we see the most in the news is the first on this list. The Civil War in which the country is involved has made almost all of its territory a place where violence is present in the streets and it is totally unsafe to inhabit it. Thousands of people flee to other countries in search of refuge and safety, as political instability affects the daily life of its population. It is the first of the most dangerous countries in the world, so it is better to put a cross on the map.


The political instability present in the country since the United States operated in the country has caused tens of thousands of deaths in recent years. Today, terrorism, fatalities among the civilian population and political corruption mark the day-to-day life of the country.

South Sudan

This country, independent from Sudan since 2011, has suffered a wave of internal conflicts, where ethnic violence is the norm. That is why the number of victims is not small, and there have been hundreds of thousands of displaced people.


After almost nine years of war, and since 2011, Iraq has suffered from the presence of the Islamic State, which has taken a large area of ​​the country under its command and which rules the pace of Iraqi life. Mosul and Tikrit are the areas most affected by this event, but instability is present throughout the territory.


With a civil war that began in 1991, but has not yet written an end point, the African country lives mired in constant conflict. With hundreds of thousands of victims so far, it is a destination that is not recommended to travel or live in, because violent conflicts are present in the streets.


Seventeen years of war for the First Sudanese Civil War, a coup, another twenty-two years in the Second Sudanese Civil War, ethnic, religious, economic conflicts, support for the use of Arab militias and other factors have led this country to form mandatory part of this list. Since 2003, thousands of people have been displaced and killed, especially in the Darfur area, as a result of the conflict.

Central African Republic

Another country affected by religious conflict is the Central African Republic. In this case, the Muslim and Christian factions have clashed in recent years, which has led to a situation of total instability and insecurity, where violence rules the lives of many citizens, and where ethnic cleansing has been carried out.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Another African country that presents an unstable situation due to armed conflicts. Here, the worst areas are the Pool region, the border regions, and the areas between Brazzaville and Pointe Noire. Of course, if you can avoid traveling to the country, better than better, because it is not safe. But nothing!


One of the Asian countries with the greatest inequality among its inhabitants is Pakistan. But not only that, and it is a country where violence, terrorism, corruption, illiteracy and poverty rule. The risk of violence for tourists is very high, so don’t play it.

North Korea

Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship does not catch us off guard. It is one of the countries that appears continuously in the media, and it is that the violations of freedom and human rights are repeated every day. Life is conditioned by the dictator, who decides at will.

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