Hilda Baci Bio & Net Worth 2024; Career, Guinness Record and Boyfriend

Do you care to know who Hilda Baci is? In this article, we will reveal to you both known and hidden details about Hilda Baci biography, net worth, education, career, Guinness Record, wealth, hobbies and even her boyfriend.

Many controversies surround the Nigerian chef who embarked on a journey to fame recently, no doubt she has made a name for herself through her decision on cooking for days just to place her name in the Guinness record list.

We know you must be eager to read about this new celebrity and we will not waste your time on the introduction, so, let’s dive straight into the topic of the day “Hilda Baci biography and net worth.”

Who Is Hilda Baci?

Hilda Effiong Bassey professionally and popularly known as Hilda Baci was born on the 20th of September 1996, she is originally from Akwa Ibom State, a foodpreneur and the owner of MyFoodByHilda.

There is no doubt Hilda has made a name for herself in the Nigerian food industry and has also stamped her name among the most recognised chefs in the world with her new record.

Starting her career through her love for food and cooking for the family at a very tender age has seen Hilda through and got her established in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria and globally.

This passion made her pursue a career in Culinary arts and ever since then the beginning of her journey to fame.

In the year 2020, Hilder Baci established her food brand named MyFoodByHilda, this is a well-known restaurant and food brand in Lagos as she never seizes to dish out tasty and healthy meals to her customers which gained her more reputation and placed her over her peers in the same business line.

In May 2023, Hilder decided to propel herself more to the world as she started the challenge of the “longest cooking marathon” which she achieved successfully.

Her interest and her passion for cooking made her effortlessly cook over 250 recipes during the competition of which many came around to cheer her up and have a taste of her meals including the Governor of Lagos State (Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu) and other dignitaries.

Hilda Baci Wiki

Full Name:Hilda Effiong Bassey
Nickname:Hilda Baci
Birth Date:20th, September 1996
Age:27 Years Old
Birth Place:Lagos State
State of Origin:Akwa Ibom
School:Madonna University, Okija, Anambra State
Course os Study:Sociology
Career:TV producer, actress, presenter, chef & vlogger
Net Worth:$500,000

Now that you have a brief idea of who Hilda Baci is you must be interested in the full details about her especially if she has a boyfriend or not. Read on…


Hilda Baci career started at a very tender age although not officially, she officially started as a professional chef after she was able to gather enough money from works done through her university studies and after school.

She is a multi-talented lady who worked as a professional TV producer, presenter, actress, vlogger and also a chef. She is the founder and the C.E.O of MyFoodByHilda, her food brand has transmogrified into a world-class and one of the most recognized food brands in the world.

Which State Is Hilda Baci From?

Hilda Baci is from Akwa Ibom state although born and raised in Lagos state. We cannot deny the fact that people from Akwa Ibom especially females are good cooks as their meals easily get approval from every tribe of the country.


Hilda Baci just like most Nigerian kids had her primary and secondary school education (Basic education) before proceeding to the higher institution for her Bachelor’s Degree. She attended Madonna University in Okija, Anambra state where she studied sociology and graduated from the school before proceeding into the food niche.

Based on her passion and ability to cook she did a lot of learning and practicals just to ups her games in cooking and getting the skills needed. Today, Hilda is a successful chef and entrepreneur with many trying to learn from her.

How Old Is Hilda Baci?

Hilda was born on the 20th of September 1996, this means she is currently 27 years old. Her birthday celebration usually holds on the same date.

Chef Hilda Baci Guinness World Record (How It Started)

As a determined, consistent and passionate chef, Hilda Baci decided to place her name among the globally recognized chefs by embarking on the Guinness World Record challenge for the longest cooking marathon category.

The theme tagged “Cook-a-Thon” was a 95 hours continous cooking which was held at the Amore Garden situated in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria where she intends to break the record by Lata Tondo an Indian chef who in 2019 cooked for 87 hours, 45 minutes and 09 seconds.

The record was successfully broken after Hilder cooked over 250 recipes in 95 hours (4 days), with this new feat many Nigerians who are still confused about their cooking skills got inspired and now sees Hilda as a role model.

Hilda Baci Pictures

Hilda’s Cars

You must be wondering how Hilda got herself expensive fleets of cars, as stated earlier, Hilda Baci is a successful entrepreneur and a media personality, she is well to do before the Guinness Record competition, she is well-known before the competition and has done well for herself in her career line.

Hilda Baci owns a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and also a Range Rover, her prolificity as a chef and also as a YouTuber and media personality made her enjoy luxury.

Who Is Hilda Baci Boyfriend?

After the Guinness record fame I know most Nigerians most especially the guys will be on search to know if Hilda Baci is married or maybe she has a boyfriend.

Well, Hilda Baci relationship status is currently unknown, kept away from the media so we cannot tell if Hilda Baci is currently single or not but we promise to get you updated immediately we lay our hands on this information.

Net Worth

Hilda Baci net worth is currently estimated to be $500,000, her earnings attributed to money made from her entrepreneur business, acting, YouTube vlogging, and as a media influencer.

She didn’t arrive at this spot overnight, this is worthy wealth gotten of sheer hard work, consistency, determination, and passion for what she does.

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Hilda Baci is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excel in what she loves doing, this is enough to inspire others who are in the same line of profession or those in a totally different profession, you can achieve anything as long as you are resilient, put your head in the game and never allow anything deter you.

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