AKTC Price List 2024 Updated: AKTC Terminals, Bookings & Contacts

In today’s article, you will get exclusive information about AKTC Motors, AKTC price list, AKTC terminals, ticket booking methods and other important information about the transport company. AKTC is a leading transport company in Nigeria with decades of operation in the transport space of the country.

Nigeria is known as the most populated country in Africa and also the largest black nation on earth has a lot of opportunities and alternatives for the citizens, even though most things you see in Nigeria are not government-owned the people of the country can still boast of some top best products and services rendered to them by individuals or groups of companies.

The Nigerian transport industry grows day by day as we have serious-minded people investing in the industry and as records have it no one who invests in the transport industry regrets doing so, this alone has made the industry a competitive one where all transport companies involved exhibit a healthy competition.

When there is competition the masses enjoy it most as you are offered various options or alternatives at a cheaper price and more comfortable service is enjoyed.

AKTC Terminals

Aside from this, the Nigerian transportation industry has been able to offer more jobs as we have huge demand in the commercial transportation sector and this, in turn, adds more to the country’s economy.

The transportation sector in Nigeria is seen as one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria and AKTC Motors is a good example of this as the company has grown over time with hundreds of fleets of buses to serve the unending commercial transport demand of commuters or travelers.

Various transport companies that meet up to global transport standards have also evolved, the likes of GUO Transport, ABC Transport, Peace Mass Transit, Iyare Motors, God is Good Motors, Agofure Motors, Young Shall Grow, LIBRA Motors and many others. But today, we are focusing on AKTC Motors so kindly read through the article to get clear and comprehensive information about AKTC.

About AKTC Motors

AKTC Limited is an Akwa-Ibom Transportation Company, it was launched by the Akwa Ibom state government which made it a state-owned transport company. The transport company was having a smooth and steady operation until some setbacks were experienced which made the state made it available for a private company to obtain it.

In 2005 AKTC was acquired by Nsik Motors an auto assembling company in Nigeria, starting with the operation of AKTC from Uyo to Port Harcourt an excellent result was seen and Nsik Motors introduced air-conditioned buses to make the commuters more comfortable, other sections of the company that needs upgrades and improvements were well handled and AKTC became one of the most preferred transport companies in Nigeria.

The C.E.O. of Nsik Motors is Mr. Johnny Nsikan, he is the brain behind this successful transport company, and his strategies have seen the company expand offering quality services to passengers.

Aside from moving people from one place to the other AKTC also operates logistics/courier services, you can send luggage to any state AKTC Motors operates in and at a very attractive price, unlike other transport companies.

AKTC also runs discount transport fares to Youth Corpers as they have drop stations at NYSC camps in every state of the Southern Region. If you want a smooth, safe and comfortable travel then AKTC is your best bet.

How to Book AKTC Ticket

AKTC ticket booking is only done via their bus stations or terminals, AKTC is yet to utilize the online booking method. You can always get book a ticket manually at any of their terminal location and payment can be made in cash or through a POS machine.

Traveling With AKTC Motors

Why choose AKTC Motors? You need to understand the reason why AKTC is the right transport company for your next trip, below we have listed some of the benefits;

  • AKTC drivers are well trained and evaluated regularly
  • The company has a set speed limit which all drivers must not exceed
  • Air-conditioned hummer buses
  • Secured payment via POS, cash also allowed
  • A stop for refreshment in trusted restaurants for long trips e.t.c.

AKTC Price List & Routes

In case you have made up your mind to travel with AKTC below we have listed the current price list for whichever destination you want to travel to:

RoutePrice (₦)RoutePrice (₦)
Lagos – Uyo (Non-AC)₦12,000Uyo – Lagos (Non-AC)₦12,000
Lagos – Uyo (AC)₦13,500Uyo – Lagos (AC)₦13,500
Lagos – Calabar (No-AC)₦12,000Calabar – Lagos (Non-AC)₦12,000
Lagos – Calabar (AC)₦13,500Calabar – Lagos (AC)₦13,500
Abuja – Uyo (Non-AC)₦12,000Uyo – Abuja (Non-AC)₦12,000
Abuja – Uyo (AC)₦13,500Uyo – Abuja (AC)₦13,500
Abuja – Calabar (Non-AC)₦13,000Calabar – Abuja (Non-AC)₦12,000
Abuja – Calabar (AC)₦13,500Calabar – Abuja (AC)₦13,500
Ibadan – Uyo (Non-AC)₦12,000Uyo – Ibadan (Non-AC)₦12,000
Ibadan – Uyo (AC)₦13,500Uyo – Ibadan (AC)₦13,500
Jos – Uyo (Non-AC)₦13,500Uyo – Jos (Non-AC)₦13,500
Jos – Uyo (AC)₦13,500Uyo – Jos (AC)₦13,500
Uyo – Kaduna (Non-AC)₦13,500Kaduna – Uyo (Non-AC)₦13,500
Uyo – Benin (AC/Without AC)₦6,700Benin – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦6,700
Uyo – Warri (AC/Without AC)₦5,700Warri – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦6,700
Uyo – Bayelsa (AC/Without AC)₦4,000Bayelsa – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦4,000
Uyo – Enugu (AC/Without AC)₦4,000Enugu – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦4,000
Uyo – Calabar (AC/Without AC)₦2,100Calabar – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦2,100
Uyo – Port Harcourt (AC/Without AC)₦2,500Port Harcourt – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦2,500
Uyo – Owerri (AC/Without AC)₦2,500Owerri – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦2,500
Uyo – Umuahia (AC/Without AC)₦2,000Umuahia – Uyo (AC/Without AC)₦2,000
Calabar – Bayelsa (AC/Without AC)₦5,700Bayelsa – Calabar (AC/Without AC)₦5,700
Calabar – Kaduna (Non-AC)₦15,000Kaduna – Calabar (Non-AC)₦15,000
Calabar – Benin₦8,300Benin – Calabar (AC/Without AC)₦8,300
Calabar – Warri₦7,300Warri – Calabar (AC/Without AC)₦7,300
Calabar – Enugu₦5,000Enugu – Calabar (AC/Without AC)₦5,000
Calabar – Port Harcourt₦4,300Port Harcourt – Calabar (AC/Without AC)₦4,300
Owerri – Calabar₦4,500Calabar – Owerri (AC/Without AC)₦4,500

Note: The prices here can change at any time so do well to take note of this, we will always try our best to keep this table updated.

AKTC Terminals In Nigeria, Location & Contact Details

Here is the list of all AKTC terminals nationwide:

AKTC Terminals in Lagos State

Ajah Terminal
Address: Km 12 Lekki-Epe expressway, Ikota, Ajah, Lagos state
Phone No: 07016842184

Okota Terminal
Address: 119 Okota road, adjacent UBA, beside Macrich gas plant.
Phone No: 08127686406

Maza-Maza Terminal
Address: 170 Old Ojo road by Baruwa bus stop, Agboju, Lagos State.
Phone No: 09020606779

Ojuelegba Terminal
Address: No 107 Ojuelegba Road, Ojuelegba, Lagos State.
Phone No: 07016842182 or Manager: Ettebong Etim (08187602561)

AKTC Terminals in Akwa-Ibom State

Ikot Ekpene Terminal
Address: No 18 Adadiaha road, Ikot Ekpene Akwa Ibom State
Phone No: 07016842170

Oron Terminal
Address: No 54 Oron Road, Oron, Akwa Ibom State
Phone No: 07016842172

Eket Terminal
Address: 50 RCC road, Eket
Phone No: 07016842171

Uyo Terminal
Address: Item industrial layout, Uyo
Phone No: 08126427421

AKTC Terminals in River State

Oil Mill Bus Stop
Address: By Elelenwo Junction
Phone No: 07083326066

Eleme Terminal
Address: 323 P/Harcourt-Aba Expressway, Eleme junction, Port-Harcourt, River State

Waterlines Terminal
Address: No 3 Olusegun Obasanjo Road, Port Harcourt, River State
Phone No: 07016842187

AKTC Terminals in Cross-River state

Ikom Terminal
Address: 4 Ogoja road, Four corners, Ikom, Cross River State
Phone No: 09039959236

Calabar Terminal
Address: 34 Etta Agbor Road, by Civil Defence, Calabar
Phone No: 07016842174

Other AKTC Terminals Nationwide

Ibadan Terminal
Address: No 35, Samonda, U.I Road, Ibadan, Oyo State
Phone No: 09032223135

Owerri Terminal
Address: 4 Egbu road (Chisco park), Owerri
Phone No: 08087552312

Owerri Terminal 2
Address: 56/128, Okigwe Road,
Phone No: 08087552312

Asaba Terminal
Address: Koka junction, by Warri express road, Asaba, Delta state
Phone No: 09060098142

Awka Terminal
Address: Unizik Junction by Sango Shopping Complex, Awka
Phone No: 08036408775

Umuahia Terminal
Address: 1 Ikot Ekpene road, Umuahia

Enugu Terminal
Address: No49 Okpara Avenue, Enugu
Phone No: 07016842178

Onitsha Terminal
Address: 2 Onitsha-Owerri roads by New Tarzan, Upper Iweka Road, Onitsha, Anambra State
Phone No: 07016842173

Aba Terminal
Address: 3 Ikot Ekpene road(Abia Line Park), Aba, Abia State
Phone No: 07016842159 

Benin Terminal
Address: 9 New Lagos Road, Benin City, Edo State
Phone No: 07016842176

Jos Terminal
Address: Riders Motor Park, 16/18 Murtala Mohammed way, Jos, Plateau State
Phone No: 07016842186

Bayelsa Terminal
Address: 264 Chief Melford Okilo Road, near Okaka Primary School, Ekiki, Yenagoa
Phone No: 08127686994

Warri Terminal
Address: 138 Efurun/Sapele road, by airport junction, Warri
Phone No: 09025504512

Kaduna Terminal
Address: 23/25 Amfallah house, Gwari Avenue, Barmawa, Kaduna, Kaduna State.
Phone No: 08083311822,08091008987

Jabi Terminal (FCT)
Address: Plot 925/926, Ishaya and close, Jabi, Abuja
Phone No: 07016842160, Manager: David (08091202374 )

Nyanya Terminal (FCT)
Address: Shop 16, Powa shopping complex, Nyanya, Abuja.
Phone No: 07016842161

Abakiliki Terminal
Address: 29 Afikpo Road, Abakiliki

AKTC Head Office

For suggestions and complaints you can always reach out to AKTC head office via the information below:

Address: Plot 33-38, Itam Industrial Layout, Uyo Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Phone NO: 08126427421
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: https://nsikmotors.com/

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  1. Good morning to you Sir… Please, I have a very small parcel I want to send to someone in Lagos. I’m in Akwa Ibom. Please, what is the estimated cost of waybilling it?

    1. You need to visit the closest AKTC terminal/office to you, the weight and worth of the parcel will determine the price you will be given.

    1. You need to visit the nearest AKTC terminal, the weight and worth of the item is used to determine the price it will cost you.

  2. Good evening; please from Lagos to Uyo to and fro is how much now, and how much only from going from Lagos here to uyo

  3. Hey! Today is December 1st and by 22nd of December, I will travel to Calabar. How much is the cost from BENIN TO CALABAR Currently ?

  4. Please from uyo to Lagos ajah to be presides is how much now?.
    And can I get the company account details for payment?

  5. I tried call the samada Ibadan park for enquieries but the number is only 10 digit so it’s not going. Please current the number and make it 11 digit.
    How much is current price from Ibadan to uyo.
    Thank you

    1. The Ibadan park contact has been updated, here is the number to call (09032223135). From Ibadan to Uyo is ₦13,500.

  6. Tried severally to reach your Warri contact by phone, not answered. This is a wrong signal to customer care.

  7. At first my name is ubong Jimmy I don’t really have much to say than to say AKTC is Best transport company that have a set of maintenance ,thier buses are always clean and I know people who were working with them up still now they are responsible peoples

  8. AKTC drivers are very reckless and staffs of AKTC doesn’t have human sympathy at all . There has been a report of a driver arranging to beat up passengers in Abuja nyanya terminal. Nobody even the manager or staff has done anything about it. They are lucky the case was not reported to the police. I vowed not to enter thier bus anymore

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