Kuda Bank Transfer Codes 2024; All KUDA Bank USSD Codes

This article has well-detailed Kuda Bank transfer codes and all important Kuda USSD codes, Kuda bank is one legit way to do money transactions. If you are a kuda bank account holder or want to know more about kuda transfer codes and you are looking for a way to use the kuda bank transfer code, Then this post is solely for you.

Kuda bank is a licensed microfinance organized bank that operates under the Central Bank Of Nigeria CBN. Its services include both online and offline factors that make it easier for its users to use.

Kuda Bank Transfer Codes; All KUDA Bank USSD Codes

There is a list of things to know about the kuda bank transfer codes and how to make use of them:

  1. How to add money using USSD code
  2. How to add money to Kuda bank account using cash deposit
  3. How to add money to your kuda bank account using cards ( debit or credit )
  4. Kuda bank USSD transfer code rules
  5. How to make a transfer from Kuda bank mobile app
  6. How to add money to Kuda bank account using the following banks’ USSD code (Gtbank, Wema bank, First bank, Zenith bank, UBA, FCMB, Access bank)

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How To Add Money Using USSD Code

If you want to successfully transfer money to your kuda account through USSD, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open your kuda bank app
  2. Select “Add money”
  3. Put the amount you want to send
  4. Select the right USSD to dial
  5. Follow the instructions on your screen

How To Add Money To Kuda Bank Account Using Cash Deposit

  1. Open your kuda bank app
  2. Select “Add money” from the dashboard
  3. Click on “cash deposit”
  4. Select the bank you want to add money
  5. Then follow the instructions that will be displayed on your screen

How To Add Money Using To Your Kuda Bank Account using Cards:(Debit or Credit)

If you are to make use of either your debit or credit card then you should know that there is a fee attached to the usage of either card, which comes through a payment gateway (Paystack, Interswitch or Flutterwave).

For the usage of your cards, adding of your Bank verification number (BVN) and a valid government-issued ID is very important. But since fraudsters now prefer to use the method to cover there tracks, kuda bank has put in some rules that must be followed in the process of making transactions for the sake of security reasons.

Kuda Bank USSD Transfer Code Rules

Rule 1:

Without a valid ID and Bank verification number (BVN) you can not make a deposit into your account I.e your kuda bank account must be updated to add money with a card. To add money with a card you will go to your kuda app, tap on more at the bottom of the kuda dashboard, then click on identification to add your BVN and ID.

Rule 2:

Once you hit the limit of adding 100,000 Naira to your card, kuda will stop the payment of gateway fees meaning you will be the one to make payment of gateway fees each time you deposit money into the bank account.

Rule 3:

When you want to deposit any money into your Kuda account you will have to make payment of gateway fees using an international card.

How To Make Transfer From Kuda Mobile Bank App

  1. Log in to the Kuda mobile app
  2. Select the payment option on the dashboard
  3. Click on”send money “
  4. Fill in recipient details
  5. Confirm Transfer
  6. Once there is a strong network signal the transfer will be done within 1 minute

How To Add Money To Kuda Bank Account With The Following Bank’s USSD Code:

For GT Bank

  • Dial * 737*50*amount*416# with your kuda registered phone number
  • Prompt the displayed instructions on the screen to complete the transaction

For Wema Bank

  • With your registered phone number dial *945#
  • Select option 3 ( send money )
  • Select option 2 (other banks)
  • Input your kuda bank account number
  • Choose option 9 for next
  • Select 1 for kuda MFB
  • Complete the transfer

For First Bank

  • Dial *894# with your registered phone number
  • Follow the steps on your screen for the complete transfer

For Zenith Bank

  • Dial *966*amount*kuda account number#
  • Select other banks
  • Select more to find kuda bank
  • Finish your transfer

For UBA Bank

  • Dial 919*4*kuda account number# Confirm transaction For FCMB Dial *329*amount*kuda account number#
  • Select kuda
  • Click on enter

For Access Bank

  • Dial *901*1*amount*kuda account number#
  • Click on next to complete the transfer

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With the following steps, we are sure you can easily transfer via online or offline on Kuda bank, if you have any difficulty kindly make use of the comment section.

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