10 Websites To Look For Work In The United States

There are many followers who write to us asking about the options there are for looking for work in the United States. Finding work in the US can be a difficult process, although it is not impossible, in fact, there are many expatriates working in this destination.

The options are diverse. All of this depends on many factors. You should know that to work in the United States you need a work visa. This is not easy to obtain, although it is not impossible either, there are different factors so that you can opt for one or another type of visa.

Only American citizens, legal permanent residents and foreigners in special situations (asylees, refugees and people pending a change in immigration status with a work permit) can be legally hired by companies.

10 Websites To Look For Work In The United States

The rest of the people not mentioned in the previous paragraph need a temporary work visa, sponsored by a company or for a company to sponsor them to obtain a residence card. This card is the well-known Green Card.

There are some very exceptional cases where brilliant people are allowed to sponsor themselves without a prior job offer.

Another great option to work in the United States is through family reunification. Of course, it must be the case that you have family members in the USA, otherwise, you will not be able to opt for this option.

Finding a job in the United States

There are people who are already living in the USA and others want to find a job opportunity in the USA to start a new life or improve their professional resume. Whatever the reason, here you will find a list of web portals to find work in the United States.

Most opportunities are aimed at qualified professionals, especially specialists in technical areas with specific skills and good knowledge of the English language. There are also many opportunities to work as a teacher in the United States.

If you have sponsorship from a company in the United States, you must be clear about the process, most of the time, is not going to be quick and in addition, to this must be added the requirements and conditions of the different work visas, which are very different.

Most companies that sponsor foreigners to go to work in the United States normally look for two common requirements, which are; a good level of English and higher academic studies.

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List of web portals with job offers in the United States

Below we leave 10 web portals where you can find job offers.


If you are going to look for a job in the United States, you should use LinkedIn. On the famous social network for professionals there are more than 4 million job opportunities published. In addition, LinkedIn is a good way to establish contact with companies, make yourself known and you may even be more likely to find a qualified job in the United States compared to other web portals.


It is a job metasearch engine that brings together opportunities from different web portals. This way you will save a lot of time searching for work among dozens of web portals.


It is an option to take into account. It is one of the companies with the largest job offers and also offers different jobs in different countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.


This web portal is especially recommended if you are looking for a job as a teacher in the United States . Here you can find job offers at more than two thousand universities, almost all of them in the United States. Opportunities to work in other parts of the globe also appear.

United Nations

The UN portal offers all the latest employment news in the organizations that depend on this institution. To work at the New York headquarters, it is worth noting that you could enjoy the G-4 visa, which offers great advantages.


This website, as a directory, is widely used in the United States to search for specific jobs. Ideal if you have a work and/or residence permit in this country and are looking for specific employment opportunities.


An international portal that scans job searches on different websites, giving us access to a large number of job offers.


Here we can search by city, company, profession or categories in which the hiring of foreigners in need of visa sponsorship is not uncommon, such as engineering, software or teaching. Which gives us many possibilities.

Newspapers and magazines

In some newspapers such as the New York Times (www.nytimes.com) or the Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com) you will find an employment section where different job offers are published.

Work remotely from home in the USA

Another great option when working in the United States is the opportunity to work remotely. These are the countries in the world with the greatest opportunities to access job offers to work from home.

For example, Amazon recruits staff to work from home. There is also a program that pays you to move to an American city to work online. 

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Other places to look for work in the United States

There are not only these web portals, there are many more, but perhaps the ones mentioned above are the most notable, in them you will find many opportunities regarding the American labor market.

However, you can always look for other alternatives such as Public Employment Centers (There are about 2,000 Public Employment Centers throughout the United States that are managed by the US Employment Service), human resources consultants or headhunters, recruitment agencies, job fairs, chambers of commerce, etc.

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