The 10 Best Football Academies In Nigeria 2024 [Registration Fee Included]

Do you have a passion for football and care to know the best football academies in Nigeria to kickstart your dream career with? This article is created to make your dream of becoming a world-class footballer come through.

There is no doubt that the most popular and widely accepted sport in the world is football, it is well-accepted irrespective of race, religion, beliefs, tradition e.t.c. everyone loves football.

Back in the days we see parents going against their kids playing football and this is due to the fear of breaking a bone as there are no safety measures in place when kids play football in the streets, likewise back in the days football isn’t as profitable as it is now and also now we have huge fame that comes with being an international football player.

The 10 Best Football Academies In Nigeria [Registration Fee Included]

Now that we have seen that there is money in football parents are the ones that do take it up themselves to ensure they get the best football academy for their wards, some even enroll their kids in after-school football training.

Europe is seen as the place where football pays the most as it is more organized and seen as a business even though it’s one form of entertainment, we have seen many managers and foreign clubs come down to Nigeria to scout for prospects in Nigerian top best football academies.

Now you must be asking to know the price of registering your child in a Nigerian football academy, this post got you covered as we will list the top best football academies in Nigeria and also their registration fees.

What Is The Registration Fees For Nigeria’s Best Football Academies?

Without taking much of your time let us first take a look at the price it will cost you to register in the best football academies in Nigeria.

Most people are not aware that it doesn’t cost much to get your kids registered in Nigerian football academies, there is this thought that it’s going to be expensive but it isn’t, below we have listed some football schools and their registration fees.

Football AcademyAge RangeFees
Pepsi Football Academy5 – 14 years₦6,000
Pepsi Football Academy15 years upwards₦12,000
Kwara State Football AcademyUnspecified₦7,500
Midas Football AcademyUnspecified₦77,000
Papilo Football AcademyUnspecified₦12,500
Barcelona Football Academy NigeriaUnspecified₦13,500

Note: The listed fees are bound to change due to various reasons but hardly will you find football academies altering their registration fees, in case of any changes we at NaijaXtreme will try our best to update this article.

Top 10 Best Football Academies In Nigeria

Nigeria’s main sport is football so it is expected that we will definitely have numerous football schools. Although, some football academies stand different due to how organized they are which is why we have collated a list of the best for you to choose from.

Below is the list of the top 10 best football academies in Nigeria today:

1. Pepsi Football Academy

Once you hear of football academy in Nigeria the first name that cross the mind of many people is Pepsi Football Academy, this is a very popular football school in Nigeria and this spot was gotten due to huge investment that has been put in place.

The Pepsi Football Academy was founded in 1992 by Kashimawo Laloko but it was operating low key not until 1994 when it got the full support of Pepsi the popular carbonated drink which brought about the name Pepsi Football Academy.

Pepsi Football Academy has over the years produced the best football players and elites in the football and sport sector in Nigeria, majority of the graduates of this academy now plays in top football clubs all over the world.

If your aim is to be a professional football player then Pepsi Football Academy should be the first choice as the school has the right equipment and over 54 coaches to make your dream of becoming a professional football player realistic.

It was first established in Lagos State but now boasts of over 14 branches all across Nigeria.

2. Kwara State Football Academy

This is also one of the top best football academies in Nigeria currently, it was established in 2005 by Dr. Bukola Saraki who happens to be a governor of the state, it is also known as KWFA.

Service of Clemence Westerhof who was once the technical advisor of the Nigerian Super Eagles to lead the program, many coaches has been employed and also Paul Ashworth is the current manager of this academy with his experience as the manager of top European football clubs like Dynamo Kyiv and FC Petersborough.

KWFA only accept registration from applicants between the age 13 – 21 and there are more than 7 professional coaches that handles the aspiring footballers.

3. Midas Football Academy

Midas Football Academy was established in November 2006, it also has its presence in some other part of Africa. The academy identifies talented individuals and help them manage the talent through training to ensure the best is brought out of such student.

Some of the graduates of this academy now plays for international football clubs all over the world.

4. Papilo Football Academy

Who doesn’t know Kanu Nwankwo? One of the best football players we have in Africa, a living football legend who has contributed immensely to the Nigerian football team. He is the owner of the Papilo Football Academy which was established in 2001.

It was founded as a charitable endeavor of his, never forget that the Nigeria Dream team which won the Atlanta ’96 Olympics was captained by Kanu Nwankwo known by his Monika Papilo. He has also played in various top international football clubs like Arsenal, Inter Milan, Ajax FC and has won many leagues, what else do you expect from someone with such portfolio? The best.

This is enough reason to get your kids enrolled in this football academy, top stars like Kelechi Iheanacho, Joel Obi, Stanley Okoro e.t.c. are a product of this wonderful academy.

5. Barcelona Football Academy Nigeria

This is a branch of one of the most successful football clubs in the world, it is a Spanish football academy branch in Nigeria that has trained many top football player making them professional football players.

Barcelona Football Academy in Nigeria has access to the best football coaches all over the world as a product of the leading football academies you definitely know that the sky is your starting point.

The school accept registration from applicants within the age bracket of 5 – 18 and it has its branch situated in Lagos State.

6. Chelsea Football Academy Nigeria

Just like the previous the Chelsea Football Academy in Nigeria is also one of the best football academies in Nigeria today, Chelsea is also a top football club in the history of football. To start a successful football career then try get yourself enrolled in the Chelsea Football Academy in Nigeria of which after that you can apply to the Chelsea Football School in the United Kingdom (London).

If you intend to attend the Chelsea Football Academy then get your mind prepared that you are traveling to London.

7. Abuja Football College

The Abuja Football College was founded in January 2012 by Gabriele Volpi who decided to help talented children from low income homes to give them the opportunity of being a professional football player.

The facility used for training is the Abuja National Stadium and also it has facilities in Lagos and Owerri.

8. Lagos Tigers FC

Lagos State has always been at the forefront of most positive occurrences in Nigeria so it is expected that something big as this should also come from this state. The academy was founded in 2012 by Lagos Tigers FC and has since developed many young talents into becoming a professional football player.

The academy ensures discipline is enacted and always reward team spirit while training their students. Research is being carried out on each student and they identify what needs to be worked on to ensure the students best is achieved.

9. International Sports Academy

Also known as Edusko Football Academy, the school was established in 2007 by Chief Sugun Odegbami who happens to be a former football player for the Nigerian national team Super Eagles.

This academy is being run like a school where academics activities are done and also athletic learning with an option for high school diploma, aside from football there are other sporting activities that can be done here.

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10. SIAONE Soccer Academy

This is also an establishment of one of Nigeria former football player turned coach Samson Siasia, the school is located in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Due to the experience of the owner and the hands he employed the best is expected from this soccer academy, this academy has trained many professional footballers who now earns huge income for themselves.

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