The 10 Longest Bridges in the World

Bridges perform a wonderful function, unite, shorten distances and allow the transfer of thousands and thousands of people who seek to travel through a territory in less time.  For this purpose, I bring you this article in which you will be able to know the 10 longest bridges in the world, surely you will be amazed just by imagining the great work and the workforce that was needed to carry out these amazing architectural works designed and built by man.

The 10 Longest Bridges in the World

1. Danyang Great Bridge – Kunsham

This name is well deserved, as it is the longest bridge in the world since it has a wide and extensive length of no less than 189.8 kilometers. It is strategically located in the nation of China, its location coincides perfectly with the boardwalk of the railway routes.

In its construction, the short time it took stands out, which was only 4 years, and brought together a total of 10,000 workers, given the magnitude of the building.

2. Changhua-Kaohsiung Viaduct

This gateway allows the crossing of a large part of citizens in Taiwan; It has an extension of 57.39 kilometers and is part of the nation’s railway system. It is highly resistant, which allows the circulation of trains at high speeds.

It was completed in 2012 and from the date of its inauguration until today it continues to be the longest bridge in Taiwan, also making itself known in the world.

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3. Tianjin Great Bridge

There are several bridges that appear on this list and are used for the purpose of transiting trains regardless of high-speed levels since their construction materials meet the necessary requirements to withstand such maneuvers and this one is no exception.

For this purpose, this bridge has a width of 113,700 kilometers. Different trains run from Beijing – Shanghai and Beijing – Tianjin (China). After completing its construction in 2010, it was waited until 2011 for the general public to cross, obtaining in that same year a Guinness Record award as the second longest bridge.

4. Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau

This bridge has taken a total of 14 years to make itself known, taking 6 years in design and programming, while about 8 years in development and labor; it has about 55,000 kilometers in length.

Its main objective is to radically facilitate the transfer, transforming a 3-hour journey into 30 minutes. In its construction, steel stands out, which has been one of the main materials in the construction of this bridge, using approximately 420,000 tons, which gives it a great weight in its structure.  

5. Bang Na Expressway

This is another of the longest bridges in the world, boasting a length of 54,000 kilometers; it is built with the purpose of facilitating the arrival and departure of different citizens of Bangkok, Thailand who struggled with high and complicated transport congestion in the city.

Among its manufacturing materials, concrete stands out, it also has an elevation of 20 meters above the ground that combines perfectly with its 27 meters wide, along with the incorporation of its 6 lanes.

6. Qingdao Bay Bridge

One of the main purposes of the construction of this bridge is to be able to unite the city of Qingdao with that of Huangdao so that the inhabitants of both cities do not spend a great deal of time carrying out their various tasks. As for its length, it is 42,500 kilometers.

Going from about 40 minutes to just 20 minutes between the aforementioned cities is totally possible with the use of this bridge. One of the main elements for its construction was steel, covering approximately 450 tons along with an estimated 2.3 million of concrete; this makes it much more resistant to ship crashes or to the presence of some natural phenomena, such as earthquakes or whirlwinds.

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7. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

The state of Louisiana (United States) has another of the longest bridges in the world, which is 38,442 kilometers long. It was built to be durable over the years, highlighting within its instruments and foundation materials the use of concrete, with approximately 9,000 pillars that serve as its foundation.

Its construction has been present since 1969, so in addition to being long, it is also older than the others on the list, thus taking the position as the oldest bridge.

8. Manchac Swamp Bridge

We continue in the United States, with this bridge that particularly has two totally parallel lanes. Regarding its length, its 36,710 kilometers are remarkable, making it one of the longest bridges in the world.

It is located above the Manchac Swamp in Louisiana, opening its doors to the public in 1979 with the main objective of keeping Interstate 55 standing.

9. Hangzhou Bay Bridge

This is another of the bridges on this list that are in the Chinese country. The year 2008 was the date of its completion and since then it has linked Shanghai with the province of Zhejiang, minimizing the journey by about 320 kilometers, that is, only 6 hours of travel between the aforementioned cities. It is estimated to be 35,673 kilometers long.

10. Runyang Bridge

Coming to the bottom of the list, there is this bridge that is combined with another one next to it and both are reasonably placed in the middle of Shiyeshou Island. Its extension is 35,360 kilometers that cover the crossing to the Yangtze River that is in China.

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Without a doubt, the Chinese nation seeks to make jobs cheaper, leading to its presence in the construction of the longest bridges in the world; however, day by day, architects manage to draw various walkways around the planet that shorten the distance and unite people.

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