6 Best Schools To Study English In The United States

The United States is not only one of the most touristic countries in the world, it is also one of the countries where, every year, more people go to study English likewise work. The reasons are obvious: it is a reference country in the English language that also accept other language-speaking population, which makes things easier. If you are considering studying in this destination in the world, in this post you will learn which are the best schools to learn English in the United States.

Converse International School of Languages ​​in San Diego

Located in the Core-Columbia neighborhood, this international school is surrounded by skyscrapers and a very interesting cultural mix where you will not lack distraction when you are not studying. In addition, it offers a large number of services around it, so you will not need to leave the area to have it all.

It offers several English courses, both for beginners and more advanced speakers. The good thing about it all is that, among its variety, there is also that of choosing schedules or study time. They help you prepare for different degrees such as Cambridge, TOEFL and TOEIC and also have specialized courses in business and more technical careers such as engineering.

EC English in New York

This English academy is located in New York, exactly in the Paramount Bulldog building in the Manhattan neighborhood. Very close, the living essence of the city opens before your eyes: from 5th Avenue to Times Square. As a student, you will, therefore, be able to learn the language surrounded by the most emblematic symbols of the city. In addition, it is very well connected to the airport, so you can get there easily.

You will be able to learn English in various languages, levels and time modalities. From weekly to semi-annual or annual programs. It offers several specific courses for adults, and more dedicated to professional work in different areas. It also offers summer camps for children or teenagers in the summer months.

Rennert International in New York

This English school in the United States is located very close to Bryant Park in New York. Right next to 5th Avenue and with a whole world of possibilities to discover: from bars to shops of all kinds.

The school has several activities for both adults and children during their stay and also, as a special highlight, a welcome dinner as motivation and integration at the school headquarters.

It is a good option to learn English in the United States, in a more “familiar” way even knowing that the United States is expensive, and without ceasing to live the essence of this country.

Kaplan International Languages ​​in Santa Barbara

Another school to learn English to take into account is OHC. It is located in the Santa Barbara area, specifically in the Lower State neighborhood. Very close to the center, you have all kinds of services available a few meters away and what you will like most… A few minutes away, West beach. A beach where you can rest and enjoy the hot months when you leave studying English.

It is very close to the station that will take you to nearby cities like Los Angeles or San Diego. That is, you have everything you need to turn this time of learning, and also, into a time to discover new places.

The school prepares you to pass Cambridge exams or the TOEFL with the possibility of studying for a semester, a year or individually according to needs. In addition, its facilities have a library, leisure room and computer room.

OHC English in San Francisco

OHC English is another of the schools to learn English in the United States. This school is located in downtown Berkeley, just across from San Francisco. It is known for its university, very close to the school. This means that you will find good prices in restaurants, bars and cafes. That is, ideal for young people.

At the school you will find general courses, Cambridge or TOEFL preparation, as well as more specific courses. It is a perfect option if you are looking for a long stay and want to leave there learning English fluently, whether for your professional or academic future or simply to live a new experience.

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ESL in Boston

Another option to study English in the United States is to do so in the city of Boston. This school is located in a place very frequented by students from all over the world. It is, in fact, home to one of the most important universities: Harvard.

With this English academy you can access courses ranging from basic A1 to C1 with an interesting option of intensive courses, English for business or preparations to obtain the TOEFL certificate. All in a completely central location, which will allow you to move comfortably around the area and discover each new site. 

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