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Who is Tade Ogidan? Tade Ogidan is a Nigerian filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer, Television screenwriter, and also a director. He is part of the success stories of Nollywood and his contribution to the Nigerian entertainment world can’t be matched.

Tade Ogidan has been in the movie industry for decades, he is a veteran in the business and he has made a milestone of achievement which will be difficult for most producers of nowadays to meet up to.

We must give credits to him because the majority of Nigerians grew up watching the movies he worked on like Owo Blow, Diamond Ring and so on.

The biography of Tade Ogidan is what we should keep in our archive because he set the path for most producers of today, not producers alone, he has been a source of inspiration to all Nollywood actors and actresses.’

When you hear the name Tade Ogidan, it should ring a bell even if you do not know much about him the name is just everywhere.

Before we begin our discussion proper on the biography of Tade Ogidan and his net worth, here is a piece of brief profile information about Tade Ogidan:

Tade Ogidan Profile

Full Name:Akintade Ogidan
Date of Birth:23rd July, 1960
Place of Birth:Lagos State
Education:Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM, USA.
Occupation:Film and television screenwriter, producer and movie director
Net worth:$1 Million

Now that you have brief information about him let us dive deep into the full biography of Tade Ogidan and his net worth, here you get to know him better, know about his career, family, education and personal lifestyle.

Biography Of Tade Ogidan

Akintade Ogidan a.k.a Tade Ogidan was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Akinola and Rachael Ogidan in Surulere, Lagos State on the 23rd of July 1960.

He grew up in Surulere in Lagos state the South-Western region of Nigeria, he is a proud and well-educated Yoruba man who loves to showcase his African culture and traditional values in his movies.

Tade Ogidan spent his early life in Surulere Lagos state where he was born and he had his education in the same state before moving out of the country to proceed to the tertiary level in the United States of America.

Tade Ogidan is happily married and blessed with children, he has managed to bring together family with his business without one affecting the other.


You need not to be told that a person of this kind is well educated, to achieve the feat he has achieved he definitely is a well educated and intelligent person.

Tade Ogidan had his primary and secondary education in Surulere Lagos State. In the mid-60s, he had his primary education at the Government Demonstration School, while in the 70s he had his secondary school education at the Surulere Baptist School.

He proceeded with his secondary school education at Ekiti Parapo College Ido-Ekiti in Ekiti State and later completed his secondary education at Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School in Ikeja where he had his first school leaving certificate.

After being done with his education in Nigeria, Tade Ogidan moved to the United States to further his studies and he had his tertiary education at the Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM, USA studying Film, Radio and Television Production after which he completed a short stint at the State University of New York, in Buffalo, NY, USA.


Tade Ogidan biography and net worth wouldn’t have been possible if not for the love and passion that he used to drive his career, this has been the driving force that gives him the urge to continue in what he believed in.

His career actually started in the 1970s where he used to accompany David Orere a TV producer in NTA, the National Television Authority which is based in Lagos State. David Orere usually takes him to the studio then to act though Tade wasn’t interested in facing the camera but he so much loves being behind the camera.

He loved handling cameras and also good at instructing the host or anchor on what to do and how best to do it, this is professionalism instilled in him naturally. While doing that he started learning production and writing movie scripts.

In 1983 he was done with his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) service and he started as a producer, director and in-house writer at the Lagos branch of NTA Channel 10, then he also worked as a Continuity Manager at NTA 2 which is also in Lagos.

His career with NTA spans for 10 years but he never based his life on serving NTA alone, while working for NTA he got himself busy and he directed some drama series which also got aired on NTA Lagos and other NTA National Television Networks across the country.

Some of his works like “The Reign of Abiku” and “Blinking Hope” got him so much recognition and he was able to win awards in the 80s at television festivals, he became known all over the country and so many people started meeting him for production works.

In 1990, Tade Ogidan left NTA to start his own establishment. He established OGD Pictures Limited which handles movie productions, Television Screenwriting, Filmmaking, directing and many other jobs that have to do with the media.

OGD Pictures Limited

Tade Ogidan is the CEO, Founder and the Managing Director of OGD Pictures and OGD Music Limited, it is a media and production company and OGD Pictures has its first production movie titled “Hostages“, the movie was the talk of the town in the 90s, it reined for a long time. After this, Tade Ogidan has produced other movies like Owo Blow in 1995 where Femi Adebayo starred and was brought into the limelight.

OGD isn’t only a movie production company, OGD Music Limited is also fully functional as it had its first release titled “OGD All Starz Jamz” in which the majority of the reigning musicians of the 90s were featured. OGD Pictures also help Television Stations, companies and individuals to create TV commercials and also covers live events.

In 2019, Tade Ogidan in collaboration with High Impact Amusement Centre brought together Nollywood movie and entertainment stars like Ali Baba, Gabriel Afolayan, Segun Arinze, Sola Sobowale, RMD and many others to produce a comedy adventure drama titled “Gold Statue”.

Tade Ogidan has worked with veterans in the movie industry like Jide Kosoko, Iya Rainbow, Funke Akindele, Kunle Afolayan, Kate Henshaw, Ramsey Nouah, Sola Sobowale and other notable movie thespians who are A-list actors and actresses.

Tade Ogidan and his team have been able to create TV commercials for big brands in Nigeria e.g. FCMB, ABC Wax, Ajinomoto Seasoning, Close Up Toothpaste, Prima Garnet, Maggi, Royco, Arik Airline, Nigerian Airways, First Bank Nigeria and many others.

Awards & Recognition

Tade Ogidan biography and net worth didn’t just come in as a text alone, for each of the works he did which were mentioned in this article are works done with a lot of investment and hard works. He took his time to dish out the best content for his clients and his fans and this has been the reason why he got rewarded for a job well done.

Below are the list of awards won by Tade Ogidan;

  • In 2019, he won the Movie of the Year ‘Gold Statue’ Best of Nollywood
  • In 2019, he won the Director of the Year ‘Gold Statue’, Best of Nollywood
  • In 2019, he won Best Feature Film Award ‘Gold Statue’, Lekki International Film Festival

We were able to gather his recent awards, Tade Ogidan since he began his career has been winning numerous awards and he is one of the best producers of Nigerian greatest movies of all times till this present moment.


Below is the list of movies directed and produced by Tade Ogidan;

  • Owo Blow – (1995)
  • 7 to 12 – (1997)
  • Out of Bounds – (1997)
  • Hostages – (1998)
  • Diamond Ring – (1998)
  • Saving Alero – (2002)
  • Ayomida – (2003)
  • Dangerous Twins – (2004)
  • Aya mi Owon: Madam Dearest – (2005)
  • Family on Fire – (2011)
  • Playing Games – (2012)
  • Gold Statue – (2019)

There are others which are not mentioned here, Tade Ogidan has done well for himself with his skills and talent he is no doubt one of the living legends in Nollywood.

Net Worth

Tade Ogidan’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million according to KenInfo. He is currently one of the richest Nollywood stars in Nigeria and he is a very influential person with great achievement.

[sc_fs_faq html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”How much is Tade Ogidan Worth?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Tade Ogidan’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million according to KenInfo. He is currently one of the richest Nollywood stars in Nigeria and he is a very influential person with great achievement. [/sc_fs_faq]

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