NCC Salary Structure 2024 – Nigerian Communications Commission

What is the current salary of NCC? Have you ever wondered how much the level 8 entry workers of NCC earned? This article contains the full NCC salary structure scale, the organization’s various departments, functions, and so on.

About The Nigerian Communications Commission

The Nigeria Communications Commission is one of the most reputable government agencies leading the information communication and technology space. It is the National regulatory authority body for the Nigerian telecommunication industry.

NCC Salary Structure - Nigerian Communications Commission

The agency which was authorized in 1992 is saddled with regulation activities in the Nigeria telecom industry. This includes overseeing the supply of telecom services and facilities, maintenance of standards as well as authorizing new telecom operators. NCC focuses on using ICT to foster national growth and development.

With over 21 departments, the governmental organization is one of the highest paying government agencies in Nigeria. NCC’s mission is to support a market-driven Communications industry and promote universal access. While the organization’s vision is to be a responsive, world-class communications regulatory organization. Creating an information-rich environment, the commission prides itself on 3 principles that it uses in performing its responsibilities. The 3 guiding principles include Fair, Firm, and Forthright.

List of NCC Salary Structure Scale

The NCC Nigeria salary structure scale like all other government agencies salary scale depends on the level of expertise and experience. This is to say they pay their staff according to their grades and years of service in the job as well as the skillset owned. That explains why a level entry-grade 8 NCC worker earned the lowest.

Even with this NCC salary structure scale, it is one of the highest-paying governmental agencies. Apart from these attractive salary packages, each worker is entitled to bonuses and allowances. The average NCC worker’s salary is 331k even though some earn below that for some different reasons.

According to the report gathered, below are some of the positions and their average salaries as paid by the NCC Salary structure

  • The Head an IT Service Management earns an average sum of N998,000 in a month.
  • A Management Information System officer earns about N263,000 in a month
  • Customer care representatives or call agents earn N55,000 average in a month
  • An ICT officer earns an average salary of N42,000 per month

NCC Salary Structure for Level 8 Workers

What is the starting salary of NCC? Many graduates who are interested in working with the Nigeria Communication Commission are fond of asking this question.

According to the NCC salary structure scale, entry workers earn the least out of all staff of NCC. Although, your skillset and knowledge will determine your salary.

Most high-paying organizations like NCC do not readily announce their proposed salaries, especially for new entry workers. From the report gathered, the average NCC salary structure scale for level 8 staff is between N90,000 to N120,000. This is after deducting all necessary tax. Further, NCC entry workers are also entitled to bonuses and allowances depending on the job description.

NCC Contact and Details

You can reach the governmental agency via any of the below-listed details.

Headquarter: FCT 900271 at Plot 423 Aguiyi ironsi Street, Maitama in Abuja.

Contact: +234-9-461-7000

NCC Consumer Portal

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More on NCC Salary Scale Structure

Almost every graduate wants to receive high pay and work with the prestigious Nigeria Communication Commission.

Unfortunately, the selection process is usually strict and competitive except for those with undue advantages. But when you consider the NCC salary structure scale and other accrued benefits, it is definitely worth the stress!

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