Ifesinachi Transport Price List 2024 Updated: Terminals & Contacts

Ifesinachi transport price list is one of the most affordable you can get among other top Nigerian transport companies, the company has been ranked one of the best transport companies in Nigeria with multiple awards to back their services up.

Have you been searching for a safe and at the same time convenient transport company in Nigeria? You definitely will love to try Ifesinachi out this is why we have taken our time to publish this review about Ifesinachi Price List for 2024.

There is no doubt the transportation business is thriving heavily in all parts of the world and to think of it the expectations and demand is high in Nigeria being the largest black country in the world.

With Nigeria in mind, there are many business opportunities and this spurs us to write about the top best investment opportunities in Nigeria of which the Nigerian transport institution is topping the list.

Also, we have quite a good number of top-notch transportation companies in Nigeria in our archive which might interest you, the likes of GUO transportGod is Good Motors, Young Shall Grow Motors, Peace Mass TransitABC TransportAgofure Motors, Chisco Transport and many other popular transport companies in Nigeria.

The majority of those listed also cover some of the West African countries and cities like Lome, Accra, Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana e.t.c.

Without further ado we will like to reveal to you all you need to know about Ifesinachi Transport, Ifesinachi Transport terminals, Ifesinachi Transport online booking, Ifesinachi transport logistics, Ifesinachi Transport/Haulage and many more information about Ifesinachi Transport Company.

About Ifesinachi Transport

In 1965, the Ifesinachi Transport brand was established by Late James Ogbonnaya Mamah who was born in Enugu State Nigeria. He began the business by helping people transport their goods with a truck.

With so many transport companies coming into the game some of them couldn’t stand the competition just like them, Mr. James Ogbonnaya joined the league but with diligence and good services to his customers, the company was able to proliferate.

Though it is a company on its own, Ifesinachi Transport started officially in the year 2000 and 10 years after that in 2010 Mr. James Ogbonnaya Mamah died, after his death, one of his sons Chukwuemeka Mamah took over the mantle of the company, he is the current CEO of Ifesinachi Transport Company.

Just like his father Chukwuemeka Mamah was able to excel in his tenure and this has helped the company expand beyond expectations, Ifesinachi Transport company now boasts of over 1000 fleets of buses with over 4,000 staff.

Benefits Of Using Ifesinachi Transport

As it stands and due to the research carried out by NaijaXtreme, we got to know that most of those who prefer using Ifesinachi Transport are majorly middle-class and low-budget travelers. This has helped the company to grow and now the same class of people are enjoying the upgrades in Ifesinachi services. If you are thinking of trying out Ifesinach transport then you stand the chance of enjoying:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully air-conditioned (AC) buses
  • 100% comfort throughout your journey
  • Power outlets in the buses for each sit
  • Ergonomic seats with no body contact
  • Night and Day trips
  • A Ticket validity of 7 days should in case you miss your bus, you are allowed to join any available bus for the next 7 days.

Ifesinachi Transport Bus Variants

  • Sienna cars
  • Coaster buses
  • Hummer buses
  • Luxurious buses

Ifesinachi utilizes the buses listed above and they are well equipped for comfort and safety.

Services Offered By Ifesinachi Transport

As a top transport company in Nigeria, trust has been established over the years and people can utilize any service provided by the company without fear and this makes the company thrive and at the same time creating useful services for their customers. Below are some of the services offered by Ifesinachi:

  • Passenger Transportation
  • Courier Services
  • Ifex Express Logistics
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Bus Chater/Hire Services

To take advantage of any of their services you can put through a call to them or send an email.

How To Book A Ticket Online With Ifesinachi Transport

To take advantage of Ifesinachi Transport for your next trip you definitely must be trying to find out the necessary information About Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking. To book a ticket with Ifesinachi kindly follow the below steps:

  • Visit Ifesinachi official website Here via your mobile browser or on your computer.
  • You will be greeted with a form where you are expected to select your departure state, departure terminal, destination, and preferred traveling date.
  • Proceed to make a reservation by choosing your preferred seat.
  • Make a secured online payment via your ATM card.
  • Once successful you will get your ticket number.

Ifesinachi buses do take off early at around 6 am and 12 pm, you can also join in the evening at around 6 pm. Mind you, the maximum weight of luggage allowed is 10kg and should be well packaged/bagged, if your luggage exceeds that you will be charged for any extra kg.

You can also take advantage of Ifex Express Logistics so you do not pay extra charges for your luggage in case you have very big luggage.

There is a 30% discount slash for children if you have kids traveling with you and this is strictly for children within the age range of 2 – 10.

Note: Aside from using the online ticket booking method, you can also obtain your ticket from any Ifesinachi Transport Terminals nationwide. See below Ifesinachi Terminals / Parks around you.

Ifesinachi Transport Terminals/Parks

Below is the complete list of Ifesinachi transport terminals all over Nigeria with the address and contact phone number included:

Abakaliki6, Ogoja Road, Abakaliki08060441985
Ibadan73, Oyo Road, Beside Grandstan Hotel, Mokola, Ibadan08070591899
Aba15, Milverton Road, Aba, Abia08070591854
Port Harcourt114 Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt08036366698
Owerri14, Douglas Road, Owerri08070591860
JosT1, Jubilee Kenya, Jos08070591866
Utako22E, Ekukianam, Utako District, Abuja08034932041
Upper IwekaUpper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra08065704980
Makurdi90, Gboko Road, Wurukum Roundabout, Abakaliki08134004195
Jibowu2/4, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos08070591876 08070591875 08070591887
Enugu2, Okpala Avenue, Enugu08034534051

Ifesinachi Transport Price List 2022

DepartureDestination Price
Lagos (Jibowu)Abuja₦6,500
Lagos (Jibowu)Onitsha₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Owerri₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Enugu₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Nsukka₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Imo₦5,700
Lagos (Jibowu)Abia₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Kaduna₦7,500
Lagos (Jibowu)Ibadan₦4,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Port Hacourt₦7000


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