10 Jobs For Introverts: These Are The Best Jobs For You

What are the best jobs for introverts? This article is focused on the top best high-paying jobs for introverts. An introvert is a person who is full of energy being alone and who when he is with more people feels that “his energy is lost or drained.” The introvert is more concerned with the inner world, enjoys thinking, exploring his emotions and thoughts.

It helps to know how introverted you are in order to choose your best job. It is not about suffering!

Are you the one who suffers every time you are told that you have to do relationships or networking to advance your professional career? If it were up to you, would you rather work alone than have to share an office with five other people? For some people the best company is themselves and that is not necessarily bad. Simply, when you are looking for work, consider how introverted you are to choose well and not suffer in a job where you do not feel comfortable.

Fortunately, there are jobs for different personalities: on the one hand, there are jobs that are suitable for people who tend to be thoughtful and enjoy working independently (introverts), while other jobs are well suited to people who prefer to have thousands of social activities and gatherings (extroverts).

What is it to be an introvert?

Introversion is the condition of a person who is distinguished by his inclination towards the inner world, by the difficulty for social relationships, and by his reserved nature.

Contrary to what most people think, an introvert is not necessarily shy. A person who is shy is afraid – phobia, aversion – to interact with others. Being an introvert is not synonymous with being depressed, it simply means that this person needs to regain their energy or that they want to have time to be alone with their thoughts.

The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, a person who is motivated by interacting with more people. While the introvert prefers to avoid such interactions, the extrovert seeks them out to feel good.

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There are different estimates of what percentage of the population is introverted, most of them indicate that approximately the world population is divided into these two camps: introverts and extroverts.

What are some traits of introverts?

  • They have few close friends
  • They listen more than they speak
  • They rarely talk to strangers
  • They prefer solitary activities or with few people
  • They observe the dynamics before participating in them
  • They get annoyed quickly after spending time with other people
  • They don’t share their feelings easily

For the sake of all the introverts, we searched and listed 10 jobs where they will feel comfortable. Do you know someone who is an introvert? Tell him about these positions:

10 Best Jobs For Introverts

1. Social Media Manager

It is interesting because it is possible to interact with thousands and thousands of people, but the activity will be done alone and through a computer. All work is done online and does not need a lot of interaction with a work team. Thanks to technology, aside from the fact that you can be a social media manager it also comes with very good pay especially if you work for a big brand or if you can develop one for yourself.

2. Translator or Interpreter

One of the many advantages of mastering a foreign language is that you can promote yourself as a document translator or as an interpreter. Typically, you would work with small groups, meet foreign people, and increase your cultural background. Also, most are self-employed and require little contact with many people.

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3. Web Developer – Programmer

Who doesn’t have in mind the traditional cliché of a lonely person sitting in front of his monitor, with giant headphones, loud music, programming? Being a web developer is a wonderful job for introverts, you need not to meet with people and securing a job in this field is the easiest even without having to meet clients physically.

4. Editor

To write about any topic you will need to do research, but that does not mean that you have to socialize with many people. So the life of a copywriter can be a good path for all those who prefer to read and read and read and write and write and write without so much talking and talking and talking.

5. Photographer

Apparently, a Chinese millennial sage once expressed the well-known phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” and then introverted photographers adopted it as the law of life. Well, put that ball down for them. Being a photographer is one of the best jobs for introverts, though you need to be there physically but there is limit to the way you socialize.

6. Online Customer Service

It is something similar to the management of social networks of companies: the interaction can be a lot, but there will always be the shelter and distance from a screen so that people feel comfortable giving advice, advising people and helping them solve problems that they have with some product or service.

7. Freelancer

It is an ambivalence: perhaps you can work alone and at your own pace; But to get clients you will have to socialize and sometimes you will have to collaborate with people from other professions to finish some projects. It is something like a “Yes but no”, so we neither rule it out nor consider it option # 1. Though you can freelance by sourcing for jobs online without meeting people directly.

8. Private Chef

Do you love cooking but would not feel comfortable in a restaurant with thousands of orders and dishes to prepare? So the solution is to work for a few people, perhaps one or two diners, and specialize in the palate – sometimes very demanding – of that single boss.

9. Archivist

If you find documents and objects more interesting than people, being an archivist you will feel like a fish in water.

10. Animal Caretaker

For those who have lost faith in humanity and only trust other living things, a pet store or a job at a veterinarian are very good alternatives.

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Now that you know the job introverts can do we hope we have been able to help you. What other jobs would you recommend for introverts? Leave us a comment.

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